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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, October 04, 2011


My heart wants very little
for it is not what we do,
but who we do it with,
that makes all dreams
come true.

My soul seeks contentment,
your gentle touch that wipes
the tears from my face and
replaces it with the warmth
of love that nothing shall

When all seems weary and the skies are all dark and gray,
rest your head upon my breast and let all the sadness fade. 
Listen to my heart as each beat drums for you and pleasures
you with all my love to last  you the whole night through. 
The serenade of angels comfort from above, but if  not
for their guidance , I would of missed your precious love. 

I placed my trust within your heart
and their our love began to grow
pure and wonderful from the soul
our friendship rose.

I cannot erase my yesterdays and 
today will be here and gone and I
shan't forget tomorrow for in your
arms is where I belong. 
I seem to trip and stumble and I fail to look ahead,
but than you reach your hand out and remind me
that we are forever friends.

There are no worries as long as I have you,
no heartache as long as you hold my hand,
no battle we can't over come as long as
you believe.

If I had but one wish, it would be to live 
a life of love, for nothing is more wonderful,
than being in the arms of the one you love. 

There are many sides to a personality,
for I still see through the eyes of the
ten year old in me.

I spent the day in disarray, nothing would I
do, I laid about the sofa, just dreaming of you.
There are so many choices, so many roads ahead,
why do I keep choosing the one that is a dead end.
Darkness is around us and yet I still can see, the love
of you my darling gently comforting me.
Love is only complicated my man's own 
failure to listen to his heart and soul. 

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