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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, March 13, 2016


Sometimes you just need to listen to your body. When you need a do nothing day, you have to do just that nothing. Which means today I bounced back into gear and got various jobs done. Clerical as well as finishing up a few batches of soap. Now it's time to sit back relax and close my eyes and feel your arms holding me.

Spring flowers blooming,
though skies a bit gray as
I know behind the clouds
the blue will find  its way.

The day is a little brighter
as your loves leads the way,
guiding me to your heart
day after day.

I could spend my waking hours
in those gentle arms of yours
and know that I am safe in
this world of forevermore.

Music from the heavens
and a song the angels sing,
is written by the soul and
the hearts memory.


The sun is finished setting,
the stars are shining bright
and the moon has taken
its place above you and I.

Distance has no power as
your heart is here with me,
one to one sweet love
awaits us in our dreams.


My heart began singing,
the words are for you
written by the soul
meant for just us two.

Peaceful embrace
bridged the open sea,
joining our love together
creating the most amazing


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