Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, March 25, 2016

Celebrate Our Love

Good morning kiss
and a bear hug embrace
to start each morning with
a smile on my face.

Sunshine replaces the gray
when thoughts of you
give a soft hue of blue
to the day.

Good night kiss
and a bear hug embrace
to end my day with
a smile on my face.
Flowers blooming
what a beautiful sight,
spring in motion gives
a meaning to life.

Like the blossoms
blowing in the wind
it's a reminder how quickly
time passes.


Close your eyes
and there you'll find,
I've been there with you,
I never left your side.

From earth to the heavens,
over mountains and seas,
I travel the distance through
my nightly dreams.

Close your eyes
and there you'll find,
I've been there with you,
I never left your side.

Early each morning
throughout the day,
you are in my heart
in a most special way.

Close your eyes
and there you'll find,
I've been there with you ,
I never left your side.


You can't undo a lifetime,
can't change what's in the past,
from this day forward I'll
celebrate the first one like the

Singing sweet songs of love
like only true lovers do,
adding  soft whispers that
bridge my soul to you.

I took to the chapters
that brought the smiles
and to the rest I lit a fire
and they were gone within
the hour.

It is not your ordinary sunrise
that lights the morning sky,
this one is much more special
like star light in your eyes.

Cup of tea in the morning
and warm thoughts of you,
sharing in this moment as
love would have us do.


Deep, deep within,
the truth revealed
and it was our love
that surfaced.

Whispers in the night,
call out to you
to hold me tight.

Deep,, deep within,
the truth revealed
and it was our love
that surfaced.

It is those little things,
like a summer breeze
emotion packed dreams
of how love should be.

Embrace of hearts
that is how our love starts,
from moment one
we share so much love.

Every thought brings a chill
and every chill is a thought,
as you're with me and you're
every beat of my heart.

I start each moment
with you in my heart,
you are with me from
morning thru the dark.
Every gaze and I am lost
and I'm lost in every gaze
as I think of you and my
mind drifts away.

That is how I start
each and every day,
thinking about you
brings joy my way.

I was greeted  by the daffodils
and the hyacinth in white and
though the skies were cloudy
and gray, I knew the sun was
not far behind.

The mallard had returned
to nest along the stream and
there in the thicket a robin with
its orange belly could be seen.

Mother nature in it calm reveals
spring time at its best and yet
we know just around the corner
she will put us to another test.


It was the magic of the season
that told me what I already know,
that the love bestowed upon us
gave the world at hand a glow.

It looked beyond the troubles
the sorrows of yesterday and
it even rid the world of darkness
in a warm and wonderful way.

For time grants us nothing
as the tomorrows may never come,
so I take each and every moment
to celebrate our love.

I took the morning
and daydreamed it away,
everywhere I looked
seem to have something
to say.

No days of sorrow,
no place for sadness in my heart
for the moment you said " I
love you" it was like catching
a fallen star.

No parties or chocolate cake,
no candles or loves song and
yet there is still a celebration
between two hearts.

There is music in the heavens
from the angels symphony,
you can hear them playing
on my heart strings.

No words are necessary
you don't need to contemplate,
inevitably the voice of your heart
follows the path placed by faith.

There music in the heavens
from the angels symphony,
you can hear them playing
on my heart strings.


There is no end to the loving
that set my weary soul on fire,
there is no end to the story
that is more precious by the hour.

There is no tears that can
wipe away the smiles,
there is nothing that can stop
what gave to life that wow!

There is no end to the loving
that set my weary soul on fire,
there is no end to the story
that is more precious by the hour.

There is no replacing the magic
that creates each day a new,
as long as you are with me
the sky will remain blue.

I don't need a fairy tale
or a unicorn on the run,
I have your loving and
with that said all is done.

For you have my heart
and there is no giving back,
it is the reason for living
and that my love is a fact.

I don't need a palace
on the earth or in the sky
for the home of our love
is heart,soul and mind.

You are with me and
a treasure beyond all wealth,
from the moment of hello
I was placed under your spell.

Will You Tire Of Me?

Will you tire of me
when time passes away
and the gold of my hair
is replaced with gray?

When wrinkles appear
under my eyes, will
you still see the sparkle
that for you shines bright?

Will you tire of me,
when I am fragile and
old and sound like a
frog with a cold?

When soft flannel
replaces silk lingerie,
will you tire of me
day after day?

 When age replaces
the soft of my skin, will
you remember what
lies within?

Will you tire of me
as time marches on
and my tired spirit
is almost gone?

There is a sadness
that I can't overcome,
I'm needing your love,
wanting you here with me.

I'm lost in time,
not feeling so fine,
dreaming your love
close to me.


To your heart a whisper,
words of love from me to you.
I can't explain this feeling
without you my sky is no
longer blue.

To your heart a whisper,
words of love from me to you,
surrounding by darkness
I break the cycle to soars
the heavens with you.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


No need for reminders 
as you never leave my mind,
you're always with me and
always by my side. 

One sky above us, 
a moon to lead the way
and a sun in the morning
unites you and I each day.

No distance 
just gaze out at the stars,
the blanket of magic 
over our hearts. 


In my arms
that is where you belong
In my heart
forever more.

In my dreams
both night and day
In my life
is where you'll stay.


I didn't go searching,
nor did I expect to fine, 
the partner to my soul
the love of my life. 

Gave to me a smile
laughter in each and every day
and unlocked the combination
of the dreams that love made.

One for the memories,
two for the dreams and 
everything else for the 
love that through my heart

Haunting hum, 
a wordless tune
from my heart 
the love for you. 

Highs and lows
that separation creates,
as tears fall from my eyes
new memories are made.


Marshmallow kisses
are sugary sweet , 
soft and gushy 
a delicious treat. 

United as one,
together we are
in this place of forever
on that yonder star. 

Cloud motion, 
come on aboard, 
I'm waiting here for you
the one whom I adore. 

My heart was yours from day one
when I felt the sharing of love,
wakes me up early each morn and
tucks me in bed like a calm in a 

Cloud motion
come on aboard,
I'm waiting here for you, 
the one whom I adore.  

It is in the deep depths of silence 
that the voice of my heart can be heard the loudest. 


Each second and every moment
through each hour of the day, 
I'll spend my time loving you 
in this magical way.

My heart is yours 
to do as you will, 
day after day till 
my heart stands still.

Whether there are mountains 
between us or rivers and lakes,
I'll spend my time loving you
in this magical way.

I'm gonna write a love song, 
let my soul do the dictating 
while my heart is displaying 
all the love I have for you. 

I'm gonna pen it to the blue sky,
use the clouds to tell you why, 
the distance between  us dissipates
and all that is left is you and I. 

I'm gonna write a love song, 
let my soul do the dictating
while my heart is displaying
all the love I have for you.

How can I go on missing you
when you are here with me?
but somehow the distance
has an upper hand on how
my heart feels and sees.

There is an emptiness
a void from deep inside
for the simple pleasures
of waking up by your side.

How can I go on missing you
when you are here with me?
but somehow the distance
has an upper hand on all of
my dreams.

The darkness is revealing
as your love can be seen
with images of sweetness
where you are here with

The world is so much smaller
as your embrace can be felt,
so warm and tender that
my heart began to melt.

My choice is love forever after
where you are here with me
and life is so wonderful
that everyday is spring.


You know your life has been enriched by the people you meet and those who have somehow made a huge difference. In the scales of life, there is a balance of sorrow and joy.

I took the road
that led me to you,
through my dreams
it all comes true
...you and I.

The world is better now
as long as I have your smile,
nothing matters at all as long
as you are with me.

I took the road
that me to you,
through my dreams
it all comes true....
you and I.

Here In My Heart

Up before the sunrise
I tremble at the thought
though you are far away
you are here in my heart.

Heavenly sequestered,
I'm drawn to the clouds,
where the love between us
has truly transpired

It has that something special,
I know it is undoubtedly official.
You are like the sunrise that
both warms and brightens the

Up before the sunrise
I tremble at the thought
though you are far away
you are here in my heart.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

...gateway to your heart.

Sings>Right time, right day,
right doorway, I'll take
the gateway to your heart,
hopping on a star, I wont
be very far.

I thought it was chance
or maybe a bit of fate
but the day you said
hello, was a most
memorable day.

Right time , right day,
right doorway, it led
you to me and I took
the chance and the
rest is history.

The path was going nowhere,
I seen enough of despair,
that all ended when you
opened the gate to your
heart and shared.

Right time, right day,
right doorway and it
all felt just right, I
knew I had something
special it renewed
this life.

Sings >
Lord, Lord, Lord are you listening?
Lord, Lord, Lord hear me now,
I have paid my dues to the devil
and I kissed and wiped his brow.

Lord, Lord, Lord are you listening?
Lord, Lord, Lord hear me now,
I have been lost in the darkness
until you sent an angel to light
the miles.

Lord, Lord, Lord are you listening?
Lord, Lord , Lord hear me now,
remove the chains that bind my soul,
release me to the soar above the clouds.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sweet Kisses My Darling Sweet Kisses

Stars in the heavens
grass on the ground
everything is perfect
when you are around.

Blue skies lit behind
those skies of gray,
even the sun shines on
the darkest of days.

The sound of your voice
and sharing in your smiles,
there is no distance between us,
as we erased all the miles.

Gazing at the moonlight
and the world seems right
even if its created by
the dreams of you and I.

Precious the story
where two hearts
merged as one and
that is the tale of our
true love.

Sweet kisses my darling sweet kisses,
in the wind over hills to your lips,
sweet kisses my darling sweet kisses,
written like a well thought out script.

Hugs to hold you gently in the night 
and to allow you to sleep peacefully ,
hugs to hold you gently in the night
replacing the dark with morning.

Sweet kisses my darling sweet kisses,
packed with all my love day and night.
Sweet kisses my darling sweet kisses,
to the clouds our love has taken flight.


I keep cutting through the crazy
to hold on to your special love.


My heart keeps you near and
at the front of all my thoughts,
like I am walking in a dream
where the images never stop.

I imagine simple pleasures,
like sharing a day with you,
gazing into your eyes and
giving a kiss or two.

The dreams but a gateway
to feel your tenderness,
as it opens up my heart
for a view of sweet bliss.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Glimpse of the Soul

I find pleasure in loving you
as it is a documentation of all that is good in this world. 


Everyday comes with challenges, 
loving you is not one of them.

The petals of a rose dried and preserved
may lose the clarity in color but
never the less retain its beauty
as seen through a memory.


There is never a time of loneliness 
for your love is an internal part of my being
which I carry forever in my heart. 

The majestic beauty and the vastness of the heavens
reminds us that we are but a thread in the canvas. 

I never question what is good for the journey provides us with a
look at both and heaven and hell...that we call experience. 

We all have a preconceived notion of what love is,
understanding and compassion along with 
the acknowledgment of the hearts voice 
in relation to the souls silence. 

I savor the dreams
as away of holding you closer. 

Love can turn and hour 
into a moment of time. 



The mind records all stories both good and bad, 
my heart is selective only reserving space 
for the beauty of our love. 


Like the early morning sun that first lights the sky, 
your love brightens my day. 

Every road traveled,
each mountain we climb
is a page in the chapter
written in rhyme.

Happiness and heartache
in the times that we share,
is a view of two heart
that dared to care.

leads in experience

Friday, March 18, 2016

Nuvole D'amore

I saw it clearly
it blankets the sky,
puffy white over
hills it lies.

Invitation only,
only joy and peace,
for the clouds of love
were heavenly bequeathed.

Hearts sincere,
souls unite
where our love
has taken flight.

Pure untouched
by evil and despair,
nuvole  d'amore
are ours to share.

Why weep my heart?
The tears that speak
reveal the tenderness
of dreams.

I heard the song,
the message clear
of the warmth that
two hearts share.

Bridge the distance,
unite the souls
embrace what the
heavens unfold.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Officially Spring

The Quince once more is blooming, 
its flowers in hues of red and pink
brings life to the dull surroundings
like a painting above the kitchen sink.

I placed a few branches in a vase 
and placed on the table of lace
as season is just beginning 
the flowers are on a two week 

Enjoy each moment 
they quickly pass on by,
that is why I take this time
to tell you what is on my 

Your love fills my heart
and gives meaning to my day,
you are the love of my life 
and that will never change. 

Flowers are blooming 
and the sky is blue,
the gifts of spring 
bring something new. 

The morning dove 
has nested and awaits
the given time to 
hatch her eggs for 
a spring flight.

Sings like an Irish Folk song. On the count of three.. sings> I got spring in my heart each and every day of the year, for I have your love and the happiness we share.

I got spring in my heart
each and every day of the year, 
for I have your love and the 
happiness we share. 

Smiles and laughter,
tears and heartache 
and the sharing of life 
that you and I partake. 

I got spring in my heart
each and every day of the year, 
for I have your love and the 
happiness we share.

Each and every moment
is very special indeed,
like marshmallow kisses
and the embrace of our

I got spring in my heart
each and everyday of the year,
for I have your love and 
the happiness we share. 

Brings a warmth to my soul 
and a skip to my heart beat, 
this love is like magic that
the angels bequeathed. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sings ..and all I want is your love.

I want the words
that were never written
and the story that was
never told.

I want the song
that was never sung
and baby all I want
is your love.

I tried to create it
to make the words new
in a celebration of love
for me and for you.

I want the words
that were never written
and the story that was
never told.

I want the song
that was never sung
and baby all I want
is your love.

I knew this love existed
endless as it can be,
challenged tomorrow
to rewrite eternity.

I want the words
that were never written
and the story that was
never told.

I want the song
that was never sung
and baby all I want
is your love.

In The Rain

I'm packing love in the rain,
gonna send those raindrops
in a puffy cloud your way,
directing them straight to you
as no detour will do.

I'm sending sunshine when
the raindrops are through,
so my love can shine down
on you and warm you in a
way that makes you smile
each and everyday.

I gave the stars my kiss
so that when you look
into the heavens you
wont miss the meeting
of our lips.


Sometimes you just need to listen to your body. When you need a do nothing day, you have to do just that nothing. Which means today I bounced back into gear and got various jobs done. Clerical as well as finishing up a few batches of soap. Now it's time to sit back relax and close my eyes and feel your arms holding me.

Spring flowers blooming,
though skies a bit gray as
I know behind the clouds
the blue will find  its way.

The day is a little brighter
as your loves leads the way,
guiding me to your heart
day after day.

I could spend my waking hours
in those gentle arms of yours
and know that I am safe in
this world of forevermore.

Music from the heavens
and a song the angels sing,
is written by the soul and
the hearts memory.


The sun is finished setting,
the stars are shining bright
and the moon has taken
its place above you and I.

Distance has no power as
your heart is here with me,
one to one sweet love
awaits us in our dreams.


My heart began singing,
the words are for you
written by the soul
meant for just us two.

Peaceful embrace
bridged the open sea,
joining our love together
creating the most amazing


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Precious Each Moment

The sky takes on a shade,
pink and periwinkle blue
as the sun begins to set,
my thoughts turn to you.

Imagine the simple pleasures,
to wake and see your smile
and close the gap of distance
and erase all the miles.

Tracing the heavens and
a silhouette appears like
a shadow of two souls
peaceful and free of fear.


I always know when I have a little to much time on my hands, because my mind explored times that have passed long ago. By the time I was in fifth grade I had been in as many schools as houses. Sometimes we moved twice in one year and other times we might have made at least one year. It bothered me that I can remember the outside of the houses I lived in until the age of nine, but I never seem to be able to open the door and visualize the inside of each house.
I do remember that at the end of the school year if we wanted to, we could take home extra books and work sheets. When I went to live with my aunt it felt like I was a single child. I can remember wanting to be a teacher and I would make an imaginary class room where I would pass out papers and pretend to correct them.
Incredible how the mind can protect our heart and soul in various ways. Sometimes it just blocks out what we don't want to remember or see. Every now and than some thing will spark a memory and it is like opening a little door ways to the past. I guess you could say it is like flash backs and I find them to be disruptive in my everyday life.
It is my aging mothers dependency on me that reminded me that I lived not part of my life but all of my life in fear. Images surfaced that I would rather not remember. It is an awful feeling of entrapment.
I feel as if I write it down that it will be like a moment in the wind and disperse the negative and allow myself to replace it with positive thoughts. Here is to meeting you on the clouds in a castle for two.

Erase the fear,
no sadness allowed
for I am with my love
in the clouds above.

This castle built for two,
has everything we need
trust, faith and happiness
with each day like that
of spring.

Your arms to hold me and
your heart beat next to mine,
the pleasure of your company
is the gift given to us by time.

Precious each moment,
new memories to replace the old
and the smile we share together
is worth a thousand times that of

Friday, March 11, 2016

Forever Type Of Love

When the world is cold and ugly
and the deep darkness is setting in,
I find myself thinking of you and
the warm memories flood in.

The gifts of a lifetime
are simply happiness and love,
so I take this time to celebrate
what the heavens sent from above.

Showered down and angel,
in a forever type of love
in an embrace of souls
that bonded one to one.

Warm and Loving Style

I tried to find the words
or a story that would tell,
of the love in my heart
and how you placed a spell.

The music is so very haunting
and the lyrics of love play,
but I was looking for perfect
to explain how I feel today.

My heart retraced memories
of that very first day and
the tears fell as I thought
about the years that passed

I spent my night and day
dreaming you next to me,
I refused to wake up as
our love was bridged by
the dreams.

Tears had fallen
on what should have been,
because you and I are
deserving of the love
we feel from within.

I just wanna wake up and
share your morning smile,
comfort you and hold you
in warm and loving style.

Diana Krall - Love is where you are

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Woven Together

Woven together
two as one,
chapter by chapter
tells of our love.

Souls entwined
a tighter bond,
simple reminder
of where I belong.

Sunday, March 06, 2016

You and I

When hours become seconds like time in the wind,
we nurture the moment from whence love begins.

As the sun begins to rise
and appears the blue sky,
I celebrate the moment
thankful for you and I.

The flowers in the garden
are already inches high,
simple little reminders
spring is not far behind.

Timing channeled,
a sponge absorbed
as I needed your love
and so much more.

Something magical
led me directly to you ,
like a rainbow arch sliding
down from the blue.

Peace and happiness
topped with desire
as our souls became
one and blazed like
a fire.

I can't deny
nor would I try
as your love
changed my life.


Redirected in a wonderful way,
guiding my heart and soul each day.

The reflection of happiness
shadows the soul as it reveals
a friendship of gold.


Waking up before you,
just to watch you sleep
I placed a kiss tenderly
upon your cheek.

Hearts together,
two souls now one,
we challenge the heavens
to embrace our love.

No mountains between us
and rivers may all run dry,
the sun that shines on you
bridges you and I.

Softly singing
words from inside,
peaceful excursion
like a child's lullaby.

My arms to hold you
where nothing can divide,
you're my loving angel
that fell from the sky.

Waking up before you,
just to watch you sleep.
I placed a kiss tenderly
upon your cheek.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

You Brighten My Day

I need my sunshine
each and every day
as you rid the gray
and bring the blue
skies my way.

I need your laughter
as it warms my heart,
gives this old life meaning
ignites with a spark.

I need your love and
your peaceful embrace,
ridding life of darkness
you brighten my day.

In a Forever Kind Of Way

If I were truly the writer,
I'd script the day away
and place myself in your
arms in a forever kind of

I'd pencil in the moments
where skies are always blue
in a celebration of love in
away that lovers do.

Imagine the sweet mallow
kisses upon your lips and
the warm embraces that
secure the treasured kiss.

I'd write chapter after chapter
of true peace and happiness,
sharing in your life in a
full blown state of bliss.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Forever Love

In my heart a story of
our sweet forever love,
magical as it can be
it brought you to me.

You are the sun that
shines in my morning,
the blue that blankets
my dark of night.

You are the love
I treasure so and
the love I can't
and won't let go.

You are my desire that
grows with the hour,
powerful as it can be
it control the thoughts
in me.

Time has revealed
the truth of what I feel,
a love so wonderful
it embraces all of life.

I just need for you to know
that rain will replace the snow,
unlike the seasons that come and
go my love for you remains.

Stronger and stronger each day
the need for you never fades,
three hundred and fifty six
times eternity and I'll still be
loving you.

You are the rose that blooms
the hummingbird that feeds at noon,
you are my everything , you're the
love of my life.

My heart tells a story true
of what real love can do,
bring to life the hollow and hills
and paints them in every shade and hue.