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Monday, March 26, 2012

No Flowers When I Am Gone

I glanced once more out at the first of the spring garden flowers. There was an array of color from the purple hyacinth, the mixed white and yellow crocus and of course the varied yellow and white narcissus. The soft and sweet fragrance wafts through the air as an invitation to review days long gone.
My father came to mind as he use to say" no flowers when I am gone" I thought about life and how we go about each day doing the very same things as the day before. Set in our ways life becomes so routine, almost as if we exist rather than live. I thought about what actually was necessary and how to approach living out our life. That answer really wasn't as easy as one might think, because for each of us that answer is very different. The biggest mistake we can make in life is to believe that everyone should think, react and live out their life as we do. Perhaps that is because we define our life and everything in it based on our teachings both social and moral.
I chose to write about love for personal reasons and though it is not always easy, I believe living out our love is our intended purpose.  Most would think that means falling in love, family in friends. The love I am thinking of is the love of life, not just the love of humanity. To explore the world and see through the window of the heart the magic of this energy in which we call life. From the most simple experiences like the smell of a lilac to the wind against your cheek
 People wake up dreading Monday, wishing away time, worrying about finances and just really wasting the limited energy that we call life. It is not easy at times to live in love, as we are surrounded by the negative. We read the darkness in the news, sometimes live with it and find that the negativity really can be overwhelming.
So today I want to live " no flowers when I am gone." I woke up this morning and sensed your love, a smile upon my face and I reached to the heavens and I rejoiced. The flowers are blooming the fragrance sweet, my eyes closed and I prepare to dream.
Let the love reach across the heavens blue, touch your heart and my warmth in you infuse. Feel the energy take you by the hand and dance like lovers with their feet sinking deep in the sand. Remember all the  joy a day can bring and know that it is beautiful if you allow your heart the gift of song.

Take my hand,
oh! my heart is yours,
barefoot in summer,
feet in the sand. 

Savor each moment,
and never let it go,
just remember this
darling, I love you so. 

Enjoy the sweetness,
I am sending a kiss, 
packed with my love,
to land on your lips. 

Wake in the morning,
know that I am there,
right beside you and
forever my dear. 

Watch the sunrise, 
and watch it set, 
rename the stars, 
a kiss to the breast. 


 There are moments when I can feel your love....poof!

...it still hurts. 

The tryst between the wind and the evergreens,
dance upon the mountains in their finest green.
The wild fury of the season has cast a spell
a cautious tease to spring like a winter tale.

The sun bright is shining down on the leaves,
even thought they are threatened by a cool
spring breeze. I know the season very well,
the tussle of  heaven and a little hell.

Daffodils and forsythia are scattered over the hills, golden in color they are the first signs that spring has indeed arrived. The northern winds remind us that all is not as it first appears. Quick
glimpse of the sun as it shines down upon the flowers mixed with a few drops of rain intrigue the senses.

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