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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Review

My eldest son held thanksgiving dinner this year and though I tried to help him in the kitchen, I laughed as he scrambled about trying to make sure everything was warm at the same time. I looked on at my adult children who had all come together in a family celebration. It was some feat from the little boys who fussed with the potatoes in the kitchen, slid on the baking flour and ran around in their Batman and Robin P J's singing to a broom as a microphone .   The flash of memories reminded me of all that I had to be grateful for, but it was the steaming hot gravy that brought to mind my grandmother. I never realized just how important she was in my life. My grandfather had passed away long before I was born and my grandmother was a very strong individual. She always did her best to make a holiday and though it was a standing joke that the gravy was the only thing hot, it was amazing that she did so much alone. Once each school year we would go to where grandma worked and there I think is where she had the most impact on me. I saw her beauty, her smile, the sparkle in her eye, strength, wisdom and the love in her. She played a big part in my life, she taught me courage, the will to do and believe and balance and  that hard work rewards us with the proper time to relax. She loved to dress up, she loved the shimmer and sparkle and she loved life. As the day came quickly to and end, I had to give thanks that through such a young life of turmoil that I had such a person to look up to. 

I am grateful for all the experiences, 
past and present. 

Nothing is more wonderful than reaching out 
for your hand and feeling you reaching back. 
...they must be tears of happiness....I love you. 


...wipes a tear and smiles, thinks of you!

Holiday movies and silly songs, 
wishes and dreams of where I belong. 
Snowflakes in a winter storm on
the stage of life they miraculously 

Love brings me close to you and there 
is nothing we can't do. We'll take all
forms of time and create a concerto
 out of a love chime. 


The words all mingled together and I knew 
not what they meant, except for the words
of love which appeared to be heaven sent.
They cast you in my dreams and placed 
you in my heart and gave light to the dark.

Scattered here to where you are and 
placed together ignited a spark. The
power of my dreams is placing you
in my arms for all eternity. 

My soul enlightened and the heaviness gone, 
for I  now know exactly where I do belong.
Stars in the heavens twinkling bright, the
glow shining down in a wonderful sight. 

The angels are singing our sing, the 
song of love and how time did us wrong. 
Stand still when I am near you and close
to your heart, don't let another moment 
keep us apart. 

Holiday dreams and I am with you, 
simple magic where dreams come

No promises needed for you have
my heart and that is the reason
we will never part. 

It is not about the holiday lights,
but the colored ones will do, as
I decorate for Christmas with
colors from red to green and blue.

Twinkle of magic and a dusting from
a far sprinkled love gently over our
hearts. Sweet kisses warm so
tenderly share the spirit of love
that took a hold of me..

Flattened a mountain and bridged the
mighty sea, placed you in my arms
where you were always meant to be.
Dance my love, dance with me, for
we are forever, like forever should be.

my dreams of you.

Christmas dreams and I am with you,

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