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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Kisses you Good Morning

 Giving light to the darkness...

Love is what you feel inside when all is as it should be,
your heart beating lying next to mine as we share
in all our dreams.

Do you see tomorrow? Do you understand? Can you feel my love and allow your soul to command?The road is awfully rocky and there has been way to many bends, but true love will surface, beginning to end.

I felt a gentle tug at my heart,
wake up my sweet darling ,
and dance under the stars.

The morning was calling,
the night said goodbye,
as I gazed into your eyes.

The music filled the air,
from my heart to yours,
now every where.

No room for sorrow, only 
love to share, when I opened
my eyes and you disappeared.

Yet something happened, I can't
explain as the warmth of your
love truly remains.

Soothing the spirit, my soul can't
deny the joy of life with you by
my side.

La da dee dee da da , la da dee dee,
this moment is as special as the day is
young, as long as I'm holding on to our


It's not another rainy morning,
even though there are clouds of gray.
I feel the warm rays of sunshine
in the love you send my way.

It's not another hopeless moment,
even though your miles away,
as I can hear the song of love,
on the strings of my heart played.

It's not another teardrop,
as you wiped each one away,
replacing them all with laughter,
in the most loving way.

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