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Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The road in which we travel...


Sweet kisses in the morning,
sweet kisses good night.
Love and laughter for the
rest of our lives.

Dancing in the heavens,
again in the rain, listening
to your heart beat, day
after day.

Taking a deep breath
and letting it go, while
dreaming you with me
wherever I go.

In my heart your love,
in my life you're the one,
in my dreams a rainbow
we slide down for fun

Amazing is the joy you
bring, the magic of life
that makes everything


The unseasonable temperatures found me taking a stroll down by the stream. This precursor to spring  really is a time of revelation. Just as the earth leaves signs of the past seasons it also makes us aware that the future is already upon us. People look at nature and the storms she sends as a brutal message personally sent to disrupts our lives. But really all that is necessary is to give her respect. The rivers will flood, the rains will fall and the winds will blow and  occasionally she will shake things up with an earth quake or a volcano. 
It's funny when you think about us as humans, we spend zillions of dollars trying to separate ourselves from animals. We build elaborate homes and fill them with unnecessary items and purchase clothes and shoes that have little of the necessity factor built in them. Instead of allowing ourselves to become one with the world around us, we try to build walls to divide what is only natural. When all is said and done man is still just an animal. 
Not one of us is more powerful than the other. We are born and we will die. What we choose to do on this road we travel is unique to each person. But no matter what we do, we can't change the inevitable. Humans are programmed with both positive and negative qualities. What exactly triggers the aggression, the urge to control is still not completely understood. 
 A good while back, I had met a woman through my work. I would say we were acquaintances. Without the knowledge of that person's life, a complete judgement is made. In mere seconds we place people in a category. Is she successful, a failure, good, bad, nice, mean, standoffish. Years later had I come to know this person and the curves, bends and hills they climbed in their own personal journey. The same person, now  gave off a different image. The person had not changed , just my opinion of the person changed. Knowledge, the more we know, the more we understand, the more common we are. Yet our society is based on rules, not natures rule, not mother earth rules, but man made rules. 

Man needs so little 
and wants so much. 

Sings>I feel the sun warm touch my cheek, I felt your love tender reach on out to me. Star light kisses, moonlight dreams, sweet thoughts and memories.

 I feel the sun warm touch my cheek, I felt your love tender reach on out to me.Took my hand and held it tight, walked with me through life. 

I feel the sun warm touch my cheek, I felt your love tender reach on out to me. Whispers from the soul, friendship warm took a hold.

I feel the sun warm touch my cheek, I felt your love tender reach on out to me. With me day and night, In my heart and my life.

I feel the sun warm touch my cheek, I felt your tender reach on out to me.

The weather warm,
like spring is here,
a joy to the heart,
as if you were near.

Flowers broke ground,
the trees are in bud and
the ducks now nesting,
as the bird sing above.

We made it through winter,
we laughed and we cried,
we sung and we danced
and we touched from inside.

Faith the adhesive 
that bonds the love
while revealing our inner strength. 

Blessed are we who 
wake to find the sun shining.

Hell is not found in the dying,
it is seen in the living .
Every action spawns a reaction.

It is our external response to our inner emotions that separates us from all other creatures upon the earth. It is a blend of the common and uncommon that initiates a wide range of actions. What should be simplicity is overshadowed by mans ability to complicate life. The complexity though similar among us, also reveals the variations of our trials. 

Looking for acceptance,
dancing with desire, 
embracing love 
hour by hour. 

There is no doubt, 
what my heart feels,
compassion made a play
and it broke down the shield.

In my mind a euphoria,in my heart the love,
from my soul the dreams,that bond us one to one. 

Sometimes I stray from the day and sorrow and darkness plays a bad games and than I think of you and the time we share and  then the gratitude reappears. I am so happy, so filled with joy, when I think of you and the love from one who cares. 


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