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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, March 02, 2017


When flower cease to bloom 
and gray skies begin to reign, 
I'll place my pen within my hand
and write again of summer days. 

When darkness take a hold 
and tears begin to flow, 
I'll replace it with the sunshine 
that only you and I would know. 

Sharing in the moment
where romance sets the course
and happiness is all abound
with no signs of remorse.

Never shall I forget 
the tenderness of touch 
felt at a distance 
while powered by love. 

I know that this is different,
though crazy it may seem
if you searched the world over
you'll not conjure a better dream.

The heavens blue in passing 
as twilight drapes the night 
and stars sprinkle gently 
in a twinkle of light. 

From my bedroom window 
the stillness can be seen
bare trees in spring bud 
beneath the moonbeams. 

My soul felt the sadness 
the loniness and despair
as it visualized the happiness
we so commonly shared. 

I wondered what are you doing?
Do you think of me each night?
Do you dream me beside you 
as wish upon the starry night?

I feel such a connection 
your love and mine as one, 
like the heavens to the blue sky
and the mountains to the horizon 


My love I place within your heart
and your love here deep in mine,
to hold you in the dark of night 
and through the light of day.

Raindrops will be kisses and
wind will touch your soul,
as they hold each breath of love 
and unto you unfold. 

I hope that you may feel 
as the tenderness touches your cheek
and brings to you the magic 
if only you dare to believe. 

I stand with faith before you 
in hopes you will feel it too,
embracing with a warmth and
all the love I have for you.

I celebrate the season
and the changing of a day 
when all is in passing 
and yet all is still the same. 

The silhouette of geeze 
quickly pass in flight 
as a stark reminder 
that soon it will be night. 

I step without ever walking
and I move into your arms,
as the moon shines outside my 
window and the dreams are no 
longer far.

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