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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, March 21, 2016

Sweet Kisses My Darling Sweet Kisses

Stars in the heavens
grass on the ground
everything is perfect
when you are around.

Blue skies lit behind
those skies of gray,
even the sun shines on
the darkest of days.

The sound of your voice
and sharing in your smiles,
there is no distance between us,
as we erased all the miles.

Gazing at the moonlight
and the world seems right
even if its created by
the dreams of you and I.

Precious the story
where two hearts
merged as one and
that is the tale of our
true love.

Sweet kisses my darling sweet kisses,
in the wind over hills to your lips,
sweet kisses my darling sweet kisses,
written like a well thought out script.

Hugs to hold you gently in the night 
and to allow you to sleep peacefully ,
hugs to hold you gently in the night
replacing the dark with morning.

Sweet kisses my darling sweet kisses,
packed with all my love day and night.
Sweet kisses my darling sweet kisses,
to the clouds our love has taken flight.


I keep cutting through the crazy
to hold on to your special love.


My heart keeps you near and
at the front of all my thoughts,
like I am walking in a dream
where the images never stop.

I imagine simple pleasures,
like sharing a day with you,
gazing into your eyes and
giving a kiss or two.

The dreams but a gateway
to feel your tenderness,
as it opens up my heart
for a view of sweet bliss.

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