Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Friday, March 30, 2012

Love Letter

Our rocks, our mountain, our blue sky,
our dreams, our love...our friendship.

Sometimes the tears that are shed are not of sadness...

All I know is that I reached for a hand
and I found a heart.
As I watched my daughter anxiously mail a love letter, I couldn't help but think of the magic that transpires through words.

My Dearest Love,
          I start my day each morning with dreamy thoughts of you and I wonder when you wake up if you're thinking of me too. I count the many blessing, from the moment we were directed on this path and from that very first moment we shared in a laugh. Grateful am I for all that love can do, it saw us through the gray skies and it led us to the blue.
    You are with me each and every moment for I carry you in my heart, as you are truly my sunshine even when the night is dark. I tried to count the gems of this treasure that we share, but unlimited is the gifts of friendship that have proven how much one can care.
     Reaching and reaching and wanting to pull you near, to feel each beat of your heart and remove all traces of fear.  Uncontrollable the tears begin to fall as I hunger for your love and beg to have it all. I lay here in the darkness and gaze into the night and wonder if you see the stars overhead shining bright? My heaven is your heaven, the stars belong to you and I and I hope that you understand that they interlock your heart to mine. They bridge the distance made by the rivers and the sea and bring you ever close as close as my every dream.
   Time is so limited and quickly does it pass as I have begun to review the day of my misguided past. I acknowledged the journey, the path that led to you and I and wondered why there need be heartache instead of only skies of blue. Was this all a lesson so that we could identify the magic of true love and the power of the mind ?  I reckon it was necessary for all to see that the greatest love is not just founded out of need. I embrace your love and I returned it with my own, in the bonding of heart and soul where it was first seeded and now grows.
So my darling as the stars now rule the night I close my eyes and give to the dreams  sweet life. My tongue explores the softness of  my lips as I  imagine the touch as I share with you a kiss. My pillow so inviting , my heart is opened wide and as I reach into the darkness and I pull you to my side. This night is special it belongs to you and I as there is no distance that can divide what we hold inside.



In the Middle of a Daydream

Sweet kiss good morning,
and a embrace good  night,
a dream waiting to happen,
with the love of my life.

Even with extinction there is a beginning, revealing what we view as an end is only a perpetual time altered  experience. What we see as change is ultimately an extension of our being...lest we forget.

From childhood on I could be caught daydreaming. From being disciplined at school for gazing out the window, to laying across the bed thinking about far off places. I had a real ability to separate myself from my surroundings. Imagining places magical and filled with and aurora of peace. Today feels not much different than the time from long ago, when a little girl escaped much like " Alice in Wonderland" into a real of fantasia. I thought I'd share the moment, hold my hand and follow me.
In a cabin, in the woods where the trees are all green and through the window a river is all you'll see. Sweet song birds dressed in a royal blue, sing the songs of love for me and you.The evening is cool and the fire is a blaze and I am in your arms , in a silly ole daze. Feeling your heart next to mine as they beat in unison time after time.
The silence is broken as a whisper you'll hear, when I tell you  that I love you my dear. The stars shine bright in the sky, heavens story of you and I.
Breathe deeply,
 hold me close ,
 whisper I love you
and I'll whisper back
under heavens blue.

Feel the warmth,
treasure it so,
its the love we share
as our friendships

There is something special
it is wonderful indeed,
a friendship of love from
two hearts in need.

They took to the mountains,
they crossed the seas
and they held each other,
fulfilling each others needs.

There is something special,
it is wonderful indeed,
a friendship of love from
two hearts in need.

To know what love is ,
is to know what love is not.

Reaches out and pulls you close
and kisses you goodnight.

In the middle of a daydream,
in the middle of a song,
in the middle of the dance,
loving in your arms.

In the middle of the night,
in the middle of the day,
in the middle of my life,
I am in your heart to stay.

In the middle of the moment,
in the middle of each breath,
in the middle of loving,
your head upon my chest.

In the middle of a daydream,
in the middle of a song,
in the middle of the dance,
loving in your arms.
So close our bodies dance as one,
hot and hotter than the hottest sun,
dreaming you next to me, imagining
how life was meant to be......

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life is Like Colors

From your lips the colors
a  beautiful rainbow make,
a flame of red and a softness
like baby powder pink.

With each passing moment,
 the colors bright and bold, from
the golden glimpse of sunshine
 that I feel with your hold.

I have been there on a gray day,
with storms of varied browns and
 black,but it only last a minute,
 till the blue skies are back. 

Life is like colors,  first there is
green at birth and changes with 
the seasons as we document 
our time on earth. 

I have seen sunshine yellow
and the purple that passion drew,
sketched in the heavens is
the angel white for you.

Every where I go there is 
a glimpse of you, just look
at the sky and see that 
indigo blue

In my heart is where all the
 colors remain, the purple of 
passion and the red of love 
now stained. 

The days are quickly passing 
but the colors  in every hue
are here as a reminder of 
all that love can do. 

To the top of the mountain,
beyond the clouds in the sky,
with the stars shining bright 
like the dreams through 
your eyes. 

The day where it all came true, 
from the moment you said hello 
and I hello'd back to you.

To the top of the mountain, 
beyond the clouds in the sky,
with the stars shining bright
like the dreams through 
your eyes.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In Your Arms

I was so close,
I felt you near,
I closed my eyes
and the night we

I was in your arms,
till I awoke and from
the dream my heart
had spoke.

It spoke of contentment,
happiness and desire and
and from the soul it
caused a blazing fire.

The flames were hot,
the passion real and
from that moment
I let down the shield.

I laid close,
I was in your arms,
and for that time ,
we were far from harm.

Now awake and you disappeared,
and down my face rolled  tears,
and as I wiped each one away,
I thought of all we share.

Monday, March 26, 2012

No Flowers When I Am Gone

I glanced once more out at the first of the spring garden flowers. There was an array of color from the purple hyacinth, the mixed white and yellow crocus and of course the varied yellow and white narcissus. The soft and sweet fragrance wafts through the air as an invitation to review days long gone.
My father came to mind as he use to say" no flowers when I am gone" I thought about life and how we go about each day doing the very same things as the day before. Set in our ways life becomes so routine, almost as if we exist rather than live. I thought about what actually was necessary and how to approach living out our life. That answer really wasn't as easy as one might think, because for each of us that answer is very different. The biggest mistake we can make in life is to believe that everyone should think, react and live out their life as we do. Perhaps that is because we define our life and everything in it based on our teachings both social and moral.
I chose to write about love for personal reasons and though it is not always easy, I believe living out our love is our intended purpose.  Most would think that means falling in love, family in friends. The love I am thinking of is the love of life, not just the love of humanity. To explore the world and see through the window of the heart the magic of this energy in which we call life. From the most simple experiences like the smell of a lilac to the wind against your cheek
 People wake up dreading Monday, wishing away time, worrying about finances and just really wasting the limited energy that we call life. It is not easy at times to live in love, as we are surrounded by the negative. We read the darkness in the news, sometimes live with it and find that the negativity really can be overwhelming.
So today I want to live " no flowers when I am gone." I woke up this morning and sensed your love, a smile upon my face and I reached to the heavens and I rejoiced. The flowers are blooming the fragrance sweet, my eyes closed and I prepare to dream.
Let the love reach across the heavens blue, touch your heart and my warmth in you infuse. Feel the energy take you by the hand and dance like lovers with their feet sinking deep in the sand. Remember all the  joy a day can bring and know that it is beautiful if you allow your heart the gift of song.

Take my hand,
oh! my heart is yours,
barefoot in summer,
feet in the sand. 

Savor each moment,
and never let it go,
just remember this
darling, I love you so. 

Enjoy the sweetness,
I am sending a kiss, 
packed with my love,
to land on your lips. 

Wake in the morning,
know that I am there,
right beside you and
forever my dear. 

Watch the sunrise, 
and watch it set, 
rename the stars, 
a kiss to the breast. 


 There are moments when I can feel your love....poof!

...it still hurts. 

The tryst between the wind and the evergreens,
dance upon the mountains in their finest green.
The wild fury of the season has cast a spell
a cautious tease to spring like a winter tale.

The sun bright is shining down on the leaves,
even thought they are threatened by a cool
spring breeze. I know the season very well,
the tussle of  heaven and a little hell.

Daffodils and forsythia are scattered over the hills, golden in color they are the first signs that spring has indeed arrived. The northern winds remind us that all is not as it first appears. Quick
glimpse of the sun as it shines down upon the flowers mixed with a few drops of rain intrigue the senses.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweet Kisses Good Night

The brightest star,the bluest sky,
the finest dream and you and I

Place no restrictions upon the heart,
 free the soul of expectation and
there you will find love
 without heartache. 

Love is such a strong emotion,
where there is sorrow, there is tears,
where laughter, there is happiness,
where dreams, there is faith. 

I knew.... the stars were brighter, 
the sun warmer, the grass greener,
and my heart sang to my soul's desire. 

We were given life in it's perfection,
and our blatant disregard for this simplistic
form of beauty revealed the
flaws of humanity.

Complicated by foolishness!

The heart trembled,a tear fell, 
and a dream was realized.

I am neither happy nor sad,
I am indifferent.

Like the wind to the mountains,
my love to your heart.

I am in need of your embrace,
hold me and love me.

The road is not as long as
I once thought...
Where there are dreams,
there is hope.

The best dance is in the
arms of love.

I'll meet you on the clouds,I'll hold you tight,
I'll whisper I love you and gaze at the stars bright.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dream Away

Sings> You are just a dream away,
            my every thought each day.
            The reason for my smiles,
            the magic that crosses miles.

           I am dancing on clouds
           and you take my hand,
           I living and loving in
           this dream  land.

           You are just a dream away,

            my every thought each day.
            The reason for my smiles,
            the magic that crosses miles.

...as the love of you and I

                                                                             Blood Root

Like the Blood root from the earth,
that spring time had given birth,
it's the seasons gift of giving
as rare as the love of you and I.

Like the sun that warms the face,
and the stream that trickles through,
this early gift of spring time reminds
me of how much I love you.

Like the Blood root from the earth,
that spring time had given birth,
it's the season gift of giving
as rare as the love of you and I.

March 21st

A very wise man once said, 
that the chapters in life will become a 
fond memory...hops, skips and jumps a few chapters. 
You are the love I feel each morning, 
the summer sunshine that chases the storms. 
You are the dreams I race to at night, 
at the mere thought of holding you tight. 

Angels in the heavens,
stars high up in the sky,
rainbows for crossing and
your love entwine with mine.

Tear drops for cleansing,
smiles to dry the eyes and
happiness forever when
you my friend said hi.

An amazing second day of spring,
the sun shining through the window,
the visit of the cooing morning doves
and a page in the on going saga.
If you believe and trust in me and
I in you, we can build a bridge
where happiness strolls through.

If you can share your love and I
share mine with you, the heavens
will take on s different shade of blue.

You'll feet in in your heart, you'll
know it to be true, that we have
made a difference, me and you.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First of Spring!

I was caught a bit off guard
as I stepped over a large log,
the bullfrog to my surprise,
jumped in the water and
disappeared before my
very eyes.

Early march and the first of
spring and just like the hills
I began to sing. The sounds
of the birds as they nest
near by accompanied me
on this trial ride.

My Soul on canvas, "Pictorial Prose": I Wanna spend my life loving you...

My Soul on canvas, "Pictorial Prose": I Wanna spend my life loving you...: I wanna roll on over and kiss you goodnight, feel your flesh next to mine till the early light. I wanna whisper words that only you can hea...


To hold back my love, 
is to deny its very existence. 
Awakened to the storm,
but comforted by your love.

I shall write the words of love
and forever they will remain,
for I have declared my love
 for you is true, day after day.

I shall allow my heart the song,
and sing to you it will for the
melody is simple and sweet
as it flow over hills and dales.


These words might seem common,
but they are quite rare indeed, as
they are from my heart and bring
to you the magic of my dreams.

Like a puzzle scattered and undone,
finding  all the pieces is half the fun.
All shapes and sizes give to life
a new view, as each day take
 it seems to take on a different hue.

Through the pages of yesterday,
the words written began to fade.
No matter how I try to hold on
to them for another day.

The stars realign in the heavens blue,
it seems undeniable what our love can do.
Like a script to secure my love for you,
written in the heavens,eternity comes through.

Time tells a story without your basic end,
a road to travel with many hills and bends.
Clouds that stop with an invitation to you and I,
to step aboard and rule that great blue sky.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tethered Dream


It doesn't always turn out the 
way you had hoped...

I thought about the treasure
and it held no silver nor gold,
for it is the gems of happiness,
that the stories of life are told.
The heart can't be so wrong as
to not identify the magic of love,
but it is through recognition that
heartache meets with sorrow.

If I could rearrange the stars,
and string them across the sky,
I'd write the words of love to
bridge your gentle heart to mine.

If I could take the clouds and
pack them full of dreams, I'd
send them over the mountains,
to deliver my love by spring.

... to be touched, to be held, to be loved,
I don't see any alternatives.

...because I love.

I protest little, 
for my heart was willing. 

We shall witness death as 
surely as we have witnessed birth.   

It is a fool who believes they can own the land ,
 for we are merely soldiers in natures
undeclared war. 

I have held the most precious of treasures, 
for I have held your love. 

 To have never loved,
 is to have never lived.

Close your eyes, 
close your eyes, 
I am there with you,

Close your eyes my
 sweet darling allow
 only our love through.

 Close your eyes, 
close your eyes,
 and open your heart, 
I have been waiting my
 darling from the start. 

 Close your eyes, 
 close your eyes,
 I am there with you, 
 Close your eyes my
 sweet darling allow
 only our love through.

 My mind begins to race, the dreams now in command, directing me to your arms in a faraway land. This place is awfully special and wonderful indeed,with the dance of love performed in the world of make believe.

 I wake each morning and wipe the tears from my eyes, for hell is what we carry deep down inside. I prepared a smile to carry me through the day, while bridging our hearts over the rivers that distance made.

 I want to dream,
 if dreams will bring you here.

 I want to laugh,
 if it's with you the laughter is shared.

 I want to live, 
 if living means loving you.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Wanna spend my life loving you...

I wanna roll on over and kiss you goodnight, feel your flesh next to mine till the early light. I wanna whisper words that only you can hear, words of sweet love meant only for your ears. I wanna know you love me as I love you and that you will never leave me and see it through. I wanna make you happy both day and night and dance the dance of lovers under the stars and magic of the  moonlight.
 If you ever re-watched a movie, you will see something differently than the previous time you viewed it. Sometimes it is is an action , a reaction or scene  that once overlooked. Other times the movie takes on different meanings as we mature. Obviously as a child we don't relate as we do in the years that follow. I am not thinking of any particular movie, unless you look at life as a script in motion. I thought about my emotions and how they go about protecting the heart. First there is fear, anger, hurt, sorrow,tears and then the shield is let down and and the shield of emotions mellow and are replaced with a new spin on memories. . The many emotions give us different sight at various times in our life, leading us through different paths. I feel unusually calm. Well that silly , it might be because I had my temper tantrum early this morning, paced the floor, yelled a little, " if we are we, why do I feel like and I?" Audrey spent most of day working with me. I hate to be so hard on her, but I wanted her to know as long as she can take care of herself, she will be fine.
 Like a ping pong ball being hit across the table, my mind jumped around. I was angered of the life I was born into and quickly I jumped out of that scene into today and tomorrow. I want to balance this craziness, I want to laugh and love and enjoy life and yet make this crazy company great. I wrote out the sales tax checks and worked on filling jars with various creams which I whipped up earlier in the day. With music playing, my soul escaped and my heart embraced all that I life has brought me. I looked at the time and it passed so quickly. I decided rather than push to hard, I would call it a night. I realized when we don't put ultimatums and expectations into the equation we leave no room for disappointment. I don't have a name pushing products, no special break, just hard work. My rewards have been the many people who I have met. I have had more than usual amounts of positive feedback from customers. As I watched the sun set and bring an end to the day, I rejoiced in the opportunities granted me. I thought about love and how it reflects upon my life. I thought of you and I thanked whatever directed our paths and caused our hearts to collide.

Shirley Bassey - More (Than The Greatest Love)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blue Sky Blue

The magic of love is how it can
embrace at a distance. 

Sweet lips,
sweet dreams,
sweet love.


Like water to parch lips or
sunlight warm to your cheek,
the quintessential ingredient,
is in the love you give to me. 

Like rainbows across the sky,
or a tree over the stream, 
the magic of the moment, 
bridges over the river of dreams. 

 The possibilities are endless...

It is the insecure thread of our existence 
that needs to hear they are loved.... tell me more. 

Sings >Blue sky Blue and there I found you waiting, Blue sky blue and the dreams in the making. Nothing can compare to the love that we share, as we take the moment to care. Blue sky blue and there I found you waiting....

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Forever and Always

I am not at all convinced of an early spring .Even though the hills have already revealed spring time growth and the first blooms of crocus already have broken free of the soil. The color of grayness of a partially dormant season is now taking on bits of varied shades of green . The sun remarkably brightens the day and yet I still feel the arms of winter in the shadows of the hollow. Is this pure trickery or just another reprieve from winter? Maybe as a person who loves to garden, I can recall snowfalls in April and frozen fruit blossoms in May.

Before I was able to fully take in the day, the sun had begun to set and the darkness reigned.   I looked off into the passing sunset and I thought of the roads we travel.  I clearly understood the path we are on and why we chose at different times opposite roads in our travels. There seem to be no proof positive answers for our particular journeys. It really had little do with timing or children, something else was a driving force in our short time on earth. I thought it might be that I just tried to read to  much into every thing that happens. There is a  dusty crystal ball that sits above my desk with several other mementos. I remember wanting so much to know what the future holds and when I look into it the only thing it reveals is images of the past. It is possible that our past experience lead us to the future.  Sometimes it adds to our character, weaving threads of caution, knots of wisdom and even a few redirected thoughts.

I know that at different times of my life, I would have handled the many situations that arise very differently. I guess circumstances as well as our own generated thought process dictates how we respond. I would have at one time ran, where I now walk, jump where I now stand, cried where I now laugh. I was looking through my jewelry box and I came across a charm bracelet that I have had since I was thirteen. My first charm was a poodle that I had gotten with the bracelet it represented prim and proper and at sixteen my outstanding student of the year charm. As I let charms slide through my fingers the few milestones from teens, to wife and mother jarred memories. From visiting Sea world with my brother and his wife, to graduation, wedding, honey moon and children. I laughed as a mere piece of metal became a marker in time. It seems kind of trivial to document a life with a bracelet. When all is said and done, would any of it have meaning or matter to anyone else? You can't help but wonder if your life makes any difference in a world that seems to be hell bent on self destruction.

Sometimes life just comes down to a simple ant hill. I don't know why I think of the human race as ants, other than that we are so minute in the scheme of things and we can so easily be squashed out.  In all reality I am not sure if our actions will spawn a more positive reaction. I am sure that if the heart and soul matter, than I have succeeded in documenting love in whatever sense in whatever format  forever love can exist. 

We cannot change that which is already written...
Another breath of air, a new day begun, 
grateful am I as I feel the arms of love. 
The words belong to eternity, 
my love to your heart. 
Rejoice! for in the realm where
love is the only embrace, we
have achieved the magic
of forever. 

The tears that fall are for
that which will never be.

One cannot measure love,
for it is the warmth of the sun 
and the feel of the wind against your cheek. 
When I leave this earth,
remember that I will never leave your heart. 


If I the cause of a fallen tear,
a lash to the heart or a scar
to the soul, then I shall join
and weep shall we of the
darkness cast and the stale
windless sea.

Gloom filled stagnant pool
of fear, created the waters
to drown us here. Cold and
rough separates the land and
yet I can still feel your hand.

Gracing mercifully this my plea,
to lift me from my fallen knee,
the chill that weakens from
inside forces me to run and hide.

Hard like crystal reflective of light,
the love and tenderness,warmth of
souls, they mystery that still unfolds.

Lay your head upon my breast, gentle
soft without life's test. Unlock the
gates of despair and let the sadness
free from here.

Joined together in flight, like the eagle
that rules the blue sky, above the winds
and the clouds high, beyond the barriers
of the mind.

One to one this bond was born and nothing
and nothing can break was God has formed.
Love filled caring, warm with truth a colorful
friendship with man a hue.
Wee bit frightened,
wee bit sad,
wee bit vulnerable,
and with that I laughed.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thoughts Of You

I wake to thoughts of you
and all that love can do,
from bridging the miles,
with laughter and smiles.

I wake to thoughts of you
and all that love can do
replacing the dark of night,
with the first morning light.

I wake to thoughts of you
and all that love can do,
like feeling your embrace,
while our souls engage.

I wake to thoughts of you
and all that love can do,
like kisses in the wind
and the touch from within.

I wake to thoughts of you
and all that love can do,
to calm this racing heart
while loving from a far.

I wake to thoughts of you
and all that love can do,
easing my trouble mind,
leaving the dark behind.

I wake to thoughts of you
and all that love can do,
like songs of the heart,
a new day we embark.

I wake to thoughts of you
and all that love and do,
placing you in my arms
and always in my heart.

There was hope,
I saw faith,
there were smiles,
and breathless days.

There were dreams
sweet memories,
there was you,
and there was me.


I took my pillow up on its invitation,
I tucked it close to my heart, I started
dreaming of you and  I my love as we
dance on the clouds, engaged heart to

Run, run, run and yet my feet are still,
 I am reaching out to you and I am
still at the bottom of the hill.

Cry, cry, cry and the tears again fall,
flooding the heart with the darkness,
that comes to call.

Hide, hide, hide, I can't face another
day, another moment without the
joy that our love makes.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Special Love

Should I close my eyes or keep them open to see,
the clouds passing over in my dream? The bridge
is broken, the path laden with thorns as we stand
to watch life take on another storm.

March Madness

Just a little bit of sunshine,
a little bit of gray,
a little bit of darkness
drapes over the day.

Just a little bit of wind,
a little bit of a chill,
a little bit of memories,
broke through the shield.

Just a little bit of rain,
a little bit of fear,
a little bit of love
for you and I to share.

Tonight I am lonely and sad and blue, I find myself sitting here thinking of you.  I stopped the tears and began to pray, in hopes
that you would hear my whisper and find your way. Into my heart where dreams begin,to where there is only love void of sin. Under the many stars, after all the broken hearts, I pray to wake up in your arms.

Sings>I dream the dreams that bring you here each night,
          filled with the magic of laughter and sunshine bright.
          I dance the dance on the clouds up above, in a
           warm and tender embrace with you my special love.
          There is no loneliness as long as you are here,
           as I promise my pillow I will share. We don't
           have to talk about the rainy day's , because
           your master at chasing away the gray.
         I dream the dreams that bring you here each night,
         filled with the magic of laughter and sunshine bright.
         I dance the dance on the clouds up above, in a
         warm and tender embrace with you my special love.

         My eyes are closed but I still can see, I have the
        vision that love can bring. Open the gates of desire
        and walk the path with hearts on fire.

       I dream the dreams that bring you here each night,
       filled with the magic of laughter and sunshine bright.
       I dance the dance on the clouds up above, in a
       warm and tender embrace with you my special love.


Friday, March 09, 2012

Blue, blue

Shards of crystal pierce the mind,
like your love in this heart of mine. 

There are many ways to touch...touched my heart.

I have not made time for many of the things that I enjoy including photography. Somehow it is much more difficult to find a balance between work and play. Though yesterday I did push forward and enjoy the pool for the evening.
Season upon seasons, through each one we grow. Traveling through life, recording the time as we go. The roads we travel, the stories we tell are packed with lessons, where happiness and sorrow may dwell.
Gazing out the window of my heart, I see the images of love from the moment they got their start. The wind warm, the stars in the sky and the full moon leaves  an invitation for you and I. At that very special meeting love takes a bow ,when the feet start dancing and  levitate from the ground. This is the moment, it is magical indeed where souls come together and hearts bond out of need.
The world embracing, the universe is ours, the stars that twinkle compare little to our fire. Hearts in a rhythmic beat, play the music of love while creating a scene.
Close your eyes and you will see, the rose of life, that surfaces above the weeds. Hand in hand we travel through each and everyday, along the shores of life and the hills where dreams first came into play.
I'll take your hand,  our feet sinking in the sand. I'll walk through my life with you, no talking between us two.Skies are a bright blue, you taught me all that love can do. We can take the sunshine, moonbeams and story lines, script them for all to see as cast in our dreams.

You rule the night,
controlling the dreams,
it's here on my pillow,
where everything is
as it seems.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The road in which we travel...


Sweet kisses in the morning,
sweet kisses good night.
Love and laughter for the
rest of our lives.

Dancing in the heavens,
again in the rain, listening
to your heart beat, day
after day.

Taking a deep breath
and letting it go, while
dreaming you with me
wherever I go.

In my heart your love,
in my life you're the one,
in my dreams a rainbow
we slide down for fun

Amazing is the joy you
bring, the magic of life
that makes everything


The unseasonable temperatures found me taking a stroll down by the stream. This precursor to spring  really is a time of revelation. Just as the earth leaves signs of the past seasons it also makes us aware that the future is already upon us. People look at nature and the storms she sends as a brutal message personally sent to disrupts our lives. But really all that is necessary is to give her respect. The rivers will flood, the rains will fall and the winds will blow and  occasionally she will shake things up with an earth quake or a volcano. 
It's funny when you think about us as humans, we spend zillions of dollars trying to separate ourselves from animals. We build elaborate homes and fill them with unnecessary items and purchase clothes and shoes that have little of the necessity factor built in them. Instead of allowing ourselves to become one with the world around us, we try to build walls to divide what is only natural. When all is said and done man is still just an animal. 
Not one of us is more powerful than the other. We are born and we will die. What we choose to do on this road we travel is unique to each person. But no matter what we do, we can't change the inevitable. Humans are programmed with both positive and negative qualities. What exactly triggers the aggression, the urge to control is still not completely understood. 
 A good while back, I had met a woman through my work. I would say we were acquaintances. Without the knowledge of that person's life, a complete judgement is made. In mere seconds we place people in a category. Is she successful, a failure, good, bad, nice, mean, standoffish. Years later had I come to know this person and the curves, bends and hills they climbed in their own personal journey. The same person, now  gave off a different image. The person had not changed , just my opinion of the person changed. Knowledge, the more we know, the more we understand, the more common we are. Yet our society is based on rules, not natures rule, not mother earth rules, but man made rules. 

Man needs so little 
and wants so much. 

Sings>I feel the sun warm touch my cheek, I felt your love tender reach on out to me. Star light kisses, moonlight dreams, sweet thoughts and memories.

 I feel the sun warm touch my cheek, I felt your love tender reach on out to me.Took my hand and held it tight, walked with me through life. 

I feel the sun warm touch my cheek, I felt your love tender reach on out to me. Whispers from the soul, friendship warm took a hold.

I feel the sun warm touch my cheek, I felt your love tender reach on out to me. With me day and night, In my heart and my life.

I feel the sun warm touch my cheek, I felt your tender reach on out to me.

The weather warm,
like spring is here,
a joy to the heart,
as if you were near.

Flowers broke ground,
the trees are in bud and
the ducks now nesting,
as the bird sing above.

We made it through winter,
we laughed and we cried,
we sung and we danced
and we touched from inside.

Faith the adhesive 
that bonds the love
while revealing our inner strength. 

Blessed are we who 
wake to find the sun shining.

Hell is not found in the dying,
it is seen in the living .
Every action spawns a reaction.

It is our external response to our inner emotions that separates us from all other creatures upon the earth. It is a blend of the common and uncommon that initiates a wide range of actions. What should be simplicity is overshadowed by mans ability to complicate life. The complexity though similar among us, also reveals the variations of our trials. 

Looking for acceptance,
dancing with desire, 
embracing love 
hour by hour. 

There is no doubt, 
what my heart feels,
compassion made a play
and it broke down the shield.

In my mind a euphoria,in my heart the love,
from my soul the dreams,that bond us one to one. 

Sometimes I stray from the day and sorrow and darkness plays a bad games and than I think of you and the time we share and  then the gratitude reappears. I am so happy, so filled with joy, when I think of you and the love from one who cares. 


So far, so close...

My obsession with acknowledging the tears which rest one by one upon my heart are meant as away of finalizing our imprint left on time for the purpose of securing eternity. Like the music which haunts my very being as it agitates my soul into an awakening. I agonize over the images that flood from the yesterdays which have long since passed. The pages of life aged and yellow are weakened by time and crumble within my hands. Reaching out into the darkness  I try to gather the pieces and recompose the simplicity of all that love is.

Trapped by fear,
released by love.

Scripted to the heart,
secured by the soul, 
the words of love, 
supported by forever. 


Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Tears Fall

...always in my heart. 

Dance my love dance,
sing my love sing,
live my love live.

The Tears Fall

Sings>The tears fall,
my heart breaks,as I
know what I am missing,
I can tell by the ache.

I am missing your smile,
I am missing the dreams,
I am missing the love
that only you can bring.

The tears fall,
my heart breaks, as I
know what I am missing,
I can tell by the ache.

I am missing the magic,
I am missing your arms,
I am missing the moments
danced under the stars.

The tears fall,
my heart breaks,as I
know what I am missing,
I can tell by the ache.

I am missing the warmth
the beat of your heart,
I am missing you darling,
while we remain apart.

The tears fall,
my heart breaks, as I
know what I am missing,
I can tell by the ache.

I am missing good mornings,
with a kiss to your lips,
I am missing good nights,
gazing at a moon eclipse.

The tears fall,
my heart breaks, a I
know what I am missing,
I can tell by the ache.

I am missing your hand,
interlocked with mine,
I am missing the walk,
with you by my side.

The tears fall,
my heart breaks, as I
know what I am missing,
I can tell by the ache.

It was like being given sight
 for the first time....love.

It would be amazing to wake up in the morning and gaze into your eyes, to feel your lips tender touching mine. To walk right through the dream and into your arms and hold your hand as we stroll beneath the stars.
The windows are shattered,
shards of glass is everywhere,
It keeps repeating over and over,
as if my heart felt the despair.

Fragments so  very small,
 few can really ever see,
but I can feel the sharpness,
like a needle piercing me.

Time holds the key,
bridges and rivers wide
and sometimes it brings
an end before our time.

I am not sure why we
have been given this path,
what have we to learn
and what do we give back?

Run , I say run,
hide, I say hide,
cry, I say cry,
stop the hands of time.

Dream, I say dream,
laugh, I say laugh,
love, I say love,
please make this moment last.

My mind scans every inch of the field, I can see where the pine grows and what each season has yet to  reveal.Flowers of every shade and hue, from sun gold to a mystic blue.  Grass beneath my feet and clouds overhead and the song of love that from my heart is read.

 Into your heart,
 into your soul,
into your arms,
forever to hold.

Into the dream,
into the thoughts,
into the moment,
souls are lost.

I always keep a promise... till the day I die.

I always enjoyed older songs. I found them to be rather soothing compared to the music of the era's of my youth. There was this standing joke that I like Boots Randolph. For the longest time I didn't even know who Boots Randolph was. I didn't know whether to go along with the laugh or to be insulted. Well tonight here's to Boots!
I have lit a candle and it's flame dance as it shadows upon the wall and the music is softly playing as if nothing else matters at all. I close my eyes and lavender fills the room and at that very moment, I escape into world made for two.
Listen to the music and follow the night, take my hand and make this evening right. Feel my heart, each beat is for you, as nothing else matters, except what our love can do. Listen to the music and follow the night, take my hand and make this evening right.

Empowered by love...







Friday, March 02, 2012

I am so very tired...

Mother natures goes about in a bizarre way to show us just how vulnerable we truly are. Throughout the seasons we are introduced to the many elements in natures cache. We explore the beauty of balance and the destruction that comes with the very essence of " to much of a good thing." When we respect the power of nature we learn how to look and listen. The closer we allow ourselves to become one with our surroundings, the more aware we become of what is safe and what is danger. The violent storms that direct their shroud of darkness reveals no bias. Anything and everything in its way can be destroyed within the blink of an eye.
My mind has been scattered in many directions. I felt almost like a ping  pong ball bouncing from one side of the table to the other. On one side there was all that I am grateful for and on the other all that makes us vulnerable. As the winds toy with earth, the stars of the heavens remind us how little we really are in the the greater scheme of things.

Touched a heart
and watched it smile,
built a bridge,
removed the miles.

Embraced a soul
and let it dream,
sailed a ship,
across the sea.

So begins a new day...

The true measure of friendship is
that it's immeasurable. 
To touch the heart with laughter 
and the soul with passion,
reveals all that love is. 

I can only tell you what my heart speaks, the words of love are empowered beyond the realm of dreams. Directed by the angels who showed up in disguise,they sent us on a path where we gingerly collide.Nothing can compare with all that love can do, as I watched it move a mountain and replace it with a bridge from me to you.


Happiness is central to the equation
 of passion and desire,draped  in contentment, 
 it's your love that sets my soul on fire.

I relinquish all that I am,
for all that I can be.