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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, March 11, 2016

Warm and Loving Style

I tried to find the words
or a story that would tell,
of the love in my heart
and how you placed a spell.

The music is so very haunting
and the lyrics of love play,
but I was looking for perfect
to explain how I feel today.

My heart retraced memories
of that very first day and
the tears fell as I thought
about the years that passed

I spent my night and day
dreaming you next to me,
I refused to wake up as
our love was bridged by
the dreams.

Tears had fallen
on what should have been,
because you and I are
deserving of the love
we feel from within.

I just wanna wake up and
share your morning smile,
comfort you and hold you
in warm and loving style.

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