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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, October 03, 2011

Two Hearts

There is no rhyming, no song to melody
and yet I know the music of love and eternity.
Joyously it's played deep within the soul and
surfaces but once a lifetime to which we grasp to hold.

I recognized the happiness as souls began to merge,
took the sky and painted it blue and to the heart a surge.
Powerful the force that through the body flows, like an
upward gust of wind to the outer banks of heaven we rose.

Embraced in pure passion, the night and day now one,
no beginning or end to this most special kind of love.
There when you wake up in the early of the morn and
again when you go to sleep surpassing the most
treacherous of storms.


There is something amazing about the touch of hearts,
unlike any merge of flesh this motion creates a spark.
Fans the soul as flames take to the sky and the
blaze that is seen sears forever to the mind.

Warms the spirit on the coldest days of life,
creating sweet memories to distance those of strife.
Hurdles all barriers or limitations that time creates,
by the simple touch of love found between two hearts.

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