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Friday, March 10, 2017

Sunny Side

Of course if you read the news it's a case of " the squeaky wheel gets the grease."  There is so much good in the world that it is some how drowned out by the negative. I think back about childhood and of course like many children going to camp. One of my favorite songs that we sang on the bus to and from camp was "Keeping on the sunny side of life." Funny how those images come back to you after all those years. Incredible that  I  can remember a song but can't remember another child or camp counselor. I also can remember things we did, crafts, bathing in the lake, playing in the stream , painting etc. 
It was a typical March day. Listening to people when I was out and about complain about the weather. You would think that we never had snow in March. Of course it is a case of the " in like a lion out like a lamb." My son and I drove into town to do a few errands. The start of lent we stopped at the butcher shop and picked up a couple of fish sandwiches. On the way home we battled a few snow squalls and a burst of sunshine at the same time. 
From the time we born we are living on borrowed time. With that said I have to be grateful for all that we have and all the experiences that have surfaced throughout this amazing journey.  My dad was king of old adages " One of them was " we have to pay the piper meaning " to bear the unfavorable  consequences of one's actions."  I wondered how long we would have to continue to pay for those actions. I have come to understand that yes our actions can cause a lifetime of reaction to surface. 
Looking out the window as the sun is setting and the trees create a dark silhouette against the grey of the sky.  What page am I on in this chapter of my life?  The question we all want the answer to.  

Stay on the sunny side, 
Always on the sunny side, 
Stay on the sunny side of life. 
You'll feel no pain as we drive you insane, 

If you'll stay on the sunny side of life. 

In some ways we all have that child side to us. The optimistic side that looks past the negative in hopes that tomorrow will bring a new day. Grateful but far from content as I think about all that could be or is it all that should be... thinking of you. 

Yes, I'm thinking, thinking about you, 
wondering if you are thinking of me too. 

I took to the heavens on a cloud passing by, 
in hopes you were there waiting to be by my side. 

Yes, I'm dreaming, dreaming of you,
wondering if you are dreaming of me too.  

Silk flowing gentle in the wind as my soul 
begins dancing from deep within. 

Yes, I'm loving, loving you, 
wondering if you are loving me too. 

My heart is racing at each thought of you,
in the time we have under the heavens blue. 

Yes I am feeling, feeling you,
wondering if you are feeling me too. 

I felt this love from the very start 
when you said hello and stole my heart. 

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