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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Triggers Happiness

The rainbow keeps flashing before my eyes,
an arch of color from your heart to mine.
Reminders of all that love can do, in a
shower of happiness over me and you.

The retelling of a story,
strengthens the tale,
for once upon a time,
I fell beneath the spell.

On the clouds a princess,
soon to be a queen,
from the heavens propelling
to the arms of her king.

It wasn't the sun because it failed to shine nor the rage of the ocean with its midnight tide. It wasn't the blue bird as it said goodbye nor was it the stars in the blue, blue sky. Something happen that I can't explain, the darkness and the gloom began to fade.I felt like I was dancing on a ship at sea and there you were beside me. 

There is nothing anyone can do, to put out the flame that burns for you. The little bitty fire took to wind and that is where the story of love begins. My heart filled with hope, my soul overwhelmed with desire and here in the moment happiness quickly empowers. 

Snowflakes melting on my tongue,
memories sweet of your love,  as I 
dance through each day with you. 

Happiness is what I found, like 
walking hand in hand all through 
town, embracing under the blue. 

My heart is awfully happy, 
rising above the calamity, as
I share my life with you. 

Snowflakes melting on my tongue,
memories sweet of your love, as I
dance through each day with you. 

Sings>Kind actions, warm thoughts and my heart starts singing. Night skies, your eyes at my heart pinging. I don't know and I can't say but something happened special that day. Kind actions,warm thoughts and my heart started singing. Night skies, your eyes at my heart were pinging.

My heart is smiling from the dreams of you, 
as I dance on the clouds in the heavens blue.

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