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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Forevermore

The angels are smiling, I'm sure you'll agree,
if you hold my hand and simply follow me.

We're the morning sunshine, the moon
glo at night and when you hold my hand
we're the stars shining bright.

The angels are smiling, I'm sure you'll agree,
if you hold my hand and simply follow me.

La de da so silly, la de da so fine, la de da
my darling la de da beats this heart of mine.

My eyes adjusted and in the darkness I could see,
the clarity a view that brought your love to me.

Willow catkins that bloom the first of spring and a
snowflake of winter join to celebrate the dream.

Happiness had found me and this much I know,
the roads a little brighter with each step we go.

The Heart

The past is a road well traveled and today no blades of grass remain and the future not yet written depends solely on today. Though there are many miles of road between us, mountains and rivers lay, we are close as the soul would have us, it's in the heart we stay.
The Hour

It is not of dreams and wishes
nor of romantic desire, the path
that leads the heart a blaze with
one continuous fire, was ignited
the moment you made a day
become an hour.

An awe-inspiring moment as
the heavens revealed to me a
glimpse of the world, bare of
heartache and sorrows debris.

The pallet clear and no colors
could I see, until suddenly I
watched as countless prismatic
rays reflected off the sea.


The river deep a massive flow,
the current awfully strong
and as I peer into the waters,
the rush to my heart a song.

Spiraling into confusion,
can't see right or wrong,
yesterday weaves quite
a canvas, weathered
weak and forlorn.
It was our simplicity of thinking which led us down the road of desire
but genuinely the gift of love is what unites our souls a fire.
There was a time I met with compassion and I thought I knew it well,
but it wasn't until I felt your love that my heart began to swell.
What is my forevemore? It is the dance with laughter,
the joy that takes my hand, the day of forever here after,
like grains of sand along the shore.
What is my forevermore? It is the timely meeting of souls
dancing on heavens high, the road that comes together
so that in your arms I'll lie.
What is my forevermore? The deeply seeded devotion that
dreams each night of you and waits upon the morning
to say the words "I love you."
What is my forevermore? The longing and ache to have you
by myside,to the reigns of life which allow our love to
rule the storms of life.
What is my forevermore? A firm foundation layered securely
with trust and coated heavily with love so that it
will never rust.
I met lust the game a thrill, but fade like the day it does,
but when love appeared and took my heart I felt
my soul soar like two white doves.

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