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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, January 28, 2010


We have made it to the end of January and though February is a few days shorter it has plenty of blustery cold days in store. I can feel the temperatures dropping and as I glance out the window I can see the hills in a blanket of white awaiting patiently the days of spring. The willow standing naked prematurely buds with little puffs of white catkins, which makes me think that I am a bit like the willow which is anxious for the lighter days and the warmer weather.

This is what I need and this is what I want,
take my hand and hold my heart, the days
of love now spun.
I have seen it in the morning, I felt it in the
night, the love that weaves its magic has
only just begun.
I see in you great passion,
through my heart the dream,
together we're spectacular,
as we battle up the stream.
Your soul quickly responded
and the days of long now short,
as we confide in the moment,
and tackle what life has in store.


It is because I love that my heart
acknowledges my vulnerabilities.
The flowers chased the season,
except for winter it follows the snow
and as I brace for another day,
I ask " how much further can I go?"

Icy crystal waters, a stream that stop its flow
and as I gaze into the shadow a silhouette
displays a show.
The reflection a bit revealing, simplicity
just won't let go and as I glanced once more
it was my heart that felt like it would explode.
A periwinkle haunting and the sky seem
to convey,the message a bit daunting turned
tear drops into rain.
Tender Love
I cannot place a barrier around this soul of mine,
for I have needed such a love in the most
rapacious of way.
To kiss me good morning, to hold me at night
and when the blankets are turned down to
love me till the sun is shining bright.

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Margie said...

Always love to read you beautiful words, Rachel.
Thank you!