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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, March 10, 2017

March Snow..see me to spring

You would think I would be dissappointed in watching the snow fall in March but on the contrary I find it to be a little reminder of what we can't control in life. But in the end we can say we have a little hope and a little faith and that will get us through the day.
 Just take my hand and hold it and promise to never let it go  as I gaze on out the window I see your memories in each flake of snow. Winter still upon us as spring battles its way, while take this moment to dream my life away. I dream of simple moments dinner side by side and watching you smile and no longer writing rhyme. My heart is still heavy for it carries all of  yesterday from that first hello and the dance from far away. It may seem a bit crazy as I wipe the tears away but the truth is in each fallen snowflake of the love that remains.

The snow is falling
and flowers bloom
cloudy skies with
shades of blue.

One day hot
and another cold,
the season of winter
still has a hold.

Seems so silly
as days go on
another dream
and another song.

Closing eyes
feels you near
another moment
for us to share.

Sharing hearts
and bonded souls
warms the spirit
and keeps out the cold.

Place my hand to the air
reaching to show I care,
love first appeared when
a smile we stopped to share.

Snow flakes falling down,
blanket of white on the ground,
documenting another day
as Mother nature has her way.

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