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Pictorial Prose
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Saturday, March 17, 2012

I Wanna spend my life loving you...

I wanna roll on over and kiss you goodnight, feel your flesh next to mine till the early light. I wanna whisper words that only you can hear, words of sweet love meant only for your ears. I wanna know you love me as I love you and that you will never leave me and see it through. I wanna make you happy both day and night and dance the dance of lovers under the stars and magic of the  moonlight.
 If you ever re-watched a movie, you will see something differently than the previous time you viewed it. Sometimes it is is an action , a reaction or scene  that once overlooked. Other times the movie takes on different meanings as we mature. Obviously as a child we don't relate as we do in the years that follow. I am not thinking of any particular movie, unless you look at life as a script in motion. I thought about my emotions and how they go about protecting the heart. First there is fear, anger, hurt, sorrow,tears and then the shield is let down and and the shield of emotions mellow and are replaced with a new spin on memories. . The many emotions give us different sight at various times in our life, leading us through different paths. I feel unusually calm. Well that silly , it might be because I had my temper tantrum early this morning, paced the floor, yelled a little, " if we are we, why do I feel like and I?" Audrey spent most of day working with me. I hate to be so hard on her, but I wanted her to know as long as she can take care of herself, she will be fine.
 Like a ping pong ball being hit across the table, my mind jumped around. I was angered of the life I was born into and quickly I jumped out of that scene into today and tomorrow. I want to balance this craziness, I want to laugh and love and enjoy life and yet make this crazy company great. I wrote out the sales tax checks and worked on filling jars with various creams which I whipped up earlier in the day. With music playing, my soul escaped and my heart embraced all that I life has brought me. I looked at the time and it passed so quickly. I decided rather than push to hard, I would call it a night. I realized when we don't put ultimatums and expectations into the equation we leave no room for disappointment. I don't have a name pushing products, no special break, just hard work. My rewards have been the many people who I have met. I have had more than usual amounts of positive feedback from customers. As I watched the sun set and bring an end to the day, I rejoiced in the opportunities granted me. I thought about love and how it reflects upon my life. I thought of you and I thanked whatever directed our paths and caused our hearts to collide.

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