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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Under Leaves of Green

I am running late so I will just leave a short note. People always ask me how I memorized all the poems? Thousands upon thousands of poems. Well the answer was simple each poem is a reflection of my soul and a part of me and a part of you. This poem which was written years ago is stuck in my head today so I figure if I write it down again I will document that moment once more. I changed a poem a little but the same sentiment.

Limbo under leaves of green,
under blue skies and dreams,
felt your touch in the breeze
made my heart stop to sing.

Limbo under leave of green,
under blue skies and dreams
felt your kiss in the air,
I truly felt you here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The River

With the news dwelling on the negative, you can't help but think about people and their journeys. I thought back to a time when a friend sent me a book to read. I walked away with the knowledge that good or bad we all have choices and a journey to complete and with that comes valuable lessons.
Sometimes when we feel lost the most is when we are actually at the stage of accomplishment, for every struggle is like a story with a moral.

I see the river,
the water deep,
your hand in mine
the grass at our feet.

I see the stars,
too many to count,
our hearts in unison
rhythmically beat.

I see the road,
that lies ahead
looks a whole lost easier
with you as my friend.

I see our forever,
you and I,
a love sweet
it challenged time.

I see the river,
the water deep,
your hand in mine
the grass at our feet.


To some it is just a river,
where water passes by,
flowing north to south,
like your heart to mine.

Miles and miles
for a thousand years or more,
has nothing on this love of ours,
that will last forevermore.

To some its just a river,
where water passes by,
flowing north to south
like your heart to mine.

Reflections of a life time,
as the waves rush to shore,
leaving behind the memories
of you who I adore.

To some it is just a river,
where water passes by,
flowing north to south,
like your heart to mine.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Love is a comfort that
embraces the moment.

Rainbows and a summer breeze,
arched high above the green trees.
Picture perfect the view that
begins this day anew.

There is a distance between us
and yet we are as close as two
can be, as I drift into the moment,
your love holds me tenderly.

One tear for the time that kept
you  so far away from me
and  another for the days
that are quickly passing.

So I took to the blue sky
to bring your love near,
every thought I have is
a memory we have shared.

There is no understanding
the heartache from inside,
so I reach once more for you
and to pull you to my side.

Rainbows and a summer breeze,
arched above the green trees.
Picture perfect the view that
begins this day anew.


It was the shoulder of kindness
that revealed the darkness that looms.

Just love, nothing more, nothing less.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Sudden Breeze

The sudden breeze
and a surprising chill,
touched my heart and
allowed me to feel.

Our love soaring free
dances atop the willow tree,
rainbows arched the blue
to bridge a love true.

Goodbye day, hello night
star jumping a delight,
smiles that bring
the joy of love from you
to me.

The sudden breeze
and  a surprising chill,
touched my heart and
allowed me to feel.


I wanted the words
to tell you how I feel,
I searched the earth
and the heavens as if
they were standing still.

I thought I'd take a moment
and write a few for you,
the words of love and
how our friendship grew.

Some say goodbye and
others just leave,
but a real friends stands
beside through the time
of need.

I wanted the words
to tell you how I feel,
I searched the earth
and the heavens as if
they were standing still.

I took to the sky and like
a dream I left for you
a message that would be
delivered via the heavens blue.

No explanation of the need
to shout from the mountain
what you truly mean to

Good Night My Love

I don't want to wake up,
if you are not really here,
leave me quietly sleeping
while your arms I share.

I don't want to wake up
to find my self alone,
so I'll stay here till tomorrow
dreaming as I go.

I don't want to wake up
when the darkness rules,
send me your sunshine
it is love greatest tool.

I don't want to wake up,
to find my pillow in tears,
emotional heartache
begs to hold you here.

I don't want to wake up
so I'll just say good night,
my heart at the door ,
my soul has taken flight.

I don't want to wake up,
to find it all disappeared,
my arms empty and
pillows all bare.

... to land upon your lips.

Listen to the hollow
and the sounds of spring,
the song birds singing
high up in the trees.

Listen to your heart
and how it speaks to you,
scripted to the heavens
in the skies so blue.

Listen to the angels
and you will surely hear,
they are singing our song
for you who dared to care.

Listen to the morning
as I send to you  my kiss,
sweet showers of love
to land upon your lips.

Listen to the dreams,
they have cast you the lead
and that is the magic
of warm memories.

Listen to the moment,
it's yours and mine alone,
no matter where we travel
the love within us flows.

... a moment in the day.

Incredible moments, the joy of love
when we journey through this life
heart to heart as one.
Battling the darkness,
weeps tears of the heart,
wandering through a thicket,
of briar twined brush.
Drapes of melancholy
replaced by love.

The Sunshine in My Morning.

There is never a sign of loneness
nor varied shades of despair
as long as I can truly dream
I have you right here.

The sunshine in my morning,
the stars in my nightly sky,
my only reason for living,
the love of my life.

In my heart for as long as it beats,
side by side with my soul for all eternity.
True happiness that lovers share
when I close my eyes and see you

The sunshine in my morning,
the stars in my nightly sky,
my only reason for living,
the love of my life.

Moment in a Day

Interpretation... West Side Story was popular when I was in middle school. Of course interpretation varies from our youth to how we view something as an adult, as well from person to person. All that really stood out in the movie is two young lovers and their quest to find where  they belong in the world. The song that she would sing " there is a place for us, somewhere a place for us. Hold my hand and I'll take you there, hold my hand and we're almost there. Somewhere, somehow , we'll find a new way of living." If life is a puzzle and each of us is a piece in the grand puzzle, I question where in it I fit in. Though as I have aged I have come to appreciate who I am.
Though I have tried to keep customers as customers , there are a few who have crossed the line into friendship. With deep concern a hug or two and the warmth of conversation that brings us closer in a world that once seemed to be so big.
As people questioned different issues in my life. I found myself responding with the same few words
"it is what it is ."  The journey and the people we meet becomes part of the story like a petal blowing in the wind. That is until the petal slowly falls to the ground and lays in stillness as if to document another season.

Some have touched my heart
and brought joy to the day and
a few have created memories
that never ever fades away.

Tears have fallen on the day
 like a storm in the month of May.
Until I reached to the heavens high
and pulled you and your love to
my side.

Some have touched my heart
and brought joy to the day and
a few have created memories
that never ever fade away.

Some are in passing
only a moment to spare
unlike your sweet love
that we forever share.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Holidays have a way of leading you down the path of expectation and finding you at the door of disappointment. Sounds pretty easy if you don't expect you are not disappointed. Sometimes I wonder if that in which we condition ourselves to be normal, even exist.
It is mothers day and being the parent to six grown children , you can't help but find yourself looking back over the years. I imagine my journey was stretched out a bit longer than most as there is an almost eighteen year age span between the youngest and the oldest. Trying to engage in positive memories I couldn't help but remember the precious moments as a new born was placed in my arms to only snap back and see the adult children I had raised. I am not sure if I am disappointed in who they have become or just surprised.  I know they have no  idea or even  realize the sacrifice as my whole life was on a hold of sort.
My daughter just loved the Wizard of Oz and before she would go to bed each night she would put the dvd on. There is a part in the movie where Dorothy says, " don't go looking further than your own backyard, because if it isn't there you haven't lost it."  My interpretation of that was kind of another old adage" the grass isn't greener." Well maybe the grass isn't greener but it didn't have to be this difficult mowing it.
In all reality maybe the era's of our times make us think differently. When the children were younger and did something wrong I would say " I am not a happy camper"

The sun is surely shining,
the grass is a fine color green
and everything seems perfect
except that you are not here with me.

The tears are overflowing,
a void from deep inside and
all I have is sweet memories
that shield this heart of mine.

Monday, May 04, 2015


It is amazing how a sound, sight or smell can invoke a memory. From childhood my favorite memory was at spring time. Each spring we would gather and cut lilac for the vase. Every room including the bedrooms had the lovely fragrance of spring lilac wafting through the air. It was as if gathering lilac was the beginning of a celebration, announcing that spring was officially underway. Pleasant memories were rare but another positive one that came to mind was in the hot days of summer when a gentle breeze moved through the window. The wind partnered with the sheer curtains in a magnificent display that seem to dance like a ballerina delicately swaying back and forth. We didn't have air conditioning or a fan and not only was the dance a welcoming sight but as the warm breeze brushed against my body I soon realized how much we are all a grain of sand in something more magnificent, earth, the universe and all that which is unknown.
Throughout life we continue to experience and store memories, as if we are filing them away for future uses. When we least expect something, one of our senses will trigger a memory.
It is easier to glance backward than to see forward at times. For we know very little, if anything of what the future holds.
It is the case of Deja vu when a song puts you in the middle of seventies or a smell places you in your grandmothers kitchen or you see a flower and you remember the smile on her face when she was roaming the garden with her eyes to give the flower a new home. Sometimes memories are not of childhood but much more recent memories. I find myself intrigued at what our minds can retain and for that matter what they expel at any given moment. Sometimes we do just the opposite and block out memories to protect ourselves. This is the magic of memories.

The lilac began blooming
so I thought I'd share with you,
the fragrance sweet and haunting
away of securing a dream or two.

I gently placed them in a vase
and took a deep breath or two,
in away of magically documenting
my forever love for you.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Like the Heaven To the Stars or the Stars To the Heavens

There is never a second
nor a moment in time,
when you are not in my heart
and on my mind.

From the early sun rise,
till the stars take to the sky,
I find myself daydreaming
of you and I.


I found myself
on a mountain high,
called out your name
to the clouds passing by.

Words of love,
soaring in the wind,
to you my love
and wonderful friend.

I hold you in my heart,
so we are never apart.
The dreams a catalyst,
like the heavens to the stars.

No distance between us,
you are but a thought away,
I feel your sweet kisses
in  every breath I take.

Your arms around me,
might be just a dream,
but when I close my eyes
I know that you are here
with me.

I hold you I my heart,
so we are never a part.
The dreams a catalyst,
like the heavens to the stars.