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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Ruled By Emotion

My heart writes 
what my soul dictates or is that
my soul writes what my heart dictates. 

In the end all that matters is how 
much we loved and how much we are loved. 

Birds are fascinating creatures no matter how cold 
it is they still prepare for spring.


I feel like a butterfly until the temperatures are warm enough
I am not quite prepared to wake up and move. 

Every now and than I feel like I am in the 
middle of a Gulliver travels adventure 
where the little people have me 
tied down ....lol scary hun?


Right and wrong and good and evil is subject to a person's own
morals, which might be why gray is a popular color.


Mother nature is quite deceiving on the 
coldest days the sun shines the brightest... but 
that is a little like life where you can find a bright 
spot even when surrounded by the darkness.

One thing gardeners have in common is 
that they are true optimist.


Interpretation is a thought through a thousand eyes. 

Life is struggle, survival and then there is 
the moment where you succumb to the battle,
or that is surrendering to the inevitable. 

If I could redirect my thoughts...

I almost forgot perseverance
that which gets us to another day.

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