Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Monday, March 20, 2017


Fingers on the keys
bring a sense of happiness
as I share what's in my heart 
and the love between us. 

There is peace in the moment
and a comfort to my soul, 
as I think of loving you in
a script that heaven sold. 

I felt the connection
as incredible as it can be,
the feelings of love 
had drawn your soul to me. 

This level of certainty 
touched me to the core 
as if I knew what tomorrow
truly has in store.

There is peace and healing
it soothes and calms the mind 
in a connection of two that 
crosses the barriers of place
and time. 

Like looking at the world 
in two very different ways 
and finding the same response
unites us day after day. 

This the inner workings 
of your soul and mine 
united us two together 
like finely meshed thyme.


Wake up to my kiss 
as I wake up to yours 
and feel a chill that
shudders to the core. 

Moving all mountains
and draining all seas 
uniting two hearts  
with a simple breeze. 

The morning silent 
and yet it speaks to me 
whispering the truth of
how love has set us free. 
Validate the moment 
bring truth into play 
remember that love 
can never ever fade. 

Listen to the music 
the encountering of soul, 
from the very first moment
our love took hold. 


Feel the warmth 
the love from inside 
as we share the heavens 
time after time. 

Connected spiritually 
somethings can't be explained 
as if we were bonded 
on some other cosmic plane. 

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