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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Always and Forever

Music is a funny thing as it can lift you up or bring you down and even take you to places that only the mind has the ability to explore. Employing a memory can refresh an ache or accommodate the emotions that are stored within the heart.  With this song ... stands in kitchen and arms outreached , pulls you close as we dance. Always and forever...

Meet you in the heavens
on the passing clouds of life
where all is as it should be
as I'm in your arms tonight.

Love is in the heart
orchestrated by the soul,
it dances with the magic
of music that unfolds.


I have run the distance,
searched the world to find,
that all I ever wanted is here
in this heart of mine.

For you found your place
and that is just where you'll stay
deeply embedded in the heart
from the very first day.

I can't or won't compare it,
as unique as it can be
the  sweetest of  love
is truly a part of me.

Like waking to a song
and dancing thru the night,
living this magic and this
gift we call life.

I tried to describe it,
this feeling from inside
that rules my heart and
leads my mind.

Love has surfaced
and all the world will see
that you are something special
you are the other half of me.

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