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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Love Infused Words

Some would climb a mountain
and others sail across the sea
but I would do almost anything
to have you next to me.

I would wake the heavens
whispering your name,
while directing the wind
to send you a kiss a day.


Feel the tenderness of touch,
I'm singing words of love
and the vibration channels
two soul into one.

The landscape common,
the sharing is quite unique,
as I give to you my heart
and my soul complete.

It might just be the moment
cut out from your day
that touches deep within
in a special kind of way.

I just want the magic
to bring you hear to me,
tears, laughter or heartbreak
or just a simple plea.

It's like a pair of shoes
comfortable as can be,
that is how I feel
when I think you next
to me.


There's a haunting
that moves me from within
as tear drops are falling
and distance becomes the sin.

La , la, la love I have , la, la , la love I give,
la, la, la to you , la la la my love and my friend.

La, la, la  hold my hand , la, la, la I am your woman
and you're my man, La, la, la that is the plan.

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