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Pictorial Prose
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

It is a Need...I need you!

O, I hold close sweet love, 
  and in my heart it lives, 
the joy of happiness, that
  only true love gives. 

Frazzled until the wings of your love lifted me in flight 
there upon the clouds ...we dance. 

I have met many a soul, 
a few were worth the meeting, 
but one is extra special and the
memory worth repeating. 


It is not until you listen to the whispers of the soul, 
that you understand the magic of loves hold. 
Right now, at this very moment, 
I close my eyes, open my heart and 
embrace with my soul....your love. 

It was in the absence of love 
that I saw the truth of yesterdays revelation. 

It is not of want nor need
that I reach for you, naturally
it is of true love that I know
what I need to do.

To feel the embrace of your
sweet love, day and night
and wake each morning
with your love the guiding light.

My eyes do not fail me they
see what others don't, what
my heart reveals to me in the
shadows of the dark.

Overcome by emotions,
my heart I give to you,
smiles and dreams and
days of love await the
merging of sweet love
from me to you.

To brighten your day,
when skies are no longer
blue and give to you my
kisses to see you through.

If you can hear me, listen well
and my heart will speak to you,
no tales or stories or poems of
love, only my sincere love for

If you can feel me, embrace my
touch, my soul reaches out to you,
let it warm you inside and out as
as I send my love to you.


I said "no tears, no tear shall fall,
no sorrow or heartache" and yet
the memories still haunt to this
very day.

I said" no fear, no fear will there be,
and yet the days of turmoil continue
to follow me.

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