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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Window of Life

The weather is unseasonably warm and grateful as I am, I know it is a short lived moment. I spent little time doing anything of importance and mostly relaxed from a very hectic weekend. I was listening to music  while driving down the road and a song came on that kind of took me back in time. I rarely go that far back in time, but it felt like like a sixty second flip book, While the pages of life flashed before me, I went from a small child, to a young woman to the present. I tried to hold back the tears but they just flowed as I tried to reason with the memories. What is the meaning of our journey and are we really responsible for all that happens? I think up to a point we are responsible but a good bit is out of our hands. Kind of reminds of the statement, that "we all have our heaven and hell." Part of me feels like that child of so many years ago and I find an uneasiness with the passing of time. Reluctantly I have said good by to family members , a sister, brother, father and close friends and wonder what the future holds.

Whispers to my soul,
from days of long ago,
reminders of a lifetime,
storms of summer and
a winter snow.

Stories unfolding,
and still I do not know
 the meaning of this
 journey and where
it will go.

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