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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Forever Love

Forever love never ages,
no wrinkles will you see,
for when I look at you
and you at me, the heart
is what we will see.

The caress of spirit,
with passion and desire,
unfolds in a simple beauty,
stronger and warmer
with each passing hour,
from yours truly.


Sweet Happiness

I gazed unto the heavens,
the stars were shining bright
and through the darkness
of the night your love
lit with delight.

I smiled and I giggled,
my heart quickly drifted away
and like a boat upon the
river, it sailed on both
calm and rough waves.

I saw it in the distance,
I felt it close at hand,
the warmth of happiness,
when you first took my hand.

I cried,
I laughed,
I spoke,
I danced,
I lived,
I loved.

I placed my love within your heart,
and there is where it shall remain,
for I have given you the greatest
gift my love each and everyday.

Because you showed kindness,
my friendship I gave and then
you gave laughter which I keep
to this day.

Paradise is amazing,
the walls a palace make,
but unlike brick and mortar,
love the platform lay.

Trust built the frame,
respect sealed it tight,
hope made it airy and
the dreams unlocked
 the gate.

Lay your head upon my pillow,
allow the dreams to flow and
when you close your eyes to
sleep, I'll hold you tight and
never let you go.

I can look back and see sorrow,
but I prefer to look ahead and smile warmly.

I have lived to touch a heart, 
such joy is that of love,
for nothing is more wonderful 
then sharing with that special one. 

There is no greater love than the unselfish love shared between friends. 
I give to you the morning bright, 
wake up it waits for you, 
I give to you the moonlit skies
to blanket with the heavens blue. 

I give to my happiness to see
you through the day, I give
to you all my love and that
will never change.


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