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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, May 17, 2015


Love is a comfort that
embraces the moment.

Rainbows and a summer breeze,
arched high above the green trees.
Picture perfect the view that
begins this day anew.

There is a distance between us
and yet we are as close as two
can be, as I drift into the moment,
your love holds me tenderly.

One tear for the time that kept
you  so far away from me
and  another for the days
that are quickly passing.

So I took to the blue sky
to bring your love near,
every thought I have is
a memory we have shared.

There is no understanding
the heartache from inside,
so I reach once more for you
and to pull you to my side.

Rainbows and a summer breeze,
arched above the green trees.
Picture perfect the view that
begins this day anew.


It was the shoulder of kindness
that revealed the darkness that looms.

Just love, nothing more, nothing less.

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