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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Shining Through

The beauty is simple
and wonderful as can be, 
captures the season 
by celebrating spring.

qBloodroot is blooming 
with petals of white 
it is rare to many 
like the love of my life.

The stream is shelved
it is natures delight
a staircase of earth
and a beautiful sight.

Trickling water
music fills the air,
the sounds of spring
are most certainly here.
From the very beginning,
my hand was there for you
and you took my hand and
my world began a new.

Never behind and never ahead,
walking beside me a true friend.
Smiles and laughter, tears too
as you took the gray and turned
my skies blue.

Season moves to season
and you are by my side,
on this journey of life
where I have stopped to

I spoke of my sorrow
and I shared in the glee,
as I opened my heart
and you walked in on me.

If I wrote the script
of this story we call life,
each and every chapter would
include the love of my life.

From the very beginning
sunshine for me and you,
when I wake each morning
your love is shining through.

 I took to the moment
to meet up with Spring,
celebrating like blue birds
your love was here with me.

The magical embrace of
two hearts formed as one,
strolling through life
on the clouds above.

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