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Pictorial Prose
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Wednesday, November 09, 2011


One day a month or so ago my children were arguing over who gets the china when I am long gone from this earth. At first I couldn't believe what I heard so I thought I would start a collection of six sets of china so that they each would have their own collection. The responses to that made me chuckle at just what goes through people's minds. My daughter looked on and she said "what are you doing? " I instantly told her about my goal to have complete sets of china for her and each of her brothers. She said" but I don't want any china, I would only want the china that we shared memories with , shared thanksgiving, decorated for Christmas and prepared for the finest of occasions. " I told her about the antique set and the value of it." she said who would want that it is someone else's memories. " My son Nick said " what am I going to do with china, where am I going to put it under the bridge?" It was always a standing joke with him, as his favorite childhood story was the " Runaway bunny " He would try to think of places I wouldn't want to go, and he would say" I am going to live under the bridge" I laughed and said well you have a point, they might steal the china out of your grocery cart to buy beer. He quickly responded" well that is not to bad then I'll steal back the beer...I guess I'll take the china. There is some irony to a material items and how each person views it. One child looked on and said they are so pretty, another one saw memories, one could care less, the other saw money,etc. In a conversation I saw within each of my children, the heart, greed, selfishness, beauty and all the other elements that make them human.
Relieved that my recent test proved not to be breast cancer and simply benign growths, I felt a sense of peace. I had thought to myself of what it is we leave behind. The dishes are very vulnerable to time and can easily break. I had hoped that the gift I leave with them would not be something monetary, but hopefully positive memories, that not only fills the minds but also the heart.. Exhausted from all the testing and the few days of running around and accompanying my mother from her surgery, I am gathering my thoughts and relaxing a  little.
The grandest of all experiences comes from a simple touch of love. Caring, loving, embracing and the gift that time allows us all surface. It is a little warmer today and the sun is shining. I am eager to walk out side and feel the warm wind watch the remainder of leaves fall from the trees as entertain the dreams that bring you close. It is a wonderful and the sky is so blue...

I hold no hate within my heart,
no sorrow do I see, but I have
grown out of the perimeters
set to contain my love and dreams.


Till  I hold you in my arms,
till your heart beats next to mine,
I'll just keep on dreaming, even if
it takes till the ends of time.

Till the angels sing our song,
till  I wake up to you,
I'll just keep on dreaming , even if
it takes tills the ends of time.

Till the willow whispers softly,
till you hear it speak of love,
I'll just keep on dreaming , even
if takes till the ends of time

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