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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Precious Each Moment

The sky takes on a shade,
pink and periwinkle blue
as the sun begins to set,
my thoughts turn to you.

Imagine the simple pleasures,
to wake and see your smile
and close the gap of distance
and erase all the miles.

Tracing the heavens and
a silhouette appears like
a shadow of two souls
peaceful and free of fear.


I always know when I have a little to much time on my hands, because my mind explored times that have passed long ago. By the time I was in fifth grade I had been in as many schools as houses. Sometimes we moved twice in one year and other times we might have made at least one year. It bothered me that I can remember the outside of the houses I lived in until the age of nine, but I never seem to be able to open the door and visualize the inside of each house.
I do remember that at the end of the school year if we wanted to, we could take home extra books and work sheets. When I went to live with my aunt it felt like I was a single child. I can remember wanting to be a teacher and I would make an imaginary class room where I would pass out papers and pretend to correct them.
Incredible how the mind can protect our heart and soul in various ways. Sometimes it just blocks out what we don't want to remember or see. Every now and than some thing will spark a memory and it is like opening a little door ways to the past. I guess you could say it is like flash backs and I find them to be disruptive in my everyday life.
It is my aging mothers dependency on me that reminded me that I lived not part of my life but all of my life in fear. Images surfaced that I would rather not remember. It is an awful feeling of entrapment.
I feel as if I write it down that it will be like a moment in the wind and disperse the negative and allow myself to replace it with positive thoughts. Here is to meeting you on the clouds in a castle for two.

Erase the fear,
no sadness allowed
for I am with my love
in the clouds above.

This castle built for two,
has everything we need
trust, faith and happiness
with each day like that
of spring.

Your arms to hold me and
your heart beat next to mine,
the pleasure of your company
is the gift given to us by time.

Precious each moment,
new memories to replace the old
and the smile we share together
is worth a thousand times that of

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