Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I spoke to my heart and I asked "what do you feel?" and at first the heart quivered and for a mere second it stood still and than it just whispered " sweet love, I feel, a tease like a rain drop cool on the skin causes a shiver and wakes from within" Amazed by the response I smiled and I giggled and the memories flowed and inside and out I started to wiggle. Love is empowering and fills  a tremendous need. pure, untainted and absent of greed. Again I questioned in an obvious plea " heart tell me what did you see?"" The heart  paused for a moment or two and suddenly chanted" I saw the love, the love that lives in you" Some sit in judgement rules are made and it feels like a caretaker digging a grave. One last question came to mind, I blurted out loudly as if temporarily insane " tell me heart, let me know, who wrote the script and which way to go?" The heart beat quickly giving my soul a test and quickly responded with " surely you jest?" " The journey is a script from the heavens above and the road is paved strictly of love. There are bridges and valleys, rivers and seas but the path of love can bring down the largest of trees. No barriers of brick, no mountains high as the path you follow comes from inside. " I pondered as I gazed through the window of life at a journey that was not always easy and right. Choices were made and choices I followed and some led me out of the depths of the hollow. Solemn I felt the shadows of fear that kept me from listening with both of my ears. The morning is nearing, goodbye night sky, I am ready and waiting for that first glimpse of sun light. With love in my heart and the path through the hollow,  I will count my blessing as my soul I follow.

Love is so wonderful and beautiful as can be,
like a warm summer breeze that reached on
out to me.

I  celebrate the moment you first said hello to me,
took  my hand and held it and redid all my dreams.

Sent to me your love  in a  gift for all eternity, with
a ribbon red upon your  heart  filled  with memories.

I  celebrate the moment you first said hello to me,
took  my hand and held it and redid all my dreams.

Triggered the smiles from deep down inside and
added the passion that set my soul on fire..

Sincerely The Moonglows

Monday, November 28, 2011

Barefoot in the Snow

To dance in your arms,
and feel your heart beat,
to the song of love that
you sing to me.

To whisper of love on
the clouds high and embrace
your love in the blue of the

Barefoot in the snow, 
dancing on the clouds,
snowflakes on my tongue,
love within my heart and
the dreams of the soul. 

It is because I knew what I didn't have, 
that I now know what I do have. 
When despair is heavy and drapes the eve,
I think of your love and I am showered by spring. 

Love is unselfish...

I ask for no more than you my love can give,
for I have all that is needed for in my heart you live. 

Unlock my heart that I may feel
the sweet touch of love to my
soul  leaves a  brazen chill.

Open my eyes so that I'll see,
the visions of love when you
are side by side close to me.
As the flames reach beyond their realm of existence,
I feel your love touch my heart and embrace my spirit. 

When hearts are pure and passion flows free,
the souls are unleashed by love to 
soar through all our dreams. 

Page by page recorded the steps we take 
through life, some are filled with heartache
and have not been very nice. But love is 
so endearing and wonderful indeed and 
as we travel further we have only to believe. 


Your presence is felt like the wind to my cheek...
I placed my faith in the Lord above,
I knew he guide me safe and like the
waves that reach the shore your love
in my heart can be traced.

The Lord said " no more sorrow, no
fear shall you face, for you have met
with the earthly angels and they will
bargain with the hands of fate."

Tears welled up behind my eyes and
I thought just one would fall, until I
heard the words of love from the
mountains call.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Review

My eldest son held thanksgiving dinner this year and though I tried to help him in the kitchen, I laughed as he scrambled about trying to make sure everything was warm at the same time. I looked on at my adult children who had all come together in a family celebration. It was some feat from the little boys who fussed with the potatoes in the kitchen, slid on the baking flour and ran around in their Batman and Robin P J's singing to a broom as a microphone .   The flash of memories reminded me of all that I had to be grateful for, but it was the steaming hot gravy that brought to mind my grandmother. I never realized just how important she was in my life. My grandfather had passed away long before I was born and my grandmother was a very strong individual. She always did her best to make a holiday and though it was a standing joke that the gravy was the only thing hot, it was amazing that she did so much alone. Once each school year we would go to where grandma worked and there I think is where she had the most impact on me. I saw her beauty, her smile, the sparkle in her eye, strength, wisdom and the love in her. She played a big part in my life, she taught me courage, the will to do and believe and balance and  that hard work rewards us with the proper time to relax. She loved to dress up, she loved the shimmer and sparkle and she loved life. As the day came quickly to and end, I had to give thanks that through such a young life of turmoil that I had such a person to look up to. 

I am grateful for all the experiences, 
past and present. 

Nothing is more wonderful than reaching out 
for your hand and feeling you reaching back. 
...they must be tears of happiness....I love you. 


...wipes a tear and smiles, thinks of you!

Holiday movies and silly songs, 
wishes and dreams of where I belong. 
Snowflakes in a winter storm on
the stage of life they miraculously 

Love brings me close to you and there 
is nothing we can't do. We'll take all
forms of time and create a concerto
 out of a love chime. 


The words all mingled together and I knew 
not what they meant, except for the words
of love which appeared to be heaven sent.
They cast you in my dreams and placed 
you in my heart and gave light to the dark.

Scattered here to where you are and 
placed together ignited a spark. The
power of my dreams is placing you
in my arms for all eternity. 

My soul enlightened and the heaviness gone, 
for I  now know exactly where I do belong.
Stars in the heavens twinkling bright, the
glow shining down in a wonderful sight. 

The angels are singing our sing, the 
song of love and how time did us wrong. 
Stand still when I am near you and close
to your heart, don't let another moment 
keep us apart. 

Holiday dreams and I am with you, 
simple magic where dreams come

No promises needed for you have
my heart and that is the reason
we will never part. 

It is not about the holiday lights,
but the colored ones will do, as
I decorate for Christmas with
colors from red to green and blue.

Twinkle of magic and a dusting from
a far sprinkled love gently over our
hearts. Sweet kisses warm so
tenderly share the spirit of love
that took a hold of me..

Flattened a mountain and bridged the
mighty sea, placed you in my arms
where you were always meant to be.
Dance my love, dance with me, for
we are forever, like forever should be.

my dreams of you.

Christmas dreams and I am with you,

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pure and Calm

Sow thoughts of love and grow pureness in thought. 

Colors like a rainbow bring 
to life the magic of the soul. 


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blue Sky Blue

I blew away the darkness,
I shook away despair,
I opened up my heart 
and I found you
waiting there.

I felt your touch it 
warmed my soul,
magically took
center stage and
there your love 

Far, far away beyond the mind , 
I ran for your embrace and your
love is what I found.

I belong to you and you belong to 
me, cliche as it may sound we 
unlocked eternity. 

The words I write ,
a story  tell of a love
sick woman  under a spell. 
She laughed and danced with 
glee from heaven to the earth
and across the sea.

Wonderful the mystery ,
open or closed the eyes see,
the beauty of love , the soul 
soaring above. Opening 
the heart to see that love 
is is like a warn day in 

The words I write ,
a story  tell of a love
sick woman  under a spell. 
She laughed and danced with 
glee from heaven to the earth
and across the sea.

Warm memories and energy, 
 a bright touch to the heart at night,
Smiles, smiles under the moon,
as a fragile heart begins to bloom.

The words I write ,
a story  tell of a love
sick woman  under a spell. 
She laughed and danced with 
glee from heaven to the earth
and across the sea.

Always in my heart,
forever entwined in my soul,
infused with happiness and dancing upon the clouds.

Your love makes me smile... as it warms my heart and tickles my soul.

Stars shining bright  fill the heavens with
a magical sight, twinkle, yes, twinkle yes
 I love him so , twinkle bright so he
will know.

Stars shining bright, fill the heavens with
a magical sight,twinkle yes, twinkle yes,
I love him so , twinkle bright so he
will know.

As far as the mountains would have it and 
as close as your love in my heart. 

Singing oh! yes I'm singing,
singing of my love for you.

I'd just wanna tell you, I  just want
you to know, how much I really love
you and  need you so.

Singing, oh! yes I'm singing,
singing my way to your arms.
If I were gonna make a rainbow,
I'd make it just for you, give it
all kinds of color, like the red
of a rose, the blue of the sky,
and the sparkle from my eyes,
on a bridge from me to you.

If I were gonna make a rainbow,
I'd make it just for you, add
all my love and kisses and hugs
and stretch it  across the
heavens big blue, directly
from me to you.

The Window of Life

The weather is unseasonably warm and grateful as I am, I know it is a short lived moment. I spent little time doing anything of importance and mostly relaxed from a very hectic weekend. I was listening to music  while driving down the road and a song came on that kind of took me back in time. I rarely go that far back in time, but it felt like like a sixty second flip book, While the pages of life flashed before me, I went from a small child, to a young woman to the present. I tried to hold back the tears but they just flowed as I tried to reason with the memories. What is the meaning of our journey and are we really responsible for all that happens? I think up to a point we are responsible but a good bit is out of our hands. Kind of reminds of the statement, that "we all have our heaven and hell." Part of me feels like that child of so many years ago and I find an uneasiness with the passing of time. Reluctantly I have said good by to family members , a sister, brother, father and close friends and wonder what the future holds.

Whispers to my soul,
from days of long ago,
reminders of a lifetime,
storms of summer and
a winter snow.

Stories unfolding,
and still I do not know
 the meaning of this
 journey and where
it will go.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Play a little music,
sing a little song,
dance all night,
compassionately  in
your arms.

Live the moment,
let love on in,
as we celebrate,
the happiness from

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Without You

It is not a dark and gloomy November day,
for I feel your love bright and your heart
warm touch my very soul. 


Priceless treasures are with us
 from the moment we open our eyes. 


I would rather write the words of love for all eternity
than scatters words of heartache so that sorrow may breed. 

Sings> I don't need a mountain to shout
from heavens high, my heart does the
whispering of the love that lives for
all time.

I don't need a story to tell you how
much I care, the words indelible are
written like magic through the air.

I don't need a song to sing of our love,
my souls plays upon the heart the music
of our ever lasting love.

I don't need a dream to cast you in my arms,
you have been there from day one safe with
in my heart.

I don't need  a ship to sail my love to you,
I placed it on a cloud and I sent my love
to you.

I don't need reminders like blue birds in
the sky, the sunrise in the morning, I have
the look in your eyes.

I don't need a memory of yesterday, all
I ever wanted is your love to never fade

I don't need rainbows arched across the
sky, all I truly need is  sweetness of
your lips to mine.

I don't need strangers to acknowledge
how I feel, as long as you know it
all is right with the world.

I don't need to write a poem a day,
but as long as my hands are willing ,
my heart will write forever and a day.

I don't need anything but you, for you
my love are the meaning of the sky

Happiness is an incredible emotion
 gifted to anyone willing to accept. 

Smile and be happy,
no clouds of gray,
I am there with you.
throughout the day.

Smile and be happy,
grateful am I , for
the magic of life,that
put you by my side.

Smile and be happy,
this moment is true,
from the moment you
whispered I love you.

Smile and be happy,
pull that joy from inside
like the stars in the heavens,
our love will shine bright.


There is no sunshine in the morning,
no nightly stars shining bright,
no laughter without you,
no love without you in my life.

There is no music in the air,
no doves above the mountains high,
no signs of love until I look
into your heart and gaze into your eyes.

Without you the skies loses their
brilliant blue, the clouds drift away
and all that remains is the darkness
that distance creates.

Sings>Without you,
 there is no love,
 no joy in my heart,
only sadness and loneliness
from that which keeps you
a far.

Without you,
there is no dreams
no dance on the clouds,
no arms to catch me,
when I am falling down.

Without you,
there is no meaning,
to the moment in the day,
no reasoning that we should
be separated by clouds of

Without out you,
I am lonely, sad and blue,
wishing on the stars
for my dreams to come

The absence of your love creates a
 void that cannot be filled. 


Feeling Red

With love you have the world at your fingertips...

I always thought red was a difficult color to pull off. I think it is a bold expression of ones personality. Today I am feeling red. Whether this little bit of an obnoxious attitude is a good thing or not is to be seen. 

Brave and gutsy,
strong and bold,
feeling red, like 
days of old. 

Beyond the tears,
no more sorrow,
happiness awaits
our tomorrows. 

The more things in life we are involved with, 
the more complicated it becomes. 

Sometimes nothing is more...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Comfortably in your arms.

Gazed unto the bluest sky that I had ever seen,
strolled the shores of life waiting on a dream.
The wind blew like a storm on a winter day,
a roar that to my soul shouted out your name.

Gazed unto the bluest sky that I had ever seen,
strolled the shores of life waiting on a dream.
The heavens bowed gracefully as they cast
you in my path, showers of love in which
I take a bath.

Gazed unto the bluest sky that I had ever seen,
strolled the shores of life waiting on a dream.
Silence controlled the night until my heart soared free,
and there above the clouds you can hear it sing.

Gazed unto the bluest sky that I had ever seen,
strolled the shores of life waiting on a dream.
Rumbling and roaring, I ran into your arms,
felt life dissipate as I felt free from harm.

Gazed unto the bluest sky that I had ever seen,
strolled the shores of life waiting on a dream.
Grateful am I to explore a day, while on a
journey to where love makes a grand display.

Gazed unto the bluest sky that I had ever seen,
strolled the shores of life waiting on a dream.
Sand between my toes and waves that rush to
shore and somewhere in the equation our love
was born.

Gazed unto the bluest sky that I had ever seen,
strolled the shores of life waiting on a dream.
Felt your hand reach for mine and frozen I
stood still and yet my heart was racing as
your love was willed.

Gazed unto the bluest sky that I had ever seen,
strolled the shores of life waiting on a dream.
Laid down next to you , to feel your heart beat
and their I document our love for eternity.

Gazed unto the bluest sky that I had ever seen,
strolled the shores of life waiting on a dream.
I felt the moment, I felt your love, holding me
close as you whispering undying words of love.

Gazed unto the bluest sky that I had ever seen,
strolled the shores of life waiting on a dream.

Sings> Like the wind that blows from afar,
           may my love reach out to your heart.
           Counting the moonbeams, dancing
           on the stars in our dreams, holding
          you in my arms for all eternity.

          Like the wind that blows from afar,
           may my love reach out to your heart.
          Hold me  lose to you and don't let go,
          I'll see us through the winter snow.

When I need your lovin and to feel your warm embrace,
I close my eyes darling and we are standing face to face.
Pull me close as two hearts can be with the merging of souls
begins a new dream.

When I need your lovin and to feel your warm embrace,
I close my eyes darling and we are standing face to face.
Somethings are of an everlasting desire, a magic of life
that truly does inspire.
Dead end roadways no where to go,
running around in circles like a rabbit
on the go.

Stumbles and occasionally falls, but this
is where you reached on out and I
felt your love flow.

I feel the most sense of peace when your love finds it place within my heart....I love you.


It is a Need...I need you!

O, I hold close sweet love, 
  and in my heart it lives, 
the joy of happiness, that
  only true love gives. 

Frazzled until the wings of your love lifted me in flight 
there upon the clouds ...we dance. 

I have met many a soul, 
a few were worth the meeting, 
but one is extra special and the
memory worth repeating. 


It is not until you listen to the whispers of the soul, 
that you understand the magic of loves hold. 
Right now, at this very moment, 
I close my eyes, open my heart and 
embrace with my soul....your love. 

It was in the absence of love 
that I saw the truth of yesterdays revelation. 

It is not of want nor need
that I reach for you, naturally
it is of true love that I know
what I need to do.

To feel the embrace of your
sweet love, day and night
and wake each morning
with your love the guiding light.

My eyes do not fail me they
see what others don't, what
my heart reveals to me in the
shadows of the dark.

Overcome by emotions,
my heart I give to you,
smiles and dreams and
days of love await the
merging of sweet love
from me to you.

To brighten your day,
when skies are no longer
blue and give to you my
kisses to see you through.

If you can hear me, listen well
and my heart will speak to you,
no tales or stories or poems of
love, only my sincere love for

If you can feel me, embrace my
touch, my soul reaches out to you,
let it warm you inside and out as
as I send my love to you.


I said "no tears, no tear shall fall,
no sorrow or heartache" and yet
the memories still haunt to this
very day.

I said" no fear, no fear will there be,
and yet the days of turmoil continue
to follow me.

Cemetery of the Alleghenies

It has been said that " war is hell". Long after troops are with drawn and a war is declared over, the hell lives on in the minds of our returning soldiers and their families. On Veterans day we give tribute to those who paid the ultimate price for freedom and that is with their lives. Yet many times the horror that remains within those who actively served during war time is overlooked. War does not end simply by saying so, it haunts the living and those who never truly understand the evil that puts a nation on the defense. I am reminded by a simple statement made by a child " we are simply educated animals ." It is mind boggling when I think of how far we have come and not. That evil survives through hate, greed and ignorance and that we can replace an organ and create artificial knee's and hips yet we can't begin to work together as one unit in the name of Peace.
I am amazed when I look back on childhood and think how much a ten year old thinks about. I remember wanting to find a cure for mental health issues. To this day the brain is still a guarded secret, as much as we have learned about  DNA and the chemicals that control it , much is still unknown. What triggers flash backs? Sometimes a word, a memory or  a thought. Why is it that some humans have difficulty of letting go of the negative? Many times it is those whose heart or emotions conflict with the minds thought. I hope that people begin to see not only the physical wounds that are contributed by war, but the mental wounds that for some may never heal.

The Cost of Freedom

It is true that many died,
so that we may live in peace.
Battles won and battles lost,
and days laced with defeat.

Some look at the cost as
a monetary loss, but life is
so darn precious each soul
to our hearts embossed.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Iconic and Epic and Going Viral

Talk about pet peeves. One that I find to be an extreme irritant is the overuse of words. I think I am going to puke if  I hear Icon. Iconic, Epic and oh yeah ! going viral, overused one more time. An epic storm is coming across the Pacific, he or she is and icon, your product needs an iconic appeal and this video has gone viral. Does it ever occur to anyone that the media which people look up to are just not to bright? Can they not find another word to identify , relate or express with. There are a few other words and terms that drive me crazy but these are surely at the top of my list. We hear how Americans ruin the English language and I am beginning to agree with them.  The urban dictionary is becoming more popular as the internet has created a a new vocabulary not necessarily seen in the old english dictionary. Watching the nightly news and hearing the newscasters mispronounce Target and J.C Penny's as if they were words written in French, is like chalk scratching the chalkboard. Is this a part of the limitations set by industry upon the community? What does this have to do with prose? Prose is a quick glimpse at a moment in time. Though life brings with it similarities it also brings with it differences.
If ever I should repeat a day, may it be within your arms, tasting the sweetness of your lips and enjoying your sweet charm. If ever I should overuse one particular set of words, let it be " I love you from the bottom of my heart." If I should duplicate a single dream, it would be to wake and see your smile, to feel the warmth of your love and bridge each and every mile. If I were to live my life again and start at seventeen, I'd hold your hand from day one and your heart for all eternity. If I were to reiterate the words whispered from my soul, I start with unraveling the love that from my heart unfolds.
Classic is the common
in which people relate,
but "I love you" is
symbolic written by
the hands of fate.

The marathon of emotion,
impressive indeed,
cast out from the heavens,
delivered within our dreams.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


One day a month or so ago my children were arguing over who gets the china when I am long gone from this earth. At first I couldn't believe what I heard so I thought I would start a collection of six sets of china so that they each would have their own collection. The responses to that made me chuckle at just what goes through people's minds. My daughter looked on and she said "what are you doing? " I instantly told her about my goal to have complete sets of china for her and each of her brothers. She said" but I don't want any china, I would only want the china that we shared memories with , shared thanksgiving, decorated for Christmas and prepared for the finest of occasions. " I told her about the antique set and the value of it." she said who would want that it is someone else's memories. " My son Nick said " what am I going to do with china, where am I going to put it under the bridge?" It was always a standing joke with him, as his favorite childhood story was the " Runaway bunny " He would try to think of places I wouldn't want to go, and he would say" I am going to live under the bridge" I laughed and said well you have a point, they might steal the china out of your grocery cart to buy beer. He quickly responded" well that is not to bad then I'll steal back the beer...I guess I'll take the china. There is some irony to a material items and how each person views it. One child looked on and said they are so pretty, another one saw memories, one could care less, the other saw money,etc. In a conversation I saw within each of my children, the heart, greed, selfishness, beauty and all the other elements that make them human.
Relieved that my recent test proved not to be breast cancer and simply benign growths, I felt a sense of peace. I had thought to myself of what it is we leave behind. The dishes are very vulnerable to time and can easily break. I had hoped that the gift I leave with them would not be something monetary, but hopefully positive memories, that not only fills the minds but also the heart.. Exhausted from all the testing and the few days of running around and accompanying my mother from her surgery, I am gathering my thoughts and relaxing a  little.
The grandest of all experiences comes from a simple touch of love. Caring, loving, embracing and the gift that time allows us all surface. It is a little warmer today and the sun is shining. I am eager to walk out side and feel the warm wind watch the remainder of leaves fall from the trees as entertain the dreams that bring you close. It is a wonderful and the sky is so blue...

I hold no hate within my heart,
no sorrow do I see, but I have
grown out of the perimeters
set to contain my love and dreams.


Till  I hold you in my arms,
till your heart beats next to mine,
I'll just keep on dreaming, even if
it takes till the ends of time.

Till the angels sing our song,
till  I wake up to you,
I'll just keep on dreaming , even if
it takes tills the ends of time.

Till the willow whispers softly,
till you hear it speak of love,
I'll just keep on dreaming , even
if takes till the ends of time

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I'll Just Light a Candle

I'll just light a candle,'
I'll just dream of you,
erase all signs of darkness,
only blue skies will shine

I'll just sing of blue birds,
I'll just dance with you,
over the hills and valleys,
where fields of flowers
 once grew.

I'll just think of love,
of holding you tight,
embracing for ever,
the joy of life.

I'll just climb the mountains,
I'll just call out to you and
when the day is over, I'll
be there loving you..

I'll just light a candle,
no suffering will there be,
I'll just make the sunshine,
in your heart is where I'll be

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Two Souls

Miles and miles between them, 
as the darkness overwhelms,
the hunger of two hearts that 
cross the barriers with morning

He longs to kiss her lips and
pleasure each moment of the
day with the warmth of his 
love in the most amazing way. 

She whispers in the darkness,
and to the heavens she pleads, 
" to feel his love when she 
awakens from her morning dream"

Troubled spirits, a turmoil 
for two, as the day brings
varied trials, where they 
know not what to do. 

He gave to her his friendship,
she returned it with a smile, 
and a longing to close the
gap of the distant time and miles. 

Several tears had fallen,
 as she questioned. "Who 
wrote the script of love
separated by the rivers, 
mountains and  the clouds

He shares with her his energy,
his gift of giving life and she
accepted it so graciously, 
morning, noon and night.  

Every story has a beginning
more than a chapter or two, 
but this story has no ending,
as it is written in the sky of blue.

She wiped away her tears, a strand
of hair she brushed from her cheek,
as she once more closed her eyes
and imagined just how wonderful
life could be. 

No one can for see where the journey
will take them and as you gaze unto
the night sky and watch the stars 
shining bright, a reflection can be 
seen, as they merge heart and soul
in flight.


Many thoughts have entered my mind over the last few days. I quickly sifted  through allowing the negative to fall through while holding on to the positive. There are many experiences that surfaced which I truly did not have the full capacity at the time to understand. As time goes on and we are bluntly provided with a road trip tip down vulnerability lane. I looked around at the reminders of a full range of of accomplishments. Some on a personal note and others in the span of a more professional level. The question of "who am I ?" came to mind. It had to do with my daughter a lovely and attractive teenager in her junior year of high school. She has her share of friends and yet faces array of jealously factors. We discussed who she is. She said "I think people don't relate, I believe they think I am a little weird. " Then to the the event this pass Saturday where she worked with me for the day. Many people coming up to her and saying " is this your daughter?, she is so lovely just like her mom" That always irritates her, she said " I look nothing like you mom!" I tried to explain to her,what people see is not always the obvious. It could be an action, a reaction, the way you smile, the way you move or the way you wear your heart on your sleeve. She in that so obvious teenage way, rolled her eyes and shook her head. Actually she is allot like me and in many ways it comes through.  From her emotions and her views of life and even in her abilities you can see the similarities of our personality. I remember discussing the same topic with my mother as she has done with me. It is not always easy to follow your heart and soul, but never the less it is rewarding. 
The trials and triumphs... I have made my share of mistakes. But I don't know being who I am if given the chance to do it over, would I have chose a different path. I feel as if I stand before the world as an unfinished puzzle. Each experience places another piece with the soul based puzzle. Do we know when the puzzle is complete ? My eyes swell as I try to hold back the tears. Many people believe you do, that you know when the journey enters a dead end road. I feel a chill, I try to shake it off. I don't whether it was from the cool air and lower temperatures or the travel down the path of experience that sent a quiver through my spine. 
I reached for my  favorite peppermint tea, it had already chilled down to room temperature. The stories all started to merge together, like a collage in disarray. At this point none of it really seemed to matter. What was more important was, what road do I take now?, what choices do I make? what can I do different? There are many people who leave an impact on you. I feel as I am trying to pull it all together and make sense of it. Who am I? as my daughter would say " I think people think I am a little bit weird." But it all circles around to that which fell through the sifter. Do I toss the negativity away? do I bury it deep inside me? or do I use it as a lesson in life to guide me to a better place?  My eyes closed as I type, I take a deep breath and slowly exhaling, clear my mind and blow away the pain of my yesterdays. Replacing the darkness with the warmth of your love quickly brought a smile to my face. I laughed to myself as I thought yes we have risen above the darkness and are on the journey forward. In my luggage, I packed the happiness we have shared, the warmth and love and the magic that dreams provide us with. It is amazing what one can do with just a small amount of willingness. My desk piled high with papers, I could barely find my framed Choo Choo picture. I think I can! I know I can! a little bit of  Blood sweat and tears as I sing> " You've made me so very happy, I am so glad you came into my life"

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Triggers Happiness

The rainbow keeps flashing before my eyes,
an arch of color from your heart to mine.
Reminders of all that love can do, in a
shower of happiness over me and you.

The retelling of a story,
strengthens the tale,
for once upon a time,
I fell beneath the spell.

On the clouds a princess,
soon to be a queen,
from the heavens propelling
to the arms of her king.

It wasn't the sun because it failed to shine nor the rage of the ocean with its midnight tide. It wasn't the blue bird as it said goodbye nor was it the stars in the blue, blue sky. Something happen that I can't explain, the darkness and the gloom began to fade.I felt like I was dancing on a ship at sea and there you were beside me. 

There is nothing anyone can do, to put out the flame that burns for you. The little bitty fire took to wind and that is where the story of love begins. My heart filled with hope, my soul overwhelmed with desire and here in the moment happiness quickly empowers. 

Snowflakes melting on my tongue,
memories sweet of your love,  as I 
dance through each day with you. 

Happiness is what I found, like 
walking hand in hand all through 
town, embracing under the blue. 

My heart is awfully happy, 
rising above the calamity, as
I share my life with you. 

Snowflakes melting on my tongue,
memories sweet of your love, as I
dance through each day with you. 

Sings>Kind actions, warm thoughts and my heart starts singing. Night skies, your eyes at my heart pinging. I don't know and I can't say but something happened special that day. Kind actions,warm thoughts and my heart started singing. Night skies, your eyes at my heart were pinging.

My heart is smiling from the dreams of you, 
as I dance on the clouds in the heavens blue.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Days of Love

Built a bridge of laughter,
that's what love can do,It
stretches from me to  you
bringing joy to the day.

Close and closer each heart,
 beat, this part is not a dream,
your heart is here with me,
in everything I say and do.

I figure that at one time or another we all have imagined a Utopia. The perfect world , free of disease, greed, pain, violence and hate. Wow! that is allot to ask for, eliminating a big part of the human DNA. In reality to have a Utopia everyone would have to be on the same page with the same thought process. There are so many ways to look at life and comprehend what it is that we are here to achieve. Take for instance the technology that I use at this moment to share in my thoughts. What are the affects on the ecological stance of creating a world dependent on technology. Is our hunger for more knowledge, our very own means to destruction? Can we safely balance nature and technology? So many questions so few answers. In many instances it is as if we remove a problem by creating another one. If life were all about working for the greater good, tt would eliminate much of the negativity in which our nation propels.
Everyone's view of a Utopia is different. Whether it is  religious, political, ecological  or simple economics the possibility of such a world is virtually impossible without altering the DNA for aggression, greed and selfishness. It's not as if going back to simpler times did not come with its own issues. Like the silly adage that "ignorance is bliss." Are we heading on the track that finds man in another galaxy or are we on the path of destruction? Even in the utmost small communities peoples thoughts and visions of life are different. That can be construed as a freedom, which would mean to create a Utopia would strips us of our freedom.The freedom to be a unique individual free with thought. 
My idea of a Utopia is rather simple, happiness throughout life and a fulfillment of the journey.  The basic need to receive and give love. To view the people and the world around us as the treasures that they are. In my heart I believe I belong to the league of explorers. For in my Utopia we travel great distances to unite in love. The roads are paved with truth, happiness is abound and we dance eternally upon the clouds.
In the shadow of my own vulnerability, I see the hopes and dreams that I have yet to experience.  Yet I rejoice, that I have touched a soul and felt the hand of love and when all is over and everything is said and done. I'll claim my place within the heavens reviewing the days of love.