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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The Days of Love

Built a bridge of laughter,
that's what love can do,It
stretches from me to  you
bringing joy to the day.

Close and closer each heart,
 beat, this part is not a dream,
your heart is here with me,
in everything I say and do.

I figure that at one time or another we all have imagined a Utopia. The perfect world , free of disease, greed, pain, violence and hate. Wow! that is allot to ask for, eliminating a big part of the human DNA. In reality to have a Utopia everyone would have to be on the same page with the same thought process. There are so many ways to look at life and comprehend what it is that we are here to achieve. Take for instance the technology that I use at this moment to share in my thoughts. What are the affects on the ecological stance of creating a world dependent on technology. Is our hunger for more knowledge, our very own means to destruction? Can we safely balance nature and technology? So many questions so few answers. In many instances it is as if we remove a problem by creating another one. If life were all about working for the greater good, tt would eliminate much of the negativity in which our nation propels.
Everyone's view of a Utopia is different. Whether it is  religious, political, ecological  or simple economics the possibility of such a world is virtually impossible without altering the DNA for aggression, greed and selfishness. It's not as if going back to simpler times did not come with its own issues. Like the silly adage that "ignorance is bliss." Are we heading on the track that finds man in another galaxy or are we on the path of destruction? Even in the utmost small communities peoples thoughts and visions of life are different. That can be construed as a freedom, which would mean to create a Utopia would strips us of our freedom.The freedom to be a unique individual free with thought. 
My idea of a Utopia is rather simple, happiness throughout life and a fulfillment of the journey.  The basic need to receive and give love. To view the people and the world around us as the treasures that they are. In my heart I believe I belong to the league of explorers. For in my Utopia we travel great distances to unite in love. The roads are paved with truth, happiness is abound and we dance eternally upon the clouds.
In the shadow of my own vulnerability, I see the hopes and dreams that I have yet to experience.  Yet I rejoice, that I have touched a soul and felt the hand of love and when all is over and everything is said and done. I'll claim my place within the heavens reviewing the days of love.

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