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Pictorial Prose
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Friday, March 09, 2012

Blue, blue

Shards of crystal pierce the mind,
like your love in this heart of mine. 

There are many ways to touch...touched my heart.

I have not made time for many of the things that I enjoy including photography. Somehow it is much more difficult to find a balance between work and play. Though yesterday I did push forward and enjoy the pool for the evening.
Season upon seasons, through each one we grow. Traveling through life, recording the time as we go. The roads we travel, the stories we tell are packed with lessons, where happiness and sorrow may dwell.
Gazing out the window of my heart, I see the images of love from the moment they got their start. The wind warm, the stars in the sky and the full moon leaves  an invitation for you and I. At that very special meeting love takes a bow ,when the feet start dancing and  levitate from the ground. This is the moment, it is magical indeed where souls come together and hearts bond out of need.
The world embracing, the universe is ours, the stars that twinkle compare little to our fire. Hearts in a rhythmic beat, play the music of love while creating a scene.
Close your eyes and you will see, the rose of life, that surfaces above the weeds. Hand in hand we travel through each and everyday, along the shores of life and the hills where dreams first came into play.
I'll take your hand,  our feet sinking in the sand. I'll walk through my life with you, no talking between us two.Skies are a bright blue, you taught me all that love can do. We can take the sunshine, moonbeams and story lines, script them for all to see as cast in our dreams.

You rule the night,
controlling the dreams,
it's here on my pillow,
where everything is
as it seems.

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