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Pictorial Prose
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Life is Like Colors

From your lips the colors
a  beautiful rainbow make,
a flame of red and a softness
like baby powder pink.

With each passing moment,
 the colors bright and bold, from
the golden glimpse of sunshine
 that I feel with your hold.

I have been there on a gray day,
with storms of varied browns and
 black,but it only last a minute,
 till the blue skies are back. 

Life is like colors,  first there is
green at birth and changes with 
the seasons as we document 
our time on earth. 

I have seen sunshine yellow
and the purple that passion drew,
sketched in the heavens is
the angel white for you.

Every where I go there is 
a glimpse of you, just look
at the sky and see that 
indigo blue

In my heart is where all the
 colors remain, the purple of 
passion and the red of love 
now stained. 

The days are quickly passing 
but the colors  in every hue
are here as a reminder of 
all that love can do. 

To the top of the mountain,
beyond the clouds in the sky,
with the stars shining bright 
like the dreams through 
your eyes. 

The day where it all came true, 
from the moment you said hello 
and I hello'd back to you.

To the top of the mountain, 
beyond the clouds in the sky,
with the stars shining bright
like the dreams through 
your eyes.

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