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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blue Sky Blue

The magic of love is how it can
embrace at a distance. 

Sweet lips,
sweet dreams,
sweet love.


Like water to parch lips or
sunlight warm to your cheek,
the quintessential ingredient,
is in the love you give to me. 

Like rainbows across the sky,
or a tree over the stream, 
the magic of the moment, 
bridges over the river of dreams. 

 The possibilities are endless...

It is the insecure thread of our existence 
that needs to hear they are loved.... tell me more. 

Sings >Blue sky Blue and there I found you waiting, Blue sky blue and the dreams in the making. Nothing can compare to the love that we share, as we take the moment to care. Blue sky blue and there I found you waiting....

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