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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Wipes a tear, embraces a love

 I shall run far away, if only in my mind,
for there I see sweet happiness, you and I entwined.
Out my window, two silhoutte's can be seen,
the heart of you  dancing there with me.

My needs this morning are simple, 
like the many days before, a hot tea
brewing and your love forevermore.

Bittersweet are the accomplishments to me,
as I am looked down on as one who  is
succeeding. I feel a sense of sorrow, a
darkness from inside as I reach for you
 my love,to pull you to my side.


Sings softly is this precious love,
chills through my soul from the
heavens above.

To some it seems a dream, to me
it's memory as I dance my day
with you.

Unseasnonl winds blowing around,
bringing the leaves of the trees to
the ground.  Branches bare and
trees dressed in brown as the
rain keeps falling down.

No little song birds singing sweet,
season of sunshine is on retreat.
The leaves a new path lay as the
Autumn season is now on display.

Rivers raging and skies of gray,
it is the back drop for the new day.
The change is a bitter sweet, as
the battle for life meets with defeat.

Hills preparing for the bitter cold,
soon the color display will be old.
Goodbye flowers and fields of
green and hello to sweet memories.

Fear is the devils advocate,
 allowing the negative a place in the heart.

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