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Pictorial Prose
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Monday, November 28, 2011

I ask for no more than you my love can give,
for I have all that is needed for in my heart you live. 

Unlock my heart that I may feel
the sweet touch of love to my
soul  leaves a  brazen chill.

Open my eyes so that I'll see,
the visions of love when you
are side by side close to me.
As the flames reach beyond their realm of existence,
I feel your love touch my heart and embrace my spirit. 

When hearts are pure and passion flows free,
the souls are unleashed by love to 
soar through all our dreams. 

Page by page recorded the steps we take 
through life, some are filled with heartache
and have not been very nice. But love is 
so endearing and wonderful indeed and 
as we travel further we have only to believe. 


Your presence is felt like the wind to my cheek...
I placed my faith in the Lord above,
I knew he guide me safe and like the
waves that reach the shore your love
in my heart can be traced.

The Lord said " no more sorrow, no
fear shall you face, for you have met
with the earthly angels and they will
bargain with the hands of fate."

Tears welled up behind my eyes and
I thought just one would fall, until I
heard the words of love from the
mountains call.


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