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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, October 03, 2011


So Little is Our Time

Where does this road lead and
who holds the key to unlock
the gate? Lost in many ways
and, I'll leave it up to fate.

Troubled and bewildered,
restless is the soul, wondering
through life without a hand to

Far beyond the stars and as
close as the heart, the path
of destiny, unsettling spans
the emotional war.

Rose Petals

The beauty of a rose,
the fragrance oh so sweet,
a wreath of happiness
and the petals brief.

I need not open up my eyes to see,
such love one must look inside to believe.

I have felt the greatest love, 
the one that touched my heart, 
held me close and whispered soft,
from the very start. 

Peace and happiness, gray
skies and rivers high, confused
I try to grasp the love that
makes you forever mine.

Where does this road lead and
who holds the key to unlock the
gate? Lost in many ways I'll
leave it up to fate.

I sided with the heavens,
I'll write the words of love and
if one is taken by the script
my job on earth is done.
Nothing is worse than being given the gift of love 
and failing to acknowledge it. 

When love is returned, 
hearts rejoice,
souls bow
I never liked goodbyes,
I am not one for letting go,
for once two souls merged as one,
it causes a love to explode.

Turkey hawks hovering,
the train coming down the tracks,
rain that floods the stream 
and clouds both dark and black. 

Stories foretold,
dreams that don't let go,
a road in passing 
and a love that continues to grow.

I tried not once but many times to understand,
so heartless was the notion of conducting such a plan.
I am but a simple soul and
into the tapestry I am woven. 
Might it be that he cannot see, feel, nor understand, 
for he has failed to open up his heart to view such a love 
and touch the inner working of the magic a soul. For if
he viewed from deep inside, he would truly understand,
that such a love indeed exist on earth and the heavens high.

Why are there no tears today, 
who wiped them all away? 
My heart exclaimed with 
happiness" today only 
smiles are made" 


Darkness comes so early,
and the day soon will be done,
and as I gaze in to the sky of
gray I dream of our sweet love.

It warms me with laughter,
tucks me in at night and shares
the dreams of happiness with
the days of sunshine bright.
The pain of heartache is like an x-ray to the heart,
accumulates each day with a dagger deep and sharp.

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