Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, March 16, 2017

...fell in love with you.

I glanced out the window,
the moon was bold and bright
and the stars seemed closer
in a view that's a delight.

I needed to relax a little,
to calm this soul of mine,
as the words of passion
are recorded for all time.

I imagined myself with you
sharing in a normal day,
conversation in the morning
and at night your arms I'd lay.

I felt the stress disappear
as if I had no cares
as I thought of you my love
and your image appeared.

I made not always understand
nor know just what to do,
but as long as you are in my heart
our love will see me through.


Time reveals the secrets
the mystery and magic of life
and the reason for love
that makes the moment right.

The road is filled with detours
a caution sign or two
but I avoided all of them
when I fell in love with you.


It is when silence rules the moment
that my heart can be heard the loudest.

Fluffs my pillow
grabs my blanket
takes a deep breath
as I count my blessings.

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