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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Glimpse of the Soul

I find pleasure in loving you
as it is a documentation of all that is good in this world. 


Everyday comes with challenges, 
loving you is not one of them.

The petals of a rose dried and preserved
may lose the clarity in color but
never the less retain its beauty
as seen through a memory.


There is never a time of loneliness 
for your love is an internal part of my being
which I carry forever in my heart. 

The majestic beauty and the vastness of the heavens
reminds us that we are but a thread in the canvas. 

I never question what is good for the journey provides us with a
look at both and heaven and hell...that we call experience. 

We all have a preconceived notion of what love is,
understanding and compassion along with 
the acknowledgment of the hearts voice 
in relation to the souls silence. 

I savor the dreams
as away of holding you closer. 

Love can turn and hour 
into a moment of time. 



The mind records all stories both good and bad, 
my heart is selective only reserving space 
for the beauty of our love. 


Like the early morning sun that first lights the sky, 
your love brightens my day. 

Every road traveled,
each mountain we climb
is a page in the chapter
written in rhyme.

Happiness and heartache
in the times that we share,
is a view of two heart
that dared to care.

leads in experience

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