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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


If I the cause of a fallen tear,
a lash to the heart or a scar
to the soul, then I shall join
and weep shall we of the
darkness cast and the stale
windless sea.

Gloom filled stagnant pool
of fear, created the waters
to drown us here. Cold and
rough separates the land and
yet I can still feel your hand.

Gracing mercifully this my plea,
to lift me from my fallen knee,
the chill that weakens from
inside forces me to run and hide.

Hard like crystal reflective of light,
the love and tenderness,warmth of
souls, they mystery that still unfolds.

Lay your head upon my breast, gentle
soft without life's test. Unlock the
gates of despair and let the sadness
free from here.

Joined together in flight, like the eagle
that rules the blue sky, above the winds
and the clouds high, beyond the barriers
of the mind.

One to one this bond was born and nothing
and nothing can break was God has formed.
Love filled caring, warm with truth a colorful
friendship with man a hue.
Wee bit frightened,
wee bit sad,
wee bit vulnerable,
and with that I laughed.

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