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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Iconic and Epic and Going Viral

Talk about pet peeves. One that I find to be an extreme irritant is the overuse of words. I think I am going to puke if  I hear Icon. Iconic, Epic and oh yeah ! going viral, overused one more time. An epic storm is coming across the Pacific, he or she is and icon, your product needs an iconic appeal and this video has gone viral. Does it ever occur to anyone that the media which people look up to are just not to bright? Can they not find another word to identify , relate or express with. There are a few other words and terms that drive me crazy but these are surely at the top of my list. We hear how Americans ruin the English language and I am beginning to agree with them.  The urban dictionary is becoming more popular as the internet has created a a new vocabulary not necessarily seen in the old english dictionary. Watching the nightly news and hearing the newscasters mispronounce Target and J.C Penny's as if they were words written in French, is like chalk scratching the chalkboard. Is this a part of the limitations set by industry upon the community? What does this have to do with prose? Prose is a quick glimpse at a moment in time. Though life brings with it similarities it also brings with it differences.
If ever I should repeat a day, may it be within your arms, tasting the sweetness of your lips and enjoying your sweet charm. If ever I should overuse one particular set of words, let it be " I love you from the bottom of my heart." If I should duplicate a single dream, it would be to wake and see your smile, to feel the warmth of your love and bridge each and every mile. If I were to live my life again and start at seventeen, I'd hold your hand from day one and your heart for all eternity. If I were to reiterate the words whispered from my soul, I start with unraveling the love that from my heart unfolds.
Classic is the common
in which people relate,
but "I love you" is
symbolic written by
the hands of fate.

The marathon of emotion,
impressive indeed,
cast out from the heavens,
delivered within our dreams.


Tony said...

Awwww what a beautiful thought, an afternoon in the arms of someone you love.

Penny said...

I guess I must be old. When I think about something being viral, I think one would need a doctor. lol