Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Friday, March 03, 2017

Blue Sky

Gaze upon the heavens,
allow the image to appear
as silk in white flows 
through the morning air. 

Distant as the mountains 
as they stretch across the sky,
but as close as two can get ,
each breath divided by nine.

The visual enticing, 
as I lay here and sigh,
for I have made a life 
dreaming of you and I. 

The sun has risen and
behind the clouds it hides, 
but just like the memories 
it warms the heart and mind. 

Fate...that which brought us together 
and keeps us apart. 


Unable to move yet travels the distance 
to place my love within your heart.

I looked on out my window 
the clouds were passing by
and there before my very eyes 
I saw the bluest, blue of skies. 

There is strength in the trees
the stand with winters rhyme
creating a moving canvas 
that documents time. 

I saw the many yesterdays
that I would rather soon forget
and the hope of tomorrow 
with love and void of threat.

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