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Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Saturday, March 25, 2017


No doubt the curtains opened
and spring surely had arrived,
as I gazed at the Coltsfoot
surfacing from the ground.

There were signs all around
and I couldn't miss a one
as the song birds were singing
and a couple nest could be found.

The stream was moving
in a clear like crystal wave,
as it left reminders of winter
and the passing of a day.

I gathered some daffodil
bunched up on the hill
and took them to the house
and in a vase I filled.


There is love in the moment
and that is where you'll find,
blue skies and heart clouds
are a typical sign.

Roads well traveled
and a day with you,
makes everything
feel brand new.
 To the top of the hill
 in the field you'll find,
 spring brings a new day
 and records it to time.

 Strolling along
it seems nothing is there
but I know your love is
what we share.
 The fern is growing
 twelve months a year
 as a reminder of the
 storms and how we
 are still here.
 There were many flowers
 that had begun to bloom,
 all of them a golden yellow
opening for me and you.

Forsythia and buttercups
just to name a few but
I picked out the daffodils
to share my love with you.
 The water mighty cold
 and clear as it can be,
 I even saw the minnows
 racing to hide from me.

The stream seem to whisper
in a calming kind of way,
"come down here beside me
 and share this very day."

 I didn't want to leave
as I felt you by my side,
so I sat upon the bedrock
and held you soul and mind.

We were interrupted
and our stroll came to an end,
so I headed back with you
my warm and loving friend.

 Upon the hills
beyond the hemlock trees,
I gathered the daffodil
in honor of spring.

The walk a bit invigorating,
yes we are still alive
we made it through winter
one more year is now behind.

 The rock bed reveals
 times from long ago,
 as it leaves reminders
 as the water recedes
and again flows.

I felt the icy coldness
of water to my feet
and like your love
I know to believe.

The trees in an almost silhouette
mother nature at her best,
wakes with morning sunrise
and good night in the west.

The views are nothing special
until they are shared with you
and everything is different
when our love shines through.

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