Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Monday, October 31, 2011

Just a Thought

We know how many lives we have touched in our lifetime,
can you imagine how many lives we have touched we don't know? 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Snow

I shouted "it's to early!" as I woke up and looked out the window at the first glimpse of a winter wonderland. No matter what the calendar says, Mother nature has announced an early on set of winter. Life always brings to us a hint of the unexpected. I grabbed the shoes closest to me, my son's over sized boots and I headed for the door. There all around were signs that I was preparing to bring closure to the season of Autumn, my cactus potted, my sun chokes dug up and in a box and roots of various plants ready for storage. I quickly dragged the snow covered plants and boxes into the house. I am so not ready for the cold or the challenges that await me in the early days ahead.
I woke up from a dream I was in the house of a friend long gone. The images were so vivid and the conversation surreal, had one foot in reality and one in the world of dreams.It seems to be constant  little reminders of how short life really is.As I craved to be held and loved, The gateway to ease my soul is through the gates of love, he who walks through them chances to see eternity.

No longer reaching out to he who walks away,
I reached inside to a love given long a go today.
The journey unmistakable, I have walked this
path before, but this one is a little different
it touched at the center of my core.

Breaking through all barriers, my head is held
up high as I hold to you my love and gaze unto
 the blue of the sky.  I shiver as I acknowledge
the distance hell create, but the warmth of your
love our own heaven makes.

The devils response is always unexpected,
lest we begin to think like him.
The chill a reminder of my strengths and my weaknesses. 
The unknown is a very fearful place.
Life is always easiest when walking on a path in truth. 
The cries of the soul, never go unheard, 
but sometimes go unanswered. 
My faith is strong,
my love everlasting. 
My electric blanket is calling, 
a good day to pull it over...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cradle gently, hold tender yet tight, as I leave with you darling sweet kisses good night.

Cradle gently,
hold tender yet tight,
as I leave with you darling
sweet kisses good night.

No darkness
nor shades of gray,
the love between us,
keeps us out of harms way.

Cradle gently,
hold tender yet tight,
as I leave with you darling
sweet kisses good night.

Warm and loving,
your heart to mine,
a comfort and peace,
for the rest of our life.

Cradle gently,
hold tender yet tight,
as I leave with you darling
sweet kisses good night.

Touch brings compassion to life. Some people take for granted the gifts of the human soul. When I was a very  young child born into the most unusual set of circumstances I was able to sift through and retain all the positive traits that compassion, caring and the energy that can be felt through touch. We experience it for the first time when holding a new born , when comforting the ill and again throughout our lives when we share the inner part of our being. It is the gift of truth that reveals the power of love. As I hold tight my pillow, I allow my mind to travel and I indeed find myself safe within your arms.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kissed Your Lips

I have laughed and I have cried, 
but more importantly I have loved.
I think oh no! not another rain filled day,
and than I think of you and the sun comes out. 
That which transcends the spirit, 
embraces the heart. 

Heartache is an internal part of the stepping stone, 
imagine never experiencing and never finding love. 
It seems as if life is filled with many" Once upon a times" 
Once upon a time,
I had the sweetest of dreams,
felt the magic of love, 
experienced true joy,
held your hand,
kissed your lips.

I rather live with passion,
than exist with regrets. 

I Wanna Be With You

Sing>I wanna be with you,
early in the morn and the
whole day through, fall
asleep in your arms and
wake to your sweet charm.

I wanna love no one else but
you and know that you love me
too. Whispers the words of love
heart to heart on a bear skin rug.

I wanna be with you,
early in the morn and the
whole day through, fall
asleep in your arms and
wake to your sweet charm.

One, Two, Three

One, two, three talking to an angel,
you and I from the clouds we dangle. 
Looking down over the mountains, 
singing and laughing as the day goes

One, two, three, watching the sunset,
glad the day that you and I first met. 
Smiles from deep inside, remembering
how love took me by surprise. 

One, two, three, don't wake me from
this dream, sleep walking as my heart
sings.Dance with me on the clouds, 
where joy and our love is found. 

You are always beside me,
that much is true, wherever
I go and what ever I do.

No roads between us,
no mountains high, I am
holding your hand,
till the day I die.

You are always beside me,
that much is true, wherever
I go and what ever I do.


I don't care who listens,
or if anyone hears, the
words of love are written
only for your ears.

My heart has spoken,
my soul quickly revealed,
that there is only one true
love from beyond the hills.


Morning,noon and night,
I dream the dreams that
make you mine. Kissed
you good morning, held
you tight, whispered"I
love you" under the
moon light.

Smiled and giggled,
laughed out loud,you're
 my angel and I am your clown .
Dancing there in your arms, safe
and free from harm.

As long as I can reach out and pull you next to me,
I know that I will make it, that I do believe. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Limbo Under Leaves Of Green...

I was walking down by the stream and as I looked around at the many markings left by nature, I felt it as it stirred many memories within me. I thought to myself as each moment is a segment of life , can that segment be repeated? The answer was obvious no matter how similar a moment seems, the variables of time reflect change.
As the ducks bent underneath a branch on  their way to the stream it reminded me of one of my favorites pieces that I had written. Of course the trees are no longer dressed in green, but the feelings are still there in my heart.

Limbo under leaves of green,
under blue skies and dreams,
felt your touch in the breeze,
made my heart stop to sing.

Limbo under leaves of green,
way beyond old memories,
inside I felt a trembling,
no longer stands at sixteen.

Everyone talks about it, it is either going to fast or to slow. Time the one thing we have little to no control over. Oh yeah of course we can control what we do with it, but time ultimately decides how long we have to fulfill our goals.
I can feel the change of weather or maybe that which makes me shiver is time itself. So close and so far, close as my very thoughts and distanced by mountains. The positive surfaces as away of protecting our very being. Like being in a blazing inferno and jumping to safety. Sometimes I feel as if I  know my goals but not exactly how to reach them. I do believe we are all here to bring awareness and that the awareness is not always a positive reaction. The mere experience is in itself away to bring about change. Everyone always focuses on the few major players, but a puzzle is never complete without all the pieces. How far we have come and how far we have yet to go has yet to be determined.
Runs into your arms.... safe, loving and wonderful!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Your Presence

It wasn't the wind that topped the trees,
or the winding road, blue skies and
memories. The presence that I felt
so near was from the one I know

It wasn't the sun as it went behind,
the mountains and the clouds up high,
the spark that lit the fire, combined
the stars and a  autumn shower.

It wasn't the dreams that I dream
each night or the day dreams that
fill my days of light. The Magic
that transpired lingers to this very

Your presence is felt within my very soul,
you my love reached out and took a hold.
I felt the trembling from inside, like the stars
that twinkle you put the sparkle in my eyes.

Tomorrow is waiting and to us another day,
where hearts come together and our spirits
soar to play.Dance and laugh, giggle and smile,
when we are together we cross all the miles.

Your presence is felt within my very soul,
you my love reached out and took a hold.
I felt the trembling from inside, like the stars
that twinkle you put the sparkle in my eyes.

Sing from your heart, let the world know,
that the love between us will continue to grow.
It fills the heavens and to all that listen close,
the music of love will erase the darkest woes.

Your presence is felt within my very soul,
you my love reached out and took a hold.
I felt the trembling from inside, like the stars
that twinkle you put the sparkle in my eyes.

Rainbows are cast across the blue sky,
they link our beings till the day we die.
Nothing can divide what the heavens
brought together, body, soul and mind.

Your presence is felt within my very soul,
you my love reached out and took a hold.
I felt the trembling from inside, like the stars
that twinkle you put the sparkle in my eyes.

We start our day, like the many days before,
filled with love and dreams of forevermore.
The night approaches and we prepare to sleep
and this is how we end and begin a new dream.

Your presence is felt within my very soul,
you my love reached out and took a hold.
I felt the trembling from inside, like the stars
that twinkle you the sparkle in my eyes.

Here is my window, void of despair
and as you look through it you'll find
only love is there.

Blessed with sunshine on the darkest
days and the devotion to friendship
that we share in the most wonderful
of way.

Open the window and allow the love
to take to the sky and spread like
a wild fire bringing joy to both you
and I.

Let it lead your actions with kindness
in the lead and bring along the happiness
that only true love can breathe.

Like the wind that takes the mountains
and makes it but a toy,  bending the
branches and leaving the trees

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Dance Upon The Clouds

Sing>Soaring to the heavens high,
I dance upon the clouds,
smile and laugh and feel
such joy just being in your

Round and round in circles,
you caught me falling down.
Comforted my foolish spirit
as you cushioned the ground.

Soaring to the heavens high,
I dance upon the clouds,
smile and laugh and feel
such joy just being in your

Lost was my soul till love
came around swept me
to the clouds where my
angel  of love was found.

Soaring to the heavens high,
I dance upon the clouds,
smile and laugh and feel
such joy just being in your

Darkness looms with the
season and tear drops can
be found and there I take
your hand and spin once
more around.

Soaring to the heavens high,
I dance upon the clouds,
smile and laugh and feel
such joy just being in your

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sealed with a Kiss

               I don't know why " sealed with a kiss" bothers me, except for  
                  the time and place of yesterday, fond memories and skies of gray. 

 I do believe in the uniting of souls...

Sometimes I feel split and fantasy at times is much more pleasant than reality.  I was working outdoors today and it was as if I was preparing my goodbye to the seasons where the flowers, trees and birds rule. I found that all to be a bit discouraging. Potting plants, digging up sun chokes while hoping for a few more days free of  cooler temperatures and the unwanted first frost. 
As I looked around at the hills, the autumn colors were quickly fading. I so wanted to capture and free the moment. I like colors, the colors of the heart, there are many shades. The seen and unseen  appear as you through a kaleidoscopic of the soul and watch as life morphs before you. 
I feel awkwardly stressed and find feel as if I am grasping in all different directions at one time. I quickly remind myself of the precious moments of life. Responsibility at this stage of my life is heavy and as I try to filter through it, so as to surface above it. 
Today I watched as the sun came up over the mountain and the sky was blue and again I watched as it slowly disappear into the hollow and the sky remained blue. I try desperately to hold to the treasures of life, but as I reach out, I find them further and further away. 

                                                 The Rose of Autumn  is a beauty to see,
                                                       petal by petal to sweet memories.
                                                       The water rapidly flowed over the rock,
                                                        as if racing to nowhere, I understand ...

                                                              I like colors it is plain to see,
                                            but this is not a rainbow, it is cast from my memory.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wipes a tear, embraces a love

 I shall run far away, if only in my mind,
for there I see sweet happiness, you and I entwined.
Out my window, two silhoutte's can be seen,
the heart of you  dancing there with me.

My needs this morning are simple, 
like the many days before, a hot tea
brewing and your love forevermore.

Bittersweet are the accomplishments to me,
as I am looked down on as one who  is
succeeding. I feel a sense of sorrow, a
darkness from inside as I reach for you
 my love,to pull you to my side.


Sings softly is this precious love,
chills through my soul from the
heavens above.

To some it seems a dream, to me
it's memory as I dance my day
with you.

Unseasnonl winds blowing around,
bringing the leaves of the trees to
the ground.  Branches bare and
trees dressed in brown as the
rain keeps falling down.

No little song birds singing sweet,
season of sunshine is on retreat.
The leaves a new path lay as the
Autumn season is now on display.

Rivers raging and skies of gray,
it is the back drop for the new day.
The change is a bitter sweet, as
the battle for life meets with defeat.

Hills preparing for the bitter cold,
soon the color display will be old.
Goodbye flowers and fields of
green and hello to sweet memories.

Fear is the devils advocate,
 allowing the negative a place in the heart.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I'll Hold You Gently in My Heart

 My needs are as simple as your lips to mine, your arms to hold me through the morning and to the night. To wake up and feel you next to me and know that it's so easy, me loving you and you loving me. All I ever wanted and all I'll ever need is the pureness of love and the magic of dreams.

Surrounded by darkness, lonely and blue,
till I closed my eyes and there I saw you.
I felt your love embrace from a far,
with a kiss to my lips and a song to
 my heart. 

Surrounded by darkness, lonely and blue,
till I closed  my eyes and there I saw you.
Like and angel you came to me, through
the power of love and the magic of dreams.

I was driving down the road today. It started out dark, gloomy and raining and as I headed home the sun founds it way through the darkened clouds. My mind sifting though many thoughts, settled on the death of good friends, family and loved ones. Many times people would say that a person knows when there time is coming and the end on earth is near. When I remember the last moments of these people who were dear to my heart, I thought there was something to that. I can remember those last days and moments before a person passed away. It as if their personality is out of character for them and sometimes it is a sense of peace that surfaces or surrounds them. It is not just one person I experienced this in, it seemed to be many. A woman who I rarely saw smile, joyously hugged me, a man who fought to live, thanked me for a peaceful conversation, a gentlemen laughed, held a child and joyously looked to the sky. This is just a couple of the many moments I can recall over the years. Do they sense something is about to happen? Might it be that there an inner change, an acceptance, a calming of spirit? I am not quite sure, but I do know there is way more to life and to death than we are aware of.
I do believe that we are required to experience so many emotions in our quest. To find our purpose and  to achieve this on the journey through the path of love. Explore our many needs and desires, reach a certain field surrounded by contentment and sense the beauty that each season brings. With our luggage packed properly , starting with trust in ourselves, in that we will make the right choices. Kindness in which we give and receive with each new day. The gift of faith in which to build upon a firm foundation and the joy that the giving and receiving of love enriches us with.
I find that there really is a combination that must be met. Not to rattle the senses, but it is not necessarily an appropriate order like sort of recipe that needs to be followed. When we reach a certain plateau, where it all seems to make sense, there is a sense of calm. I think that is called truth. Truth is definitively a difficult term to come to. I think we are good at lying to ourselves, about everything from our commitment , our purpose and our greater worth beyond earth's hemisphere.
Today felt like it was one of those days where I controlled the moment. Might have been that the weather is now cooperating, finding a place within the community, my personal commitments and the realization that none of it really matters. The only thing that really needs to be met is our own happiness. I am happy that I have had this chance to share and receive love, joy and happiness. It is a glorious time and I shall not dwell in another's darkness, for I have risen to new heights.

If I could write the words to make you mine,
I'd scribble up and down on the blue skies.
I'd let the world know how much I care,
and how I'd love to tenderly hold you here.

If I could write the words to make you mine,
indelible scripted to your soul for all of time.
They'd say how much you truly mean to me ,
and the power we have to overcome defeat.

If I could write the words to make you mine,
I'd gather the moon and stars from heavens high.
I'd rearrange them for all to see the magic
that comes out of all my endless dreams.

If I could write the words to make you mine,
I'd make sure eternity the words would fine.
Like the pulsing from my heart, where the
words first go there loving start.

If I could write the words to make you mine,
I include waking up to your morning smile.
Praise the day and all the dreams and
script our forever to your memories.

My heart is dancing with you my love,
my soul knows your tender embrace.
My dreams are of  our forevermore,
where we celebrate what eternity has
in store.
My heart joyously celebrates each day,
and hopes that our love will remain. 


I'll hold you gently in my heart,
so that we shall never, ever part.  
The day can take you away from me,
but I have the joy that memory brings. 

I'll hold you gently in my heart,
so that we shall never, ever part.
Your love is always here with me,
and that is reality and not a dream. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Dream the Dreams That Make You Mine

I dream the dreams that you make mine,
I sing the songs from my heart, I dance
the dance with you my love, from the
moment you caught me falling both
with soul and heart.

Hold me my darling, whisper words of love,
kisses you goodnight, as I embrace our
everlasting love.

I dream the dreams that make you mine,
I sing the songs from my heart, I dance
the dance with you my love, from
the moment you caught me falling
both soul and heart.

Paul Anka - Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Our Song

Monday, October 10, 2011

In the Arms of Love

The first day I drove down the road in my PT Cruiser, I saw so many of the same cars in various colors. Before owning one I never noticed the cars or how many were on the road. It seems we never really notice anything until it affects us in one way or another. We identify with our similarities and occasionally with our differences. Awareness.... hmmm without it we are blinded as we walk through life.
Other times we don't recognize what we have, until we no longer have it. Kind of the opposite of the identifying with scenario. It is like walking through a garden of roses but never stopping to enjoy, until one day the roses do not make the winter. It is late in the season and the roses are in bloom and I am impatiently waiting to share them with you. 

It wasn't until I felt your love that I knew what I had missed...

So gentle an embrace and yet the indelible

markings remain forever on my soul.


Sorrow is when we are distanced,
happiness when you are here,
its how we remove the loneliness,
with the compassion that we share.

Waking up from the dreams above,
gives to me a smile from your love. 
My heart beats faster and I can't
deny the love that surfaces from inside.

My request is rather simple, 
remove all doubt and fair and
wake up in the arms of love
with you my darling dear.

Placing blame does not remove the errors of our ways.


 I could never tire of love...for love is simply caring.

Another Day of Rain

Another day of rain, 
another cloud above,
one more day without
your love.

Another raindrop falls,
another tear to shed,
one more dream of
the dance above.
There is so much I want to see and do, 
so many places I have yet to go, 
but it seems as if I have been keeping 
 score ,as the seasons prepare for snow.  

Once more I stand surrounded by the 
Autumn trees, some already bare and
others dresses in foliage from yellow
orange and green. 

I have been granted the opportunity to see, 
the magic of love as it is presented to me. 
Bright as the sun and as warm as a summer ray, 
that is the treasure of love as it shines my way. 

It is because I can see the future that
I am sometimes afraid. 

There is an open invitation here in my heart,
where love meets desire and embraces lust.
I giggle like a school girl, my eyes sparkle so,
just at the thought of holding and not letting go.

There is always a place for you here with me, 
I wake to you each morning and at night in my dreams,
nothing could be more satisfying than if I spent each 
day, in the arms of love a place that heaven gave.

Sings>Up and down, I feel like I fell off our cloud, 
tumbling, tumbling down, down, down to the ground.

Up and down, my dreams of loving keep me off the 
ground, dancing, dancing up, up, up on those clouds.  

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Crystal Ball

You are always welcome to visit for awhile,
as my heart is always open, 
just bring with you a 

It is not what others see,
 it's what we see in our self.

As I glance over the bric-a- brac on my desk, I find it's like reviewing the past. Yet some of the memento's hint at the future. The snow globe that is a reminder that winter is not that far off and my crystal ball which has yet to give a view of the future. Wanting to know what the future holds has always been a bit intriguing. If we really did know what the future held, would we go about altering it? Unconsciously we would try to change or redirect our actions to either keep us on the same track or maybe choose another path.
I can remember back to my early years, which I remind you seems like yesterday. There I was determined with a very strict set of goals, a path, almost as if I really was in control of my future. In many ways  off and on throughout the journey, I did feel as if I had a plan in which I was following. As time goes on, you find that many things happen and  in the process and we readjust to surface above our human vulnerabilities. When you are a teenager, you never think of getting older, you go without a jacket on the coldest days and you believe you are infallible and that you  are some how exempt from mistakes and failures.
Here I sit many years later and though I take small steps to control my actions and to improve my being both spiritually and physically, I know that I have no clue what tomorrow holds. People and businesses go about desperately trying to predict everything from sports, to the next big commercial success, stock market, future of economy and whether earth will still be suspended in its perfect place from the sun. All the yearning and inquisitive thinking  about the future and the unknown helps to keep the mind growing. In all reality, the only sure thing is that we are here right now, at this very moment and all the control we really have, as limited as that maybe is over the moment . Some might think that all this time spent on predicting the  future is a waste of time and maybe and maybe not. There is no doubt we can't change the past, it has already been written and we may or may not change the future, but what we can really responsible for is today.
Our abilities weaken and strengthen throughout our life. Our human vulnerabilities present themselves throughout the day, stroking at our own inner fear. From the obvious that death waits for no one and can be seen in natural disasters, war, destruction and limits of food, water and health and simple needs as energy and shelter. I find that it all comes back to the simplicity of good and evil and I say simplicity, because that is a simple choice that we each must make. If we move forward in a positive way and  work at how we can make the world a better place, we have already made a choice. It still doesn't give us a view of the future, nor will it extend our precious time on earth. But it can insure a positive future for mankind. It is a cleansing of an individual spirit, remove fear, greed, selfishness and hate and it will replaced with kindness, love, peace and the good will of sharing. 
Today I watched as the sun came up over the mountain and I rejoiced in that I have seen the future and live through it each day. I live to watch the flowers bloom, to take the day and make it mine, to give from my heart and soul and celebrate this moment in time. I respect the silence, the time when I am alone and I'll not complain of the chatter shared as no two days can be completely cloned.  

I shall not let fear make my choices. 
In the here and now, I love and I am loved. 
Rejoice in a new day, what better way than to celebrate life. 
I don' t feel the chill of a brisk October morn, 
I am to high on the clouds. 
I am responsible for self.. and only self. 
My thoughts,

The road to happiness starts from within...
I won't surround myself with darkness,
for I am not the product of someone else's failure. 
I have learned allot, 
respect breeds more respect,
sharing makes a day worth living.
Love cannot be bought,
for it is given to us at birth,
and it's up to us to accept the gift.

Though I have been told I am nothing special,
that is their failure to see, for we are all special,
we need to believe it and find that which
 makes us unique. 

I would hate, but it would make me no
better than the sickness in which they spew. 

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


My heart wants very little
for it is not what we do,
but who we do it with,
that makes all dreams
come true.

My soul seeks contentment,
your gentle touch that wipes
the tears from my face and
replaces it with the warmth
of love that nothing shall

When all seems weary and the skies are all dark and gray,
rest your head upon my breast and let all the sadness fade. 
Listen to my heart as each beat drums for you and pleasures
you with all my love to last  you the whole night through. 
The serenade of angels comfort from above, but if  not
for their guidance , I would of missed your precious love. 

I placed my trust within your heart
and their our love began to grow
pure and wonderful from the soul
our friendship rose.

I cannot erase my yesterdays and 
today will be here and gone and I
shan't forget tomorrow for in your
arms is where I belong. 
I seem to trip and stumble and I fail to look ahead,
but than you reach your hand out and remind me
that we are forever friends.

There are no worries as long as I have you,
no heartache as long as you hold my hand,
no battle we can't over come as long as
you believe.

If I had but one wish, it would be to live 
a life of love, for nothing is more wonderful,
than being in the arms of the one you love. 

There are many sides to a personality,
for I still see through the eyes of the
ten year old in me.

I spent the day in disarray, nothing would I
do, I laid about the sofa, just dreaming of you.
There are so many choices, so many roads ahead,
why do I keep choosing the one that is a dead end.
Darkness is around us and yet I still can see, the love
of you my darling gently comforting me.
Love is only complicated my man's own 
failure to listen to his heart and soul. 

Monday, October 03, 2011


So Little is Our Time

Where does this road lead and
who holds the key to unlock
the gate? Lost in many ways
and, I'll leave it up to fate.

Troubled and bewildered,
restless is the soul, wondering
through life without a hand to

Far beyond the stars and as
close as the heart, the path
of destiny, unsettling spans
the emotional war.

Rose Petals

The beauty of a rose,
the fragrance oh so sweet,
a wreath of happiness
and the petals brief.

I need not open up my eyes to see,
such love one must look inside to believe.

I have felt the greatest love, 
the one that touched my heart, 
held me close and whispered soft,
from the very start. 

Peace and happiness, gray
skies and rivers high, confused
I try to grasp the love that
makes you forever mine.

Where does this road lead and
who holds the key to unlock the
gate? Lost in many ways I'll
leave it up to fate.

I sided with the heavens,
I'll write the words of love and
if one is taken by the script
my job on earth is done.
Nothing is worse than being given the gift of love 
and failing to acknowledge it. 

When love is returned, 
hearts rejoice,
souls bow
I never liked goodbyes,
I am not one for letting go,
for once two souls merged as one,
it causes a love to explode.

Turkey hawks hovering,
the train coming down the tracks,
rain that floods the stream 
and clouds both dark and black. 

Stories foretold,
dreams that don't let go,
a road in passing 
and a love that continues to grow.

I tried not once but many times to understand,
so heartless was the notion of conducting such a plan.
I am but a simple soul and
into the tapestry I am woven. 
Might it be that he cannot see, feel, nor understand, 
for he has failed to open up his heart to view such a love 
and touch the inner working of the magic a soul. For if
he viewed from deep inside, he would truly understand,
that such a love indeed exist on earth and the heavens high.

Why are there no tears today, 
who wiped them all away? 
My heart exclaimed with 
happiness" today only 
smiles are made" 


Darkness comes so early,
and the day soon will be done,
and as I gaze in to the sky of
gray I dream of our sweet love.

It warms me with laughter,
tucks me in at night and shares
the dreams of happiness with
the days of sunshine bright.
The pain of heartache is like an x-ray to the heart,
accumulates each day with a dagger deep and sharp.

Two Hearts

There is no rhyming, no song to melody
and yet I know the music of love and eternity.
Joyously it's played deep within the soul and
surfaces but once a lifetime to which we grasp to hold.

I recognized the happiness as souls began to merge,
took the sky and painted it blue and to the heart a surge.
Powerful the force that through the body flows, like an
upward gust of wind to the outer banks of heaven we rose.

Embraced in pure passion, the night and day now one,
no beginning or end to this most special kind of love.
There when you wake up in the early of the morn and
again when you go to sleep surpassing the most
treacherous of storms.


There is something amazing about the touch of hearts,
unlike any merge of flesh this motion creates a spark.
Fans the soul as flames take to the sky and the
blaze that is seen sears forever to the mind.

Warms the spirit on the coldest days of life,
creating sweet memories to distance those of strife.
Hurdles all barriers or limitations that time creates,
by the simple touch of love found between two hearts.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Forever Love

Forever love never ages,
no wrinkles will you see,
for when I look at you
and you at me, the heart
is what we will see.

The caress of spirit,
with passion and desire,
unfolds in a simple beauty,
stronger and warmer
with each passing hour,
from yours truly.


Sweet Happiness

I gazed unto the heavens,
the stars were shining bright
and through the darkness
of the night your love
lit with delight.

I smiled and I giggled,
my heart quickly drifted away
and like a boat upon the
river, it sailed on both
calm and rough waves.

I saw it in the distance,
I felt it close at hand,
the warmth of happiness,
when you first took my hand.

I cried,
I laughed,
I spoke,
I danced,
I lived,
I loved.

I placed my love within your heart,
and there is where it shall remain,
for I have given you the greatest
gift my love each and everyday.

Because you showed kindness,
my friendship I gave and then
you gave laughter which I keep
to this day.

Paradise is amazing,
the walls a palace make,
but unlike brick and mortar,
love the platform lay.

Trust built the frame,
respect sealed it tight,
hope made it airy and
the dreams unlocked
 the gate.

Lay your head upon my pillow,
allow the dreams to flow and
when you close your eyes to
sleep, I'll hold you tight and
never let you go.

I can look back and see sorrow,
but I prefer to look ahead and smile warmly.

I have lived to touch a heart, 
such joy is that of love,
for nothing is more wonderful 
then sharing with that special one. 

There is no greater love than the unselfish love shared between friends. 
I give to you the morning bright, 
wake up it waits for you, 
I give to you the moonlit skies
to blanket with the heavens blue. 

I give to my happiness to see
you through the day, I give
to you all my love and that
will never change.


Kisses you Good Morning

 Giving light to the darkness...

Love is what you feel inside when all is as it should be,
your heart beating lying next to mine as we share
in all our dreams.

Do you see tomorrow? Do you understand? Can you feel my love and allow your soul to command?The road is awfully rocky and there has been way to many bends, but true love will surface, beginning to end.

I felt a gentle tug at my heart,
wake up my sweet darling ,
and dance under the stars.

The morning was calling,
the night said goodbye,
as I gazed into your eyes.

The music filled the air,
from my heart to yours,
now every where.

No room for sorrow, only 
love to share, when I opened
my eyes and you disappeared.

Yet something happened, I can't
explain as the warmth of your
love truly remains.

Soothing the spirit, my soul can't
deny the joy of life with you by
my side.

La da dee dee da da , la da dee dee,
this moment is as special as the day is
young, as long as I'm holding on to our


It's not another rainy morning,
even though there are clouds of gray.
I feel the warm rays of sunshine
in the love you send my way.

It's not another hopeless moment,
even though your miles away,
as I can hear the song of love,
on the strings of my heart played.

It's not another teardrop,
as you wiped each one away,
replacing them all with laughter,
in the most loving way.