Pictorial Prose

Pictorial Prose
Indulging my most lucid daydreams

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blue, blue...sending all my love to you.

..... there begins my once upon a time.

Confinement, restrained by circumstance, the escape an unraveling of a journey. My first steps were on the strings of the heart, softly played like that of a harpsachord.In the stars of the night, warm and bright, I felt what was the joy of your smile, as you my darling angel smiled down on me. Eluding my captor, I reached out to feel your hand pull me into another dimension,one that only freedom was capable of creating. Not a mere reation to fantasy but a gateway to a love that brought down the many barriers formed over the years. Exploring a depth more intense then anything I have ever known. The path was laid with the purity of a true friendship, one that felt me slip without fear into your arms.

The Great Escape

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

All My Love - Led Zeppelin (wonderful)

Human Frailty

The powerful northern winds choreographed a dance with the trees of the hollow. A variety of hickory, sycamore and oak towering over the path of Stoney brook swayed uncontrollably as if they were bowing to the heavens. The howl of the high winds and the snapping sound of the trees could be heard as their branches bent in half as they nearly kissed the surface of the earth. I stood sheltered between two young pine and felt little of the force of nature as it took full command of the upper ridge. A slew of fallen branches lay across the path creating a scene of destruction and thus shedding a view of our vulnerability as we stand one with nature. Thus the lessons of life best learned from nature herself appear, respect for the simplicity and the mighty energy of the season.
It is not with fear that we travel through life,
but cloaked in the embrace of love and respect,
for neither shall lead us a stray from the light of
the spirit, which illuminates even on the
darkest of days.

We can either allow the weight of others to hold us
down or to lift us up, inevitably the choice is ours.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Through my heart

It is not through my eyes that you have begun to see,
the bonding of hearts is what set our souls free.
I have experienced many kinds of love,
but only one embraces all of life.
Unites one with the soul.
A mountain is as tall as you believe it to be,
it is one of life's grandest illusions.
It's height is only recognized by
our own doubts.
You have always had the ability to see,
you finally dared to look.
Reflection of your heart through mine.

Winter Wonderland

Hold captive my heart, as the beauty exudes,
the magic of love as a season concludes.
Two hearts, one season, that of love.
Goodnight sweetheart!

Thinking of You..

All I need to do is think of you and the temperature begins to rise,early in the morning or late at night you always set my heart afire.
All I need to do is think of you and my troubles all fade away, tippy, tippy toe past the mountain of snow we are melting it all away.
All I need to do is think of you and the hollow starts to come alive, singing and dancing it really is romancing to the heart, soul and mind.

Your Loves Coming shining through...

Morale to the story........
You never realize how big a spider's web is until your entrapped
nor how strong it is until you try to break free.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Rocking Chair Dream

Sweet Dreams

The dream a little sweeter and the pleasure so divine, as the introduction cast your silhouette to mine. Candles softly burning create shadows on the wall, a most gentle embrace, as love comes to call. Unique a composition from earth to heavens arms, adding a little laughter and more of your charm. Sensual Jasmine and a hint of aromatic rose, a tease to the heart and a massage to the soul.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Love touches the heart, passion the soul.
Pulls you close and kisses you goodnight!
The unknown carries the heaviest of luggage,
unpacking little by little, leads us away from fear.

Rocking Chair Dream

All I ever wanted was the "rocking chair dream "
where I am loving you, while you are loving me.
Growing together, through all stages of our life,
and each day a little clearer with better sight.
Peace and calm, only your arms can bring,in a
world of magic that taught our hearts to sing.
Hand and hand through the trial and triumps
of our life, strengthens the moment with you
by myside.
Frightened by the darkness, I closed my eyes to
see the marvel of the "Rocking Chair Dream"
is in the ability to believe.
Whispers> All I ever wanted was the "rocking
chair dream " the journey of a lifetime, with
you beside me. .

Cloud poetry... a dreamer

Cloud party for two, by invitation only...rsvp

I don’t completely understand the time and the place, or why some journeys are prematurely shortened and others way past their grace. All I know is from the time I met you, it felt so very wonderful and beautiful too. It’s no secret that we did collide, the impact so forceful, it’s impossible to deny. Bing, bang, wallop and it happened so fast, my heart wide opened in this life long crash. Silly, dizzy and I’m spinning around, smiling and laughing on our very own personal cloud. Understanding doesn't always pertain, by the time I met you I was half insane.Nothing matters but you and I on the cloud of happiness in the blue, blue sky. Singing and dancing night and day, traveling through dreams in a fun filled way.
I choose no sadness nor allow its reign,
better to have loved even have insane.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Wonderful Indeed

Breaking barriers, touching hearts,
embracing souls......Loving you!
I am running so fast but I haven't even made it to the gate...
Distance is an incredible barrier but not one impossible to break..
for on my cloud the dance is eternal and the partner wonderful.

One dance, one dream, one moment...

Lights turned down low, music soft and mesmerizing
and there on a cloud just you and I.
May I have this dance?
To feel your heart beat gently next to mine,and start the clock over on our time. Stretch the moment to make you forever mine, as we soar beyond the memories of my mind. I'd hold forever the look on your face, I'd kiss your lips and with tongue I'd trace. Just one dance, one dream, one lovely moment with you and all my dreams in life would come true. Just one dance, one dream, one lovely moment with you and all my dreams in life would come true.
One dance to hold you close, one dream to view
life as it was meant to be, one moment of you with
me, to feel the everlasting embrace of love.

It's one of those days..

It's one of those days.. my mind is so clear and I can see at greater distances and I feel your arms around me and I know how much I love you.
It's one of those days.. when the sun shines so bright that in the rays I can see the future as it warm my heart.
It's one of the days when the walls rigid and tall, fall tumbling to bits of crushed stone.
It's one of those days where I feel your hand and walk beside you through everything both good and bad.
It's one of those days where nothing else matters except that we have, we will and we are.
Its one of those days that the coldness lacks very little power as spring isn't far off and underneath the cold and snow, roots of flowers await to grow much like us.
The variables of friendship is based on the depth of connection. The essential components are based on hunger and the ability to feed the hunger. Stimulation of the brain, interpretation of emotions and the intensity in which we process our daily events.
There is a common ground of need and desire that has no boundaries and is equal in its fuel flamed fire that rages wildly. In sharing of our inner and outer knowledge we are able to ascend forward rising above circumstance to receive a prognostic view of life.
Lead not with emotions, but explore the possibilities that emotion opens up to us. To cap our abilities of reaching out is death to our most inner components those that crave beyond the walls of such rigid thought.
The internal process is much like that of a program, with varied buttons that trigger again varied response. There are those who without doubt are programmed in quite the same manner and therefore are capable of understanding and traveling on a side by side journey, learning and exploring on a equal platform, that of trust and respect. Then still others who encourage us to expand to move forward to reach for the stars, to dig deeper into our arsenal for the ammunition
to defend our stance as we breach beyond the expected to a world of unexpected.
The most brazen of emotion is love,bold and the most over interpeted. Intense and necessary an emotion it can be explored and expressed in many ways. Human desires of phsyical closeness and the satisfaction of our most basic needs is felt warmly when shared with feelings that are both mutual. Like that of our daily grooming we encourage and help love to flourish and reach its full capabilities of one of most secure an hungriest of all emotions.The reward for such expression of intmacy is in the deepest of connection, that of heart and soul.


I bare all that you may see me from the darkest and brightest corners of my mind. Mirrored in the mountains is the reflection of love, viewed through my heart to reach your soul.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Valentines day

Ending at the ankle and starting where the imagination begins....
or is starting at the ankle and exploring where the imagination leads.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I don't have to tell you I love you

he Sings>
I don't have to tell you that I love you, I don' t have to say how much I care. I beckon to the raging river to carry all my love and send it down stream to make you aware.
I don't have to tell you that I love you, I don't have to say how much I care. The mountains stand tall in the wind and the tree vines entwine to hold you here.
I don't have to tell you that I love you, I don't have to say how much I care. I begged the rainbow from the hollow, to stretch across the blue sky to bring you near.
I don't have to tell you that I love you, I don't have to say how much I care. My arms stretched wide to hold your heart and my kisses sent on the wings of high flying lark.
I don't have to tell you that I love you, I don't have to say how much I care. You can feel in the sun's rays, the warmth of love to you my darling dear.
I don't have to tell you that I love you, I don't have to say how much I care. My eyes reveal it everyday and my smile surely gives it all away.
I don't have to tell you that I love you, I don't have to say how much I care. We built a bridge across the miles with one hundred and one million smiles.
I don't have to tell you that I love you, I don't have to say how much I care. I sing it every morning and I thank the Lord in all my nightly prayers.
I don't have to tell you that I love you, I don't have to say how much I care. I have danced in celebration from the very first day you appeared.
I don't have to tell you that I love you, I don't have to say how much I care. Three hundred and fifty six times a day plus eternity for us to share.

Restlessly mine....

A haunting serenade surfaced from deep in my soul, mastered the wind and empowered the cold. Feel the chill in your bones, the shivers down your back, etched from the inside led your heart straight to mine. Your hand on my knee stops the outer trembling, but inside a volcano is waiting. All my loving in a day time dream, singing and dancing in a make believe.My arms are locked in a warm embrace, must have a bit of reality as it's traced to my face. The smiles that I can't hide are bubbling out from the inside.
True love exist beyond the perimeters of space and time
and is as eternal as the soul blowing in the wind.
When all of doubt is extinguished, then the flame of love will
wildly explore the earth and the heavens to embrace eternity.

Monday, January 21, 2008


Communication is a key factor in a positive relationship, following in a not so sequential order, love, respect and trust. Impetuous actions find a couple ending each others sentences, to typing the same words at the exact same time. Equal in the eyes of the spirit, a journey is heightened by the unity of two souls reaching beyond darkness to create their for evermore.
No signs of a despondent nature or neither a melancholy emotion, yet paralyzed was I, as I stared into the shallow pebble creek bed. Mountain cool waters as crisp and clear as the walls of ice that had draped the hills enveloped the hollow. In the mirror like images a reflection was cast in the stillness , there I saw the path that fate directed. I turned and took a quick glimpse backward over my own shoulder, the past and present racing forward as if reached out and held me.
I felt my heart verging on the moment as if my spirit was battling the mind. My senses becoming more aware of my surroundings, a fragrance of both pine and cedar blended with the memory of sweet orange blossom waffled through the air, creating a hunger for the comfort of your arms. Caught up in a fantasy so surreal the images became apparently a fusion of love with the ability to cross dimensions.

Songs birds dared the winter, their music in the air
and love so apparent it's alive everywhere.
Tingling senses, vibrations of the soul , rattling my
heart as today your love I hold.
Dancing on mountains, overjoyed and pleased , my
love beside me through the power of dreams.
Wrapped in winters frosty winds, began to melt
when your love stepped on in.
Sings >I love you my darling, you know that it's true,
forever and ever, I'll be here for you.

Cloaked in gold dust from the star lit sky, is the treasures
of love to blanket over you and I.

I love you my darling , you know that it's true, forever
and ever, I'll be here for you.

Being a Little Bit Silly

Sings> Being a little bit silly is like being a little bit in love, once your bitten there's no measurement there of.
Being a little bit silly is like being a little bit in love, no entrapment of the ages as we could be seven or a hundred and one.
Being a little bit silly, is like being a little bit in love, singing and dancing on the clouds up above.

Being a little bit silly, is like being a little bit in love, running a through a summer field , chasing lady bugs.
Being a little bit silly, is like being a little bit in love, smiling at your jokes and wanting to give you
a hug.
Being a little bit silly , is like being a little bit in love, catching your kisses and having lots of fun.
Being a little bit silly, is like being a little bit in love, skipping like a child and created memories
of love.

I love you too!!!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Morning Prayer

The hand of love held close my heart at night when darkness fell and slept had I in peace and calm until a glimpse of sunlight awakened me from the spell. Celestial a body as I stepped from bed to air and found your powerful embrace the answer to my morning prayer.

The Vessel of emotion

Love is universal and the heart is synonymous
as the vessel of emotion.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Need of Your Loving....

Rumbling and rhythmic are the sounds of my heart, loud and more powerful then that of thunder in a storm of dark. Louder and louder in a sequence of plea's is the beat of my heart announcing my soul is in need. Need of your loving and your most gentlest of embrace ,to excite and comfort and forever remain. Rumbling and rhythmic are the sounds of my heart......

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Practicing those whispers

Sings> I’m practicing my whispers, from deep within my heart and guiding them through the clouds and skies of dark. I’m working on my phrases of “I love you” wispy and magical I’m sending all my love to you.
I’m practicing my whispers, from deep within my heart and guiding them through the sparkle of sunlight bright. I’m fancying the moment that I catch up with you and all my whispers become dreams that come true.

Masters the Moment

Place your hand in mine and gently allow me to guide
it over my heart, feel my love, embrace my soul.
Bonded in Love
Close your eyes and allow your spirit to connect with mine.
Bonded in love, dancing in dreams and fueled by happiness.
Everyone brings something into our life,
you have brought life it self. For I am
most awakened in your presence.
This heart beats loudest in your presence,
for I cannot deny that love exist and
is most powerful in unity.
To love is wonderful , to lust exciting, the combination
of the two is an explosion that masters the moment.

Babyface - Every time I close my eyes

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

Wonderful Teacher

Sings> You’re the most amazing teacher; you taught my heart how to dance on the clouds, and ever since the first day my feet can’t stay.. on the ground. Yesss, you're the most wonderful teacher; you gave me back the school girl smile. With the help of memories created some fascinating dreams all with class and style.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Heart, soul and mind

Heavy the ache of the great mountain divide, distances the heart but not the mind. Soul to soul in a heavenly embrace, entwined in love, a dance takes place. The fuel of passion ignites desire with a jolt of memory and romance set a fire. Like a covering of stardust from the angels high, the magic of dreams blanket heart, soul and mind.


It' alright to remember, even better to dream and with the candle lit I imagine your love within me. So warm a touch given gingerly, branded to my soul with sweet memory. Seasons come and season go but love likes ours isn't a Broadway show. Forever took on a new meaning, for just a mere thought of you and hills are singing.
It's not of choice or give and take, the love from the heart causes a strong man to shake. Visible clues are everywhere, in the mountains and rivers and in the wind blown air. I feel it each morning when I open my eyes , to find my darling you never, ever left myside.

Everyday is valentines day......for everyday I celebrate our love

Winter Love

The song birds chanced the winter and decided to stay, strong as our love they knew they'd find away. Foraging about the fallen snow, feasting on the berries of the hollow. Taking to the trees by the stream, a beautiful sight did I see, robins and a mix of cedar wings by the hundreds reminding me of spring.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Paradise through the minds eye

I sent the warm rays of sun to dry up all the cold and icy rain and my heart to make all the tears fade away. Promises of love I give you in a raging river flowing directly to you. A journey with out a detour and all the time we need to explore, all the dreams of loving you in a paradise created for two.

I pledge to you my undying love.....

I pledge to you my undying love, to exceed beyond the barrier of earth and heaven above. I proclaim forever shall you remain, in my heart, next to my soul beyond this universe of old.
It’s not a song of angels or from a forest nymph,
heard low in the valley and atop the mountain ridge.
Soft sung melody of lovers in the sky, dancing
on the clouds from earth to heaven high.
Hearts rapid as the mountain stream, swift
racing waters cascade like a rush of dreams.
Souls in a everlasting embrace, twined tight like
ribbon and lace.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kisses You Goodnight

Heavy the clouds that darken the stillness of night, shielding the moon and blocking any sight. Disconnected for the moment and distant as can be, until I felt your presence and jumped into the dream. Don't be shy my darling come close and rest your soul, the heart beats restlessly but I promise a gentle hold. I need not whisper words of love, or promise a life long embrace, as our love is woven strong like silk with the delicate embroidery of hand stitched lace.
Reaches out pulls you near and kisses you goodnight.
My hand, your hand,
my heart, your heart
my love, your love
Everlasting bond.
My life, your life,
my soul, your soul,
my dreams, your dreams,
Forever Free

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dean Martin - In The Misty Moonlight

In a far away land... your hand in my hand

School Girl Smile

I was caught with the school girl smile, eyes sparkling made him growl. Happy it was plain to see with just one word from you to me. I tried to keep it all on the inside but love like ours we just can't hide. Shrugged my shoulders but couldn't deny my soul was soaring oh so high.

Friday, January 11, 2008

My Everything

Sings for your ears only>
I am not sure about tomorrow, I don't know just what it'll bring,
but as long your beside me, I have my everything.
Your smiles in the morning ,your dreams at night and
the road to happiness is traveled side by side.
I am not sure about tomorrow, I don't know just what it'll bring,
but as long as your beside me, I have my everything.
Your kisses in the morning, your hugs in the night, your everlasting
love that makes my world spin with such delight.
I am not sure about tomorrow, I don't know just what it'll bring,
but as long as your beside me, I have my everything.
Once upon a time young and foolish was she, who walked the path of loneliness and failed to believe. The flowers took to growing and in the blooms we see, the path of friendship brought a love of disbelief. Magical to some, wonderful they say, running in the raindrops made sunshine out of a rainy day.

Loving you, loving me

Loving you, loving me,
love like ours is reality.
Early dancing in the rain,
we danced till the sunlight
Dreams and fantasy working
overtime, playing games with
the mind.
Loving you, loving me,
love like ours was meant
to be.

David/Maddie - The Very Thought of You


I don' t need to close my eyes to see me dancing with you. The fantasy surreal, as your love I feel deep in my heart.
I don't have to tell you I love you, you know it to be so, whispered to the blue bird and this is what she heard....I love you!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Life Sentence with you.

Yes! I'm guilty as charged, I’m guilty of loving you.
Happiness my crime and if I have to spend the time,
I’ll do my life sentence with you.
In a heart beat.....

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Let's dance...... life is waiting.

To champion life one must come to respect its opponent, as only the balance with nature successively leads us down the path of a harmonius existence.

I have not found myself lost in my travels only misguided.
To seek inner balance we first have to
understand our own actions.
Complicating life is the concept of confusion
created by the mind.
To allow our heart to reason with our soul
makes for an obvious answer.
If we perspectively view life as a series of chapters
then there is neither a beginning nor an end.
If all of life were easy, would it be as rewarding?
Character is created through experience.
I am..... because you believe.

It's no secret

King of Hearts

Sliding down your rainbow, I drifted into your arms, dreaming.... I fell really hard. Fell for your kisses, fell for your charm, I fell for the king of hearts.

follow me-uncle cracker

The magic of forevermore

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


When the rhythm of the spirit no longer steps to life and the journey on this earth is ended and my soul takes its final flight. Celebrate joyously for I have journeyed far and on my travels I have reached to the farthest stars. I spent my life fighting for the freedom just to be and when the time is chosen heed my final plea, to blow my ashes in the wind of a stormy sea, for at that very moment I will finally be free.


Reflections of Love

Prismatic rays of sunlight dance in the blue,
reflections of love and what it can do.
Radiating from the heart, the result is in
the flame you sparked.
Whispers of the soul, soft and yet
drastically bold.
Reminders in every breath of
a love I confess.

I LOVE YOU - Celine Dion ( lyrics )

Monday, January 07, 2008


There is something magical about the rain...
runs, jumps, splashes and pulls you close
and passionately kisses you.

I welcome the darkness , a magical time of night, when all I need to do is close my eyes and I am given the miracle of sight. Clearer then the shadows cast upon the wall is the mystery of love and how it came to call. It reached from the depth of the deepest sea and crossed the many mountains to bring your love to me.

Much More.. much more

Reaches beyond all of lifes
limitations to feel
your love.
The world is much more beautiful since I found you in it.
Never ever will I let go...
forever is my everlasting love.
Love has no ending once the seed is set it continues to grow.
.....and I love you, more with each beat of my heart.
One in thought, heart and spirit... and nothing can
separate the union blessed by the angels.


All that's left to the structure is the frame
supporting the memories
the love remains.

The winter sun brings light to the darkness,
as your love brightens my life.

The sun shines brightest when your by my side.

Nutz over You


Tripped and fell on a barb wire fence,
snagged my jeans and away I went.
Tumbled down the hill and to my surprise
two red robins went flying by.

The winter season has been easy on us,
just ask the squirrels as they feast on nuts.
They know the weather has been to kind,
just like your love that brought the warm sunshine.

Yee Haw!!!

When I was growing up as a child my parents were very controlling and the style of music in which we were allowed to listen to was limited. There was a whole sector of music that was off limits from jazz to rock and a few groups just because. At nineteen I was married and the reign of control passed from parent to husband and again I was limited to the styles of music I was allowed to play. I love all styles of music, but lyrical music as always helped me in expressing my emotion.Today I listen to what ever music spurs the moment and I have even greater appreciation for the various bands both from years past and the current music.
Though as curiosity would have it I began to listen more to the music that was closed off to me and one happened to be country music. My grandfather was a professor of music, a great fiddler and so part of me had a desire to search out the beginnings of country music. It wasn't until August 1927 in Bristol Tennessee that country music actually received recognition. On that day Victor records signed on Rodger's and the Carter family.Old time music found a place on the charts as country music.
Country music has away of telling a story much like folklore and the old timers like Hank Williams had a away of expressing emotion... gone but not forgotten. In my stage of newly found freedoms, I stood to challenge those who were always trying to restrain growth and experience. Life by all means is moving forward, devouring every second and reaching for the stars...

Sings with twang>
I don’t know why he had to go, I don’t think I’ll ever understand,
he journeyed beside for a little while but my love was not enough
to retain his smile.
I don’t know just why he crossed my path, was it all foolishness

on my part, was I a pawn in his games and was the trophy my
broken heart?

Smiles and laughs and yells Yee Haw........

Sunday, January 06, 2008

My Love ........ My Love

When the darkness drapes the night and candle flame dances madly on the ceiling it is the moment when I cry out to you. My love, my love can you not feel the beat of my heart as it races to your embrace?
When I gaze out the window and view the stillness of the woodlands and feel the emptiness gain by the second it is the moment when I cry out to you. My love, my love can you not feel the beat of my heart as it races to your embrace?
When the starry sky sets a somber display of distance and I find myself grasping to hold on to you, it is the moment when I cry out to you. My love, my love can you not feel the beat of my heart as it races to your embrace?
When I find that I can not move in dance without the energy that you provide, it is the moment when I cry out to you. My love, my love can you not feel the beat of my heart as it races to your embrace?
When the visions so surreal tease the hour it is the moment when I cry out to you. My love, my love can you not feel the beat of my heart as it races to your embrace?

On the Island of Choice

If life like an Island and I but one choice,
I'd choose a partner wisely in love we'd rejoice.
For the view of the world and the challenges we'd
meet, would crumble in the waves as we overcome
Maybe it's not choice at all but a well played out script.....
writers, directors and performers of all kinds.
There is definitely way more questions then answers.
If life is a test, is graduation death?

Is is true...

Is it true I'm with you or am I trapped in my imagination? as I dance here with you. Carefree, happily dancing around in circles as I fall dizzy into your arms.
Is it true I'm with you or am I trapped in my imagination? as I feel your kiss in the night. Harmony, breathtaking excites the moment as I return the kiss to you.
Is it true I'm with you or am I trapped in my imagination? as I lay listlessly next to you. Gentle touch, warms my heart as I calmly rest here with you.
Is it true I'm with you or am I trapped in my imagination? as the smile finds its way from my heart. Sweetly, dreamy places us in the heavens where the angels rock us to sleep.
Is is true I'm with you or am I trapped in my imagination? as I fall in love with you. Desire, flames a fire, gratifies the moment as I spend my day loving you.

Our Cloud

Smiling my dear as I daydream you here,
Warm and fuzzy sweet as I feel your tenderly
Happiness we share through the making of
a moment love and tender care ingredients
that bring you here.

No room for tears, no heartbreak,
yesterday is gone and I am left here
with the shakes.
Laughter limited as well as the fire,
you controlled the flame and took
on the hour.
Smile..oh! smile as the memories
a kindling recreate, a warmth of
love in a dream replayed.
La la laaaa la la, la la laaaaaa la la
I sing to you la la laaaa la la, la la
laaaaaa la la. I whisper to you
la la laaaaa la la.

La la laaa la la , la la laaaaa la la
I close my eyes, la la laaaa la la
to make a dream come true..
la la laaaaa la la, la la laaaaaa, la
la la

My love for you is given in the dark of the night,
a view of the evening sky will remind you I am right.
I'm here waiting for your return and if you listen it's
my whispers that will be heard.
Our Cloud

Meet me on the clouds tonight,
I reserved the big fluffy
one of white.
Arms waiting to embrace,
heart to heart in our special
Hush, hush my darling dear,
the sounds of love are in the air.
Tranquil I'll watch you fall asleep
as I gaze into your eyes I'll dream.
Paradise for two and what love
can do.
Break the barriers of the mind,
to make you mine.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Luther Vandross - The one who holds my heart

When I Need You - Luther Vandross

Leo sayer When I Need You

it's only a heart beat away.. when I need love.. I hold out my hand and touch love.


An idiom that I have heard repeated many times is "actions speak louder than words." There is so much truth to this statement. Entering the real world in both a personal and business sense, the idiom became quite the lesson. Though I found it at first difficult to distinguish from those with a gift of bull and those who were doer's. There were a few particular conversations that rose to the occasion as away of toying with a persons emotions. I thought why would someone choose to say things if they had no plans of carrying them out? Was it rattling on of nonsense,or the beginning for which one exaggerates, or do some people just feel really comfortable lying, not only to others but to them self. Several things came to mind one being ego, maybe they thought it was the right thing to say, caught up in the moment, might have been like a child that does not think as they spoke out without really giving it much thought, or still might it have been their insecurities that placed a pressure to respond to what they thought might be expected.
What I gained from these experiences was largely a high amount of respect for the person who dared to be honest in all occasions, how refreshing was this approach to life. Communication is an unlocking of an array of the various combination an exchange of thoughts. The art of conversation is always more enjoyed when those speaking are on the same plateau.There is a unique connection that is to be enjoyed with the highest amount of admiration.
I felt a need to re-explore the conversations that I had somehow retained like a branding on cattle, word by word each one was seared to either my mind or soul. As I reviewed the years all the words seem to reconnect, and a different visual now draped the memories.
The heart is not always on the same level as the mind, our mind is telling us one thing and our heart another, this habitual tug of war has at times complicated life. The past experiences gave me more insight as they shed new light on the ways of human behavior. It is by all means about the inner character and that explains much about people, particularly myself and those I have chanced to meet.

For everyday you say hello, good morning my love,
and every time you hold my hand and give that
gentle shove.
For every wonderful moment you share with me,
I give to you all my gratitude and love for you
dared to believe.
Fragile the crystal, shatters in the fall,
but friendship like ours doesn't tarnish at all.
Is it beautiful because you dared believe,
or do you dare to believe because it is beautiful?
Someday I am going to feel the sand between my toes
and your arms around me as the sun
creates a new horizon.
Someday I am going to place my hand in yours,
like you have trustingly placed
your heart in mine.
Someday I am gong to feel that smile on your face
as my fingers trace your lips.
Someday I'm gonna........

That's Amore

Music is one of the most complimentary forms of expressing emotion. Soothing, dreamy, exciting, leading. Today I listened to the music of the hollow, the sounds drowned out by another more satisfactory melody, that of my heart and soul. When your caught up in the exploration of emotions you can't imagine that anyone else could have experienced the depth of joy and beauty that you yourself have defined. As you listen to songs over the years you realize that someone else must have tread in these same waters, to have written the songs of the past. This particular song takes the time to explain love.... "That's Amore"When the moon hits you eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore. When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine, that's amore.Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling and you'll sing "Vita bella"Hearts will play tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay like a gay tarantella When the stars make you drool just like a pasta fazool that's amore.When you dance down the street with a cloud at your feet, you're in love. When you walk down in a dream but you know you're not,dreaming signore,Scuzza me, but you see, back in old Napoli,That's amore

Sings>I danced in your shadow, to the song in my dream,
embracing your love with sweet memories.
Da da dum went my heart, da da dum my soul,
around in circles till I lost control.
Something amazing happening, I can’t quite explain,
I left this place to another Plain. Far far away my
soul raced to kissing you face to face.

I danced in your shadow, to the song in my dream,
embracing your love with sweet memories.
Da da dum went my heart; da da dum my soul,
around in circles till I lost control.

Drifting high unto the sky of blue, a pirouette
with the angels till I found you. Something
magical indeed, as the flame of desire
displayed our needs.

I danced in your shadow, to the song in my dream,
embracing your love with sweet memories.
Da da dum went my heart , da da dum my soul,
around in circles till I lost control.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Closes eyes, takes a deep breath and feels your spirit bond to mine... for distance stands to keep us apart, it cannot sever the love of your heart in mine.

I ask the Lord that I be loved the way I love... and the Lord sent me you!

Difficult when people look at life as if something must come to an end, I see it as a continuing saga. The truth is life is much like dominoes and we lean one upon the other to find our way. I myself had felt tears of sadness as I looked back in review at the years. Speaking with my long time friend this evening, she asked me if I had stayed in the city would my life be different? Every step, every path lead us in different directions but I believe it is like a hound chasing a rabbit you always come back to where you were meant to be, even if means running in circles.

I have come to terms with the reality of what is and yet I still felt an unsettling of a sort. I had wondered if at some point we were attracted to certain personalities because of our own weakness or strengths. I tried to remember what the young teenager saw in making a commitment at such a young age. I can honestly say there was a big desire to please. I had always felt the need to bring a smile to those around me and of course the big need to be wanted... ever so important. In many ways I felt as if we were growing and exploring together to find that there is truth to one partner out growing the other. Reaching beyond our abilities or settling for becomes and intermittent behavior that is some how lost as we try to find who we are, what are our desires and where in the bigger picture do we belong.
Comfort zone we all know it we all have been down that path, accepting what is whether it be an inappropriate action or not. This I am sure of the timing is for an all important reason. " I wish I had met you first" If we had met earlier in our lives, we would not be the people we are , would we have been better off or worse is to be seen. But this timing comes with a reasoning of its own. As we explore we get a better understanding of who we are, what are our needs and what is important in our life. I know that the day I met you it was meant to be, at that very moment, at that split second when you said hello and I answered. It is as if we spent our lives building up to this very moment.
I do not regret the past for I now know who I am , who you are and why we are here...... I love you with all my heart and all of my soul . From today forward I promise to give to you the same respect you have given to me and I vow my love for you for all eternity.


Imagine for one moment the rise of the sun and there was no one to share it with, no happiness,no fun. A sandy beach in summer with footprints of only one, and if the waves race should swallow like the dark of night, there would be no one to miss with all the loss of sight.
Imagine a castle of sugar cubes made, in the middle of a rainstorm on a cold windy day, melting like our yesterdays and surely they would fade with ony a semblance of the memories racing to meet tomorrow and set a picture in its frame.
Imagine your spirit beyond the perimeters of time interlocking the galaxies created by the mind. Challenging the dept of travel with the wind to your back, always pushing and pulling and trying to send you back.
Imagine our souls had never met and our hearts have never tasted love and mind lost all bets. So cold and lonely would the moment be, because we can all do it alone but its awfully nice to have you with me.
The biggest test in life is admitting defeat
and moving on from the lessons,
a little bitter and a little sweet.
With the darkness set and the path unclear,
lost and uncertain I met with fear.
My legs weakened and stumbled had I
for I knew not who the guide.
Grasping eagerly to be by yourside
with a glint of selfishness in my eyes.

A bond in formation

The sun is just beginning to set and the last bit of light is cast in the horizon. The outside temperatures jumping around in the teens,but indoors the steady fire has seen a rise in the warmth even as night nears. It is not of the lack of freedom that controlled the earlier part of the day, but the lack of sight in choosing what path to travel. Anyone can be a lone star in the dark of night, but the impact of unity creates an amazing display, stronger, brighter and more wonderful then anything ever seen, that is the creation of a bond. In its most powerful glare is seen all the emotions that we are capable of treading on and there lay the first step of friendship, through all trials it surfaces more beautiful then ever before.

We can explore the world alone, but it so much more wonderful traveling with a companion.
Life not consist of our needs but our desires,
desire neither be material nor or demanding.
Help Me!

Whitney Houston - Saving All My Love For You

Sade - No Ordinary Love

Save your love

I was taken by sight the of the flight of a medium size bird that roughs the northern winters. Though I could not identify at a distance the type of bird, his wings spread wide and his gentle glide, remarkably maneuvered and weaved through the still gray trees. In in a moments time only one thought came to mind this bird symbolized the ultimate in freedom.

The snow covered hills and yesterdays path lead to the wall of circumstance, brick by brick a barrier formed conditioning the spirit to fall victim to preset limitations. Troubled my mind was restless, was it my ill sense of choice that formed the foundation for which restraint was built?Had I allowed my heart to deceive me and in hopes of removing the obstacles, only to create more? With little chance of sleep I felt this haunting in both my conscious and unconscious being.

Biting my lip and distancing myself I engaged in a quest beyond self limitations to the road of alternatives. Why is it not clear, why can I not see, has the web thickened to keep its hold on me?
A force field of energy consisting of hope was draped beyond the mountains by cloud of dark like smoke. Hindsight but a worthless tool of fools, for what significance is it to know that life can sometimes be so cold?

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Blow wind, blow direct, all my love, in a kiss of happiness. Touch his heart,touch his soul and embrace his dreams with my loved filled kiss.
Snuggles, dreams and rest deep within your heart.
Love destroyed the distance with the magic of the mind,
all that need happen is just to close the eyes.
Love teaches the heart to sing,
the soul to dance and the mind to dream..

When God Made You - Newsong and Natalie Grant

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The clouds hovering over the north had finally made their way and as I gazed out the window I saw the first snowflake of the day. Rivers, mountains and valleys try to separates two souls, but the pure white lacey wonder magically unfolds, passionate dreams of yesterday, heating up the cold.

I cherish that which is love and rises us up to new heights.
We each have our own heaven and hell,
it is our ability to consume and digest
that unlocks the gates
setting free
the soul.
We will overcome all diversity because we can.....little other alternative.
The worst thing about finding love... is the chance you might lose it.
Treading in stormy waters is easy in your arms....
I am happy...