Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


To hold back my love, 
is to deny its very existence. 
Awakened to the storm,
but comforted by your love.

I shall write the words of love
and forever they will remain,
for I have declared my love
 for you is true, day after day.

I shall allow my heart the song,
and sing to you it will for the
melody is simple and sweet
as it flow over hills and dales.


These words might seem common,
but they are quite rare indeed, as
they are from my heart and bring
to you the magic of my dreams.

Like a puzzle scattered and undone,
finding  all the pieces is half the fun.
All shapes and sizes give to life
a new view, as each day take
 it seems to take on a different hue.

Through the pages of yesterday,
the words written began to fade.
No matter how I try to hold on
to them for another day.

The stars realign in the heavens blue,
it seems undeniable what our love can do.
Like a script to secure my love for you,
written in the heavens,eternity comes through.

Time tells a story without your basic end,
a road to travel with many hills and bends.
Clouds that stop with an invitation to you and I,
to step aboard and rule that great blue sky.

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