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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Listen to the thunder
and listen to the rain
an all day storm has
found its way.

Little melancholy
feeling a little blue,
wishing I was there
snuggling with you.

Fickled mother nature
reveals day by day,
a little bit of sunshine
and sometimes skies of

This is the season,
the season of our life,
reminds us daily
that it won't alway
be so nice.

I pull my blanket closer
and snuggle up to you,
if only in my mind
under skies of blue.

Tear drops like rain
hidden behind my eyes
where they have been
since the beginning of
my life.

The storm speaks
in a language of truth
as it lights the sky
revealing our love
will shine thru.

I see the sunshine
behind the skies grey,
like the love in my heart
that I feel for you each day.

Stronger and stronger,
bright as it can be,
you are the love of my life
that shines thru me.

Wipes those teary eyes,
no longer will I cry,
all out of my control,
you have this hold on me.

Rolling over one more time,
I feel you closer than the mind,
in my heart for eternity
that is where you'll always be.

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