Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Words Of Love

There is a star in the sky
shining over you and I,
as nothing can divide
or separate your heart
from mine.

Bridged by a dream
close your eyes to see,
the power of love
initiated by memory.

Hold on tight
and don't let go,
this is love and
love you'll know.

Embark upon the journey
and don't question
what is meant to be,
for you and I are one of
a special kind of love.

There is a star in the sky
shining over you and I,
as nothing can divide
or separate your heart
from mine.



I just wanted to sleep
to find you there in my dreams,
I just wanted to believe
that you wanted me too.

I just wanted to feel
in away that lovers do,
I just wanted your arms
to hold me the night thru.

I just wanted to share
in a life of happiness,
I just wanted a moment
in a state of bliss.

I just wanted tomorrow
to bring you closer to me,
I just wanted it so much
that I believed that you
were here with me.


I'll meet you on the clouds,
I'm waiting there for you
far above the blue where
dreams are all of you.

I'll hold you close in heart
never letting go
as I embrace what
only lovers know.

I'll meet you on the clouds,
I'm waiting there for you
far above the blue where
dreams are all of you.

I'll kiss you good night
as I close my eyes to sleep,
your lips to mine
my thoughts sweet.

I'll meet you on the clouds,
I'm waiting there for you
far above the blue where
dreams all come true.

Shadows on the wall,
as dreams come to call
and all is as it should be
for you my love are here
with me.

In my heart
where you've been
from the very start,
here in my heart.


Wait for me,
this is not a dream,
all I need to know
is you'll be here.

Love me
as I love you,
that is how this
life was meant to be.

Wait for me,
this is not a dream,
all I need to know
is you'll be here.


We write the stories
in the words of love,
the tales of the heart
that can't be outdone.

Telling the world
just how we feel
bend down on knee
and make an appeal.

Documenting a claim
as heavens we speak
that this is normal and
and we are not insane.

We break the barriers
of distance and time,
with words of love
set to rhyme.

We write the stories
in the words of love,
the tales of the heart
that can't be outdone.


Early morning as
the sun shines bright
and dew on the flowers
as not yet dried.

Magical moments
that we call Spring
have nothing on the love
between you and me.

The migrating flycatcher
returned here today
and refreshed her nest
on the window pane.

Season to season
and day after day
the love for you
has its way.

Reminds the heart
awakens the soul,
like a song in the wind
that sends chills like
the cold.

This is love
as love should be,
it's the best part
of you and me.

To touch a heart
and awaken the soul,
the embrace of love
in this story unfolds.

I whispered in silence and
the heavens heard by plea
and sent cliche, "my soulmate"
the other half of me.

I feel the warmth
and recognize it too,
the happiness you bring
when I am there with you.


The night is haunting
as it takes a hold of me,
encouraging the song
I hum a melody.

No words are necessary
in the sharing of hearts
united in this moment
like a collision of stars.

So soft the flesh
and warm the heart,
explore this moment
ignite the spark.

I can only imagine
how wonderful it would be
to sleep with in your arms
and listen to your heart beat.

Could this be love that
holds me in the night
breathes love into my life
and makes all the wrong

I can only imagine
how wonderful it would
to wake in your arms
and kiss you tenderly.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Penny for my thoughts...

Love is the music that infiltrates the heart 
by means of the soul.

To see with the heart
is to view the world in verse.


The drive to bring another happiness
is reflective upon one's own soul.

There is no special order 
which love reveals itself 
for it can be seen through 
trust and respect in 
days of happiness and 
through moments of tears. 


When the extraordinary replaces the ordinary 
...you might be in love. 


The excitement lays a path that passion walks upon , 
but loves unlocks the gate where two souls unite 
in the presence of the heart. 


The giving of love is quite powerful 
but the return of love is beyond words. 


Love is like holding on to a helium bloom 
you are afraid if you ease up...it's gone. 


Words are an expression of thought 
but when infused with emotion 
it brings to life the magic 
of love. 

....I have so many pillows. 


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Shining Through

The beauty is simple
and wonderful as can be, 
captures the season 
by celebrating spring.

qBloodroot is blooming 
with petals of white 
it is rare to many 
like the love of my life.

The stream is shelved
it is natures delight
a staircase of earth
and a beautiful sight.

Trickling water
music fills the air,
the sounds of spring
are most certainly here.
From the very beginning,
my hand was there for you
and you took my hand and
my world began a new.

Never behind and never ahead,
walking beside me a true friend.
Smiles and laughter, tears too
as you took the gray and turned
my skies blue.

Season moves to season
and you are by my side,
on this journey of life
where I have stopped to

I spoke of my sorrow
and I shared in the glee,
as I opened my heart
and you walked in on me.

If I wrote the script
of this story we call life,
each and every chapter would
include the love of my life.

From the very beginning
sunshine for me and you,
when I wake each morning
your love is shining through.

 I took to the moment
to meet up with Spring,
celebrating like blue birds
your love was here with me.

The magical embrace of
two hearts formed as one,
strolling through life
on the clouds above.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Once Upon A Spring


No doubt the curtains opened
and spring surely had arrived,
as I gazed at the Coltsfoot
surfacing from the ground.

There were signs all around
and I couldn't miss a one
as the song birds were singing
and a couple nest could be found.

The stream was moving
in a clear like crystal wave,
as it left reminders of winter
and the passing of a day.

I gathered some daffodil
bunched up on the hill
and took them to the house
and in a vase I filled.


There is love in the moment
and that is where you'll find,
blue skies and heart clouds
are a typical sign.

Roads well traveled
and a day with you,
makes everything
feel brand new.
 To the top of the hill
 in the field you'll find,
 spring brings a new day
 and records it to time.

 Strolling along
it seems nothing is there
but I know your love is
what we share.
 The fern is growing
 twelve months a year
 as a reminder of the
 storms and how we
 are still here.
 There were many flowers
 that had begun to bloom,
 all of them a golden yellow
opening for me and you.

Forsythia and buttercups
just to name a few but
I picked out the daffodils
to share my love with you.
 The water mighty cold
 and clear as it can be,
 I even saw the minnows
 racing to hide from me.

The stream seem to whisper
in a calming kind of way,
"come down here beside me
 and share this very day."

 I didn't want to leave
as I felt you by my side,
so I sat upon the bedrock
and held you soul and mind.

We were interrupted
and our stroll came to an end,
so I headed back with you
my warm and loving friend.

 Upon the hills
beyond the hemlock trees,
I gathered the daffodil
in honor of spring.

The walk a bit invigorating,
yes we are still alive
we made it through winter
one more year is now behind.

 The rock bed reveals
 times from long ago,
 as it leaves reminders
 as the water recedes
and again flows.

I felt the icy coldness
of water to my feet
and like your love
I know to believe.

The trees in an almost silhouette
mother nature at her best,
wakes with morning sunrise
and good night in the west.

The views are nothing special
until they are shared with you
and everything is different
when our love shines through.


It's not what you are doing,
 but who you are doing it with...with that said. 

To share in the sunrise 
just to watch it set, 
gaze upon the mountains
and in your arms rest. 

To share in a moment 
and know that it is bliss,
when I look into your eyes
and on your lips leave a kiss.

When the ordinary moments 
become extraordinary memories, 
I keep them tucked in my heart 
for the utmost safe keeping. 

If the days can't shed the darkness
and the clouds hang in gray, 
I'll look into my heart 
where you my love remain. 

All will be brighter 
like the sun in the sky, 
just knowing that your love 
lights this world of mine. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

... reviews.

You can take forever and
make it feel like a day,
hours and hours seem to
quickly melt away.

Sunshine, rainbows
and skies of blue
as I celebrate each
moment with you.

Magical , wonderful
and warm as can be
when I think of you
in my daydreams.


My sorrow is in the timing
and yet I rejoice in joining of souls.


It is as if I embraced the heavens...love.


...to hear your heart beat.

Shouting without even moving my lips.

Standing still allows the tears to puddle. 

You replaced the tears with laughter 
and filled my heart with great joy.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

...for you.

Same words with
a different view,
filled with love
just for you.

Here on earth or
the heavens above,
doesn't matter
it's just our love.

From my heart
emotions true,
to you my sweet
the passion comes

Word are just words
till written for down,
and that is when I
document the love
I found.


It could have been that first hello or
the way the world took on a different view,
could have been the smile between us
or the way you simply made my heart anew!

It might have been the sharing of love
that made me feel the way I do,
could have been the magic that directed our path
and collided me heart with you.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Fingers on the keys
bring a sense of happiness
as I share what's in my heart 
and the love between us. 

There is peace in the moment
and a comfort to my soul, 
as I think of loving you in
a script that heaven sold. 

I felt the connection
as incredible as it can be,
the feelings of love 
had drawn your soul to me. 

This level of certainty 
touched me to the core 
as if I knew what tomorrow
truly has in store.

There is peace and healing
it soothes and calms the mind 
in a connection of two that 
crosses the barriers of place
and time. 

Like looking at the world 
in two very different ways 
and finding the same response
unites us day after day. 

This the inner workings 
of your soul and mine 
united us two together 
like finely meshed thyme.


Wake up to my kiss 
as I wake up to yours 
and feel a chill that
shudders to the core. 

Moving all mountains
and draining all seas 
uniting two hearts  
with a simple breeze. 

The morning silent 
and yet it speaks to me 
whispering the truth of
how love has set us free. 
Validate the moment 
bring truth into play 
remember that love 
can never ever fade. 

Listen to the music 
the encountering of soul, 
from the very first moment
our love took hold. 


Feel the warmth 
the love from inside 
as we share the heavens 
time after time. 

Connected spiritually 
somethings can't be explained 
as if we were bonded 
on some other cosmic plane. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Always and Forever

Music is a funny thing as it can lift you up or bring you down and even take you to places that only the mind has the ability to explore. Employing a memory can refresh an ache or accommodate the emotions that are stored within the heart.  With this song ... stands in kitchen and arms outreached , pulls you close as we dance. Always and forever...

Meet you in the heavens
on the passing clouds of life
where all is as it should be
as I'm in your arms tonight.

Love is in the heart
orchestrated by the soul,
it dances with the magic
of music that unfolds.


I have run the distance,
searched the world to find,
that all I ever wanted is here
in this heart of mine.

For you found your place
and that is just where you'll stay
deeply embedded in the heart
from the very first day.

I can't or won't compare it,
as unique as it can be
the  sweetest of  love
is truly a part of me.

Like waking to a song
and dancing thru the night,
living this magic and this
gift we call life.

I tried to describe it,
this feeling from inside
that rules my heart and
leads my mind.

Love has surfaced
and all the world will see
that you are something special
you are the other half of me.

Always and Forever

Friday, March 17, 2017

Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (Lyrics)

Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me *** Mel Carter

Blue Skies

I waited on the sunshine,
on clouds of puffy white,
to send to you my love
through the blue sky.

Wake in the early morn
and at the heavens gaze
may you feel the love
each and everyday.

I looked at the daffodils
a sign that spring is here,
blooming on the hills
as if they have no cares.

The weather a tease
as the wind takes its course
whipping through the trees
as a reminder what's in store.


Sometimes it comes together
and it all makes some sense
until I realized the mountains
were not the walls on earth.

Circumstance created
the distance that we feel
but choice is the pain
that leaves my heart still.

My Everyday Morning

It might be a daydream
though the clarity is so ,
I'm afraid to open my eyes
in fear of letting you go.

The touch of hearts and
the meeting of souls
calms my spirit in a
story to be told.
I broke through the darkness
left the gray and cold behind
as I gazed unto the heavens
and felt the warmth of sunshine.

Stepping outside the perimeters
built on the trials of yesterday,
I found a trace of happiness
in a dream that love creates.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

...fell in love with you.

I glanced out the window,
the moon was bold and bright
and the stars seemed closer
in a view that's a delight.

I needed to relax a little,
to calm this soul of mine,
as the words of passion
are recorded for all time.

I imagined myself with you
sharing in a normal day,
conversation in the morning
and at night your arms I'd lay.

I felt the stress disappear
as if I had no cares
as I thought of you my love
and your image appeared.

I made not always understand
nor know just what to do,
but as long as you are in my heart
our love will see me through.


Time reveals the secrets
the mystery and magic of life
and the reason for love
that makes the moment right.

The road is filled with detours
a caution sign or two
but I avoided all of them
when I fell in love with you.


It is when silence rules the moment
that my heart can be heard the loudest.

Fluffs my pillow
grabs my blanket
takes a deep breath
as I count my blessings.


I love the moment
the magic like spring
brings many surprises,
life through a dream.

I tried to explain it
to let my heart know
that what it's feeling
continues to grow.

Ruled By Emotion

My heart writes 
what my soul dictates or is that
my soul writes what my heart dictates. 

In the end all that matters is how 
much we loved and how much we are loved. 

Birds are fascinating creatures no matter how cold 
it is they still prepare for spring.


I feel like a butterfly until the temperatures are warm enough
I am not quite prepared to wake up and move. 

Every now and than I feel like I am in the 
middle of a Gulliver travels adventure 
where the little people have me 
tied down ....lol scary hun?


Right and wrong and good and evil is subject to a person's own
morals, which might be why gray is a popular color.


Mother nature is quite deceiving on the 
coldest days the sun shines the brightest... but 
that is a little like life where you can find a bright 
spot even when surrounded by the darkness.

One thing gardeners have in common is 
that they are true optimist.


Interpretation is a thought through a thousand eyes. 

Life is struggle, survival and then there is 
the moment where you succumb to the battle,
or that is surrendering to the inevitable. 

If I could redirect my thoughts...

I almost forgot perseverance
that which gets us to another day.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sweet Dreams My Love

I can feel the magic true,
when I close my eyes I'm there with you,
I can pleasure each moment of time
as long as you are here by my side.

I can hear the music play,
as I dance all night and day,
I can dream the dreams of you
while I am dancing under skies blue.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Loving You

Sings > I'm gonna take each day,
and do it in all kinds of ways,
I'm gonna tell you that I care
as I take a moment to share.

I'm gonna spend my life and
I'm gonna live it loving you
if I do nothing else I'm
gonna make this dream
come true.

I'm gonna take each day,
and do it in all kinds of ways,
I'm gonna tell you that I care
as I take a moment to share.

I'm gonna document each second,
I guess I have always reckoned
that I am in love with you , that
I am in love with you....

I'm gonna take each day,
and do it in all kinds of ways,
I'm gonna tell you that I care
as I take a moment to share.

I'm gonna sing it out loud
and hopes that you're around,
as I feel the spirit move in me
while walking through a dream.

I'm gonna take each day
and do it in all kinds of ways,
I'm gonna tell you that I care
as I take a moment to share.

I'm gonna feel my heart beat
as if this were the beginning
as I know each beat of my
heart, beats for you.

I'm gonna take each day
and do it in all kinds of ways,
I'm gonna tell you that I care
as I take a moment to share.

I'm gonna love you in away
that makes the mountains fade,
I'm gonna love you in away
that makes you mine.

 I'm gonna take each day
and do it in all kinds of ways,
I'm gonna tell you that I care
as I take a moment to share.

I'm gonna dance if dancing
places me in your arms,
I'm gonna love as long as
I'm in your heart.

I'm gonna take each day
and do it in all kinds of ways,
I'm gonna tell you that I care
as I take a moment to share.

I'm gonna love you
like no one has ever loved you,
I'm gonna spend every second
of my life loving you...

My Greater Self

My soul recognizes what
my heart has already seen,
for love takes the world and
creates a whole different view.

Where there was sadness
 now overflowing with joy,
where tears once fell,
replaced with laughter.

Denial lives on in the  mind
but the heart speaks of truth
and the soul concurs that
true love is eternal.

It is written not upon paper
but scripted in the heavens
where earth and time have
no place within its reign.

I cannot challenge the emotion
nor release the hold upon my soul,
as two beings came into view
and one silhouette walked away.

I am who I have always been
except with you I am my greater self,
whole in spirit, complete with love
securely embraced in peace.

There is but one love
that united two hearts,
one dream that bonds
ours souls as if by magic.


Monday, March 13, 2017

In My Heart

I don't mind the snow storms
or the dark clouds of gray,
as long as you are with me
I'll take any kind of day.

I don't mind the distance
or the stars that part the way,
as long as you love me too
in my heart is where you'll stay.


I know tomorrow
will bring you to me,
the warmth and love
that was always meant to be.

Normal is different
for all who dare to be,
I'll take my normal
in the heart of my dreams.

Alice Blue Bonnet

Happiness is priceless
to share a smile with you,
joining in with laughter
as hearts would have us do.

Wonderful expression of
the joy when two are one,
bringing us together in
this place of love.


Sunday, March 12, 2017


I felt the magic
the heavenly touch,
when I closed my eyes
and I felt your love.

Wanted to stay there
both day and night
in this dream of love
that brought you to life.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Another Day

I found the world is very small
and our time a breath away 
and slowly distance uncoils, 
a bridge it does not make.

What sense is this journey,
and the weeping of a soul,
when the possibilities appear
and the dreams are put on hold?

Truth indeed surfaces 
and the words reveal its worth,
when sun light brightens a new day
like a flame within a hearth. 

Once a road is traveled 
and the unknown appears 
I concede it just another day
that we have yet to share.

March 21...Spring

There is a little irony
in that first day of spring,
it taught me many lessons
rebirth, lies and dreams.

With winter almost over
and blue skies up above,
I hold on to the magic
of those feelings we call
I feel the moment,
the sorrow inside
the darkness of life
without you by my

I feel the loneliness,
the script hell must write,
when a void is left behind
and is deeper with time.

I question the reasoning
for all the loss I've had,
but I find there is no answers
typed out on this keypad.

The days are long and dreary
though the sun indeed shines
as all I ever wanted was for
you to be forever mine.



Listen with your heart
as I whisper words of love,
listen to your soul 
as I send kisses via the clouds.

Listen to the rain drops
may they wake you tenderly
listen to the sound 
of your own heart beat. 

Listen closely 
as I call out your name, 
listen to the silence 
as I stop to pray. 

Listen with your heart
as I whisper words of love
listen to your soul 
as I send kisses via the clouds.


Friday, March 10, 2017


The dark of night
has this hold on me,
as I reach on out and
pull you next to me.

My heart is a bit complacent
even though I feel it racing
as your soul merges one
to one with mine.

This must be the magic in
the embrace of you and I,
when love enters in and
the heart resigns.

I can't quite explain it
but you must surely know
that love like this is rare
and must never be let go.

Sunny Side

Of course if you read the news it's a case of " the squeaky wheel gets the grease."  There is so much good in the world that it is some how drowned out by the negative. I think back about childhood and of course like many children going to camp. One of my favorite songs that we sang on the bus to and from camp was "Keeping on the sunny side of life." Funny how those images come back to you after all those years. Incredible that  I  can remember a song but can't remember another child or camp counselor. I also can remember things we did, crafts, bathing in the lake, playing in the stream , painting etc. 
It was a typical March day. Listening to people when I was out and about complain about the weather. You would think that we never had snow in March. Of course it is a case of the " in like a lion out like a lamb." My son and I drove into town to do a few errands. The start of lent we stopped at the butcher shop and picked up a couple of fish sandwiches. On the way home we battled a few snow squalls and a burst of sunshine at the same time. 
From the time we born we are living on borrowed time. With that said I have to be grateful for all that we have and all the experiences that have surfaced throughout this amazing journey.  My dad was king of old adages " One of them was " we have to pay the piper meaning " to bear the unfavorable  consequences of one's actions."  I wondered how long we would have to continue to pay for those actions. I have come to understand that yes our actions can cause a lifetime of reaction to surface. 
Looking out the window as the sun is setting and the trees create a dark silhouette against the grey of the sky.  What page am I on in this chapter of my life?  The question we all want the answer to.  

Stay on the sunny side, 
Always on the sunny side, 
Stay on the sunny side of life. 
You'll feel no pain as we drive you insane, 

If you'll stay on the sunny side of life. 

In some ways we all have that child side to us. The optimistic side that looks past the negative in hopes that tomorrow will bring a new day. Grateful but far from content as I think about all that could be or is it all that should be... thinking of you. 

Yes, I'm thinking, thinking about you, 
wondering if you are thinking of me too. 

I took to the heavens on a cloud passing by, 
in hopes you were there waiting to be by my side. 

Yes, I'm dreaming, dreaming of you,
wondering if you are dreaming of me too.  

Silk flowing gentle in the wind as my soul 
begins dancing from deep within. 

Yes, I'm loving, loving you, 
wondering if you are loving me too. 

My heart is racing at each thought of you,
in the time we have under the heavens blue. 

Yes I am feeling, feeling you,
wondering if you are feeling me too. 

I felt this love from the very start 
when you said hello and stole my heart. 

March Snow..see me to spring

You would think I would be dissappointed in watching the snow fall in March but on the contrary I find it to be a little reminder of what we can't control in life. But in the end we can say we have a little hope and a little faith and that will get us through the day.
 Just take my hand and hold it and promise to never let it go  as I gaze on out the window I see your memories in each flake of snow. Winter still upon us as spring battles its way, while take this moment to dream my life away. I dream of simple moments dinner side by side and watching you smile and no longer writing rhyme. My heart is still heavy for it carries all of  yesterday from that first hello and the dance from far away. It may seem a bit crazy as I wipe the tears away but the truth is in each fallen snowflake of the love that remains.

The snow is falling
and flowers bloom
cloudy skies with
shades of blue.

One day hot
and another cold,
the season of winter
still has a hold.

Seems so silly
as days go on
another dream
and another song.

Closing eyes
feels you near
another moment
for us to share.

Sharing hearts
and bonded souls
warms the spirit
and keeps out the cold.

Place my hand to the air
reaching to show I care,
love first appeared when
a smile we stopped to share.

Snow flakes falling down,
blanket of white on the ground,
documenting another day
as Mother nature has her way.

Thursday, March 09, 2017


I looked for the sunshine
and only found the gray,
thought I saw a rainbow
but it was only rain.

When I reached
unto the dark of night,
the only thing I felt
was a void inside.

Missing and wanting
you here close to me
even if it means spending
my time in a daydream.

The visual of two silhouettes
creation of love at its best,
the view when my eyes are closed
is like the petals opening of a rose.

Sunday, March 05, 2017


If I could whisper in you ear
and create a memory to share,
I'd whisper I love you
under starry skies of blue.

If i could hold your hand
and walk along the sand,
my smiles I'd not contain
they pour out like the rain.

If I could whisper in your ear
and create a memory to share,
I'd whisper I love you
under starry skies of blue.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Love Infused Words

Some would climb a mountain
and others sail across the sea
but I would do almost anything
to have you next to me.

I would wake the heavens
whispering your name,
while directing the wind
to send you a kiss a day.


Feel the tenderness of touch,
I'm singing words of love
and the vibration channels
two soul into one.

The landscape common,
the sharing is quite unique,
as I give to you my heart
and my soul complete.

It might just be the moment
cut out from your day
that touches deep within
in a special kind of way.

I just want the magic
to bring you hear to me,
tears, laughter or heartbreak
or just a simple plea.

It's like a pair of shoes
comfortable as can be,
that is how I feel
when I think you next
to me.


There's a haunting
that moves me from within
as tear drops are falling
and distance becomes the sin.

La , la, la love I have , la, la , la love I give,
la, la, la to you , la la la my love and my friend.

La, la, la  hold my hand , la, la, la I am your woman
and you're my man, La, la, la that is the plan.


blah , blah blah

Friday, March 03, 2017

Blue Sky

Gaze upon the heavens,
allow the image to appear
as silk in white flows 
through the morning air. 

Distant as the mountains 
as they stretch across the sky,
but as close as two can get ,
each breath divided by nine.

The visual enticing, 
as I lay here and sigh,
for I have made a life 
dreaming of you and I. 

The sun has risen and
behind the clouds it hides, 
but just like the memories 
it warms the heart and mind. 

Fate...that which brought us together 
and keeps us apart. 


Unable to move yet travels the distance 
to place my love within your heart.

I looked on out my window 
the clouds were passing by
and there before my very eyes 
I saw the bluest, blue of skies. 

There is strength in the trees
the stand with winters rhyme
creating a moving canvas 
that documents time. 

I saw the many yesterdays
that I would rather soon forget
and the hope of tomorrow 
with love and void of threat.

Thursday, March 02, 2017


He is compassion 
and a love so true , 
sweet happiness
in a sky of blue.

Love so wonderful
and dreams so surreal 
he touches my heart 
teaching me how to feel.

Warm as a summer day, 
humor that never fades,
arms that were made 
to hold me tenderly.

Comfort to sigh
a kiss between you and I,
wishes for more time 
to spend with you.

His eyes speaks" I do, "
"yes I love you , "
as I return the joy 
of loving you. 

I spend everday, 
thankful in this way
that you are here 
deep in my heart.

I beg you forget me not,
please don't ever stop 
loving me as deeply as
 I love you .

If I could make you see
through a moutain of dreams,
I'd place you here next to me,
in all of my daydreams. 

Listen to the breeze
rustling through the trees,
with whispers of love from
me to you. 

Hold out your hand 
and you will understand,
that I'm holding out my
hand for you. 

Singing " I love you" 
a melody that warms me thru, 
in a day where I am lost in 
thoughts of you 


When flower cease to bloom 
and gray skies begin to reign, 
I'll place my pen within my hand
and write again of summer days. 

When darkness take a hold 
and tears begin to flow, 
I'll replace it with the sunshine 
that only you and I would know. 

Sharing in the moment
where romance sets the course
and happiness is all abound
with no signs of remorse.

Never shall I forget 
the tenderness of touch 
felt at a distance 
while powered by love. 

I know that this is different,
though crazy it may seem
if you searched the world over
you'll not conjure a better dream.

The heavens blue in passing 
as twilight drapes the night 
and stars sprinkle gently 
in a twinkle of light. 

From my bedroom window 
the stillness can be seen
bare trees in spring bud 
beneath the moonbeams. 

My soul felt the sadness 
the loniness and despair
as it visualized the happiness
we so commonly shared. 

I wondered what are you doing?
Do you think of me each night?
Do you dream me beside you 
as wish upon the starry night?

I feel such a connection 
your love and mine as one, 
like the heavens to the blue sky
and the mountains to the horizon 


My love I place within your heart
and your love here deep in mine,
to hold you in the dark of night 
and through the light of day.

Raindrops will be kisses and
wind will touch your soul,
as they hold each breath of love 
and unto you unfold. 

I hope that you may feel 
as the tenderness touches your cheek
and brings to you the magic 
if only you dare to believe. 

I stand with faith before you 
in hopes you will feel it too,
embracing with a warmth and
all the love I have for you.

I celebrate the season
and the changing of a day 
when all is in passing 
and yet all is still the same. 

The silhouette of geeze 
quickly pass in flight 
as a stark reminder 
that soon it will be night. 

I step without ever walking
and I move into your arms,
as the moon shines outside my 
window and the dreams are no 
longer far.

The sound of silence...

I can't believe we have almost made it through another winter. As we are being teased with a bit of spring, summer and again back to winter. I find myself scattered in thought, like a ping pong ball bouncing around. . Contentment a state of happiness and satisfaction or ease of mind. Everyday I speak with my sister on the phone. Her being on dialysis and down spiraling health reminds me what a real gift time we have really s. We talked about a customer who sent me a note with her order . In her note she thanked me for the uplifting conversation and being there for her skin care needs as well as her emotional time of need. My sister said " you are upbeat, honest and surrounded with a positive aura." High energy and always in thought again Lex said to me "  remember not everyone is like you or thinks like you ."  I may find myself looking back and doing the woulda , shoulda , coulda but instead I have to look to the future and what it may bring.
I have always had this reality of how life should be and  on the contrary it was more like survival. That is what happens when people with different expectations and goals and yes dreams come together. Conflict is that which doesn't  reason with the soul or the heart. I have felt the troubling of emotion of that which is and should be.
On one note I am grateful for the journey and on the other end of that spectrum, I am troubled for all that could have been and wasn't.

Stars from the heavens lead me to you, 
as I gaze upon them with a dream or two. 

Closer and closer,
whispers sweet,
you're right here
close to me. 

Words of love,
passion and desire,
touches the heart 
sets the soul on fire. 

Closer and closer
whispers sweet 
you're right here
close to me. 

Memories kind, 
bring happiness to mind
as I gaze at the sky
I know that you are mine.

Closer and closer
whispers sweet
you're right here
close to me.

Here in my heart
from day one
and that is where
I keep your love.

Closer and closer
whispers sweet
you're right here
close to me.

Feel my presence,
know that I am near
tender emotions
reveal that I care.

Closer and closer
whispers sweet
you're right here
close to me.

I have given my heart
for you to hold ,
I given my love
it's your alone

Closer and closer
whispers sweet
you're right here
close to me.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Listen to the thunder
and listen to the rain
an all day storm has
found its way.

Little melancholy
feeling a little blue,
wishing I was there
snuggling with you.

Fickled mother nature
reveals day by day,
a little bit of sunshine
and sometimes skies of

This is the season,
the season of our life,
reminds us daily
that it won't alway
be so nice.

I pull my blanket closer
and snuggle up to you,
if only in my mind
under skies of blue.

Tear drops like rain
hidden behind my eyes
where they have been
since the beginning of
my life.

The storm speaks
in a language of truth
as it lights the sky
revealing our love
will shine thru.

I see the sunshine
behind the skies grey,
like the love in my heart
that I feel for you each day.

Stronger and stronger,
bright as it can be,
you are the love of my life
that shines thru me.

Wipes those teary eyes,
no longer will I cry,
all out of my control,
you have this hold on me.

Rolling over one more time,
I feel you closer than the mind,
in my heart for eternity
that is where you'll always be.