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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, May 04, 2015


It is amazing how a sound, sight or smell can invoke a memory. From childhood my favorite memory was at spring time. Each spring we would gather and cut lilac for the vase. Every room including the bedrooms had the lovely fragrance of spring lilac wafting through the air. It was as if gathering lilac was the beginning of a celebration, announcing that spring was officially underway. Pleasant memories were rare but another positive one that came to mind was in the hot days of summer when a gentle breeze moved through the window. The wind partnered with the sheer curtains in a magnificent display that seem to dance like a ballerina delicately swaying back and forth. We didn't have air conditioning or a fan and not only was the dance a welcoming sight but as the warm breeze brushed against my body I soon realized how much we are all a grain of sand in something more magnificent, earth, the universe and all that which is unknown.
Throughout life we continue to experience and store memories, as if we are filing them away for future uses. When we least expect something, one of our senses will trigger a memory.
It is easier to glance backward than to see forward at times. For we know very little, if anything of what the future holds.
It is the case of Deja vu when a song puts you in the middle of seventies or a smell places you in your grandmothers kitchen or you see a flower and you remember the smile on her face when she was roaming the garden with her eyes to give the flower a new home. Sometimes memories are not of childhood but much more recent memories. I find myself intrigued at what our minds can retain and for that matter what they expel at any given moment. Sometimes we do just the opposite and block out memories to protect ourselves. This is the magic of memories.

The lilac began blooming
so I thought I'd share with you,
the fragrance sweet and haunting
away of securing a dream or two.

I gently placed them in a vase
and took a deep breath or two,
in away of magically documenting
my forever love for you.

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